Friday, March 27, 2015

Purposeful Green Homes Part Three: The Fallacy of a "Perfect Home"

Do you ever dream about having a perfect home someday?
 Do you love looking through magazines, books and Pinterest at new decorating ideas and remodels? 
What is it with our desire for more—or for an ideal?

Friday, March 20, 2015

All Natural Surfaces Should Be Cleaned with All Natural Cleaners

Brightly Green Spotlights…

What sets Brightly Green Granite & Tile Cleaner apart?
"It is in the all-natural, proprietary ingredient that provides two different functions," says Prof. Jerry McAdams, technical director and formulator for HG Labs LLC's Brightly Green.  He went on to say…"No other product has this formula".  Almost all of the major brands contain ingredients that are not accepted by most organizations that are concerned with environmental health and safety.

What are the functions of Brightly Green Granite & Tile?
First it dissolves natural oils and food-based deposits.  Wiping the surface with a  clean, damp cloth removes the dissolved deposits.

There is no need to dry the surface because the second function of Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner helps to quickly evaporate any remaining water.  The surface is left clean and dry.  There are no worries about toxic chemicals on your natural surfaces as Brightly Green Granite & Tile Cleaner is a 100% plant-based cleaner, making it safe for you, your home, office, and the environment.   

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