Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Green Maids tells it like it is!

Brightly Green All-Natural Household Products Review from David Schweitzer, owner of All Green Maids – A residential and commercial “Green Cleaning Company” located in Louisville, KY

We began using Brightly Green several months ago when we discovered HG Labs was a local company distributing all-natural cleaners. We had been importing our “green cleaning products “from California. We started using Brightly Green All-Natural Household Cleaners on a trial basis. We were not only looking for products we had confidence in as “really green, non toxic and sustainable”, we wanted to provide an added plus service to our clients by providing these products for use between our cleanings. This is an added revenue stream for us and a convenience for our customers.

All Green Maids is enthusiastic about the cleaning power and wonderful shine and smell. We feel when we leave our client’s house it is thoroughly clean, smells fresh and we are not going to harm the environment. It was an easy decision. Brightly Green is everything we wanted and more!

Thanks Brightly Green and HG Labs from the team here at All Green Maids! - David Schweitzer


  1. What a great review! Congratulations Brightly Green and way to go All Green Maids!

  2. Thank you Shane! We are very proud of the difference we can make in our world one home or company at a time!

  3. Love Brighly Green Products! Great scents and healthy for our environment!


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