Friday, January 11, 2019

Ten Reasons for a Healthier Home and YOU!

It is interesting how most stores are getting in on the fitness bandwagon.  Grocery stores are highlighting protein powders to exercise mats, while mainline department stores are well stocked with kettle bells, fitness bands and hydration bottles.

I guess they all know we want to get healthier in the New Year.  
If we were to take a poll, a healthier life would more than likely be the Number One Resolution people made.

With health being a priority for this year, how healthy are the surfaces in your home?  If a swab test was performed on the surfaces of your home, would there be possible carcinogens present? 

Did you know that many household cleaning supplies contain formaldehyde-which is a possible carcinogen? That is only one of many substances found to be toxic in household cleaners. 

If you were to read the Warning Labels, you would discover Warnings about the use of proper ventilation, the need to avoid contact with skin, what to do if ingested, or if the product got into eyes.  Scary stuff!

Trends for a healthier new year should seriously incorporate a healthier home environment!
This means…properly dispose of your chemical household cleaners!

1)100% all natural, plant-based
2) Non-toxic: Safe for people, pets, & planet
3) No chemicals--whatsoever!
4) Third-Party tested and got highest green rankings!
5) You can Trust our expert formulator and technical director--years of experience
6) 100% Money Back Guarantee
7) Minimal packaging (Brightly Green comes in concentrates, so you can reuse your bottles)
8) Bottles are recyclable
9) Kids can safely use
10) Infused with essential oils--aromatherapy cleaningJ

Ok, so you’ve disposed of your toxic household cleaners & ordered Brightly Green or Baby Harmony cleaners--Good For You!  You’re on the right green cleaning track!

Five Steps to Maintaining a Green Clean Home:
1) Reduce clutter.
2) Reduce clutter.
3) Reduce clutter.
4) Reduce clutter.
5) Reduce clutter.

Pretty simply, right?  Reducing clutter means your surfaces are clear from stuff that inhibits you from cleaning.  When we see stuff lying around, we are easily discouraged and either avoid cleaning or take much more time cleaning than is truly necessary.

For example, if my kitchen countertops are cleared right after a meal, then I can easily wipe then down with Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner or Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner. 

If my bathroom countertops are neat and tidy, I am more apt to give the countertops a quick daily green clean (watch video hack on cleaning bathrooms!)

If my floors are picked up, I can quickly sweep and mop with Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner.

Do you see the trend?  Clutter-free homes make green cleaning tasks incredibly simply!

This is YOUR YEAR for a healthier home environment!!

What are you waiting for??

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