Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paper, Plastic or Reusing

Reusing is the greenest choice you can make. You can $ave real green by reusing. However, even reusable materials, like plates, cups, dishes, and silverware, can take a toll on the environment because they have to be washed using water and dish wash. Brightly Green Dish Wash is biodegradable, plant-based, sustainable and a natural cleaning choice. You have to have a holistic approach to green/healthy practices.

That means considering the environmental impact of every product you use and every action you take. Healthy living practices minimize chemicals in your environment. Environmental conservation should include water usage. Use green soaps and detergents, and never leave the water running, when you wash or rinse dishes, that will also $save green.

Why So Many Cleaners?

Sue’s Question for HGL:
Why does HG Labs have so many different cleaners for household use; why not just use a multi-purpose cleaner for all applications?

HGL Answer:
Each of the HGL’s hard surface cleaners are designed specifically for that particular application. Different surfaces require different chemistry to provide optimum cleaning.

For instance, when cleaning granite & tile, it is advantageous for the cleaner to dry quickly. Therefore, our Granite and Tile cleaner has a high level of natural drying agents.

Also, our Wood Floor cleaner is formulated with just enough natural soap to clean soil from wood floor without leaving any residue.

Bathroom and Daily Shower cleaner contain a mild natural acid to neutralize hard water spots and soap scum. Although using a Multi-Purpose cleaner for all tasks would adequately clean the surface, there would be a sacrifice of performance and would not work perfectly for every application.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Concentrates for $avings

Using household cleaner concentrates and reusing a bottle will $ave you/ the earth lots of Green. Be sure the bottle is labeled properly and keep all products (even all natural plant-based products) away from children and pets. Brightly Green Concentrates are used with 9 parts water to one part product. Each cleaner can have a labeled bottle too! We call this our Combo. Combos


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