Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maintaining the Momentum of a Green Clean and Simplified Lifestyle

If you have begun the journey toward living a green clean and simplified lifestyle—Good for you!
You began this journey for a reason, a purpose that is important to you.  Keep that purpose in the forefront of your mind.  This will help you maintain the momentum. 

May our benefits listed below reinforce your purposesJ

Saturday, July 23, 2016

21 Day Challenge for a Greener Clean Home: Part Three

Experts say that it takes twenty-one days for a task/routine to become a habit.  Green clean and clutter free homes don't happen overnight!  This installment in our series focuses on forming positive habits that will simplify your life and manage your environment.

Take a few minutes to consider the following…

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

21 Day Challenge for a Greener Clean Home: Part Two

End the cycle of weekend catch up green cleaning and organizing.  Take control of your stuff and stop allowing it to control you!  One way to do this is by turning your closets into cash!  Here's how…

Friday, July 8, 2016

Optimal All Natural Cleaners for Specific Surfaces

Do you wear one pair of shoes for all occasions?

More than likely you have a pair of sandals or flip flops for summer  wear.  You probably own tennis shoes/sneakers for walking or casual wear and have a pair of dress shoes for formal wear.
All of these shoes have a specific purpose.  You would not wear flip flops to a formal dinner party just as you wouldn't wear dress shoes to the beach!

In the same manner, Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners have varied cleaning products to optimally clean specific surfaces.
1.)  Each of the HG Labs Brightly Green hard surface cleaners are designed specifically for that particular application.   Different surfaces require different formulas to provide optimum cleaning," said HG Labs technical director and formulator, Prof. Jerry McAdams.  He went on to state, "For instance, when cleaning granite and tile, it is advantageous for the cleaner to dry quickly.  Therefore, our Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner has a high level of natural drying agents."

2.)  Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner is formulated with just enough natural soap to clean soil from wood floors and wood furniture without leaving any residue.
3.)  Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner and Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaners contain a mild natural acid to neutralize hard water spots and soap scum.

A multi-purpose cleaner has its place, Brightly Green has a multi-purpose cleaner.  It is the go to cleaner for a quick overall cleanup.

Bottom Line:
For optimal green cleaning performance, use specific cleaners for specific surfaces. 

Purchase eco-friendly green cleaners @  Brightly Green Home Store

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Create a Family Summer Vacation at Home!

VACATION.  Ahhh, that special time when we draw closer together as a family; creating new memories! 
Some years however, a summer vacation trip may not be do-able.  If this is that kind of year for you, don't give up on your summer!  Plan a stay-cation vacation for the family!  You just might be surprised at how much fun and memory making this type of vacation has to offer! 
What is a stay-cation vacation?
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