Monday, January 23, 2017

All Natural Cleaners "Made in the USA"--It's a Big Deal!

  It sure does to us!

HG Labs' Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners

Proud to be  100%"Made in the USA."

In fact we are so "down home" that the majority of our plant-based ingredients are actually grown in Kentucky, the state where we formulate, blend, package and distribute our products.

It's hard to get more "Down Home" than that!

They sure do to us!
That is why HG Labs uses only natural ingredients. Making these green cleaning products 100% biodegrad- able, 100% sustainable and non-toxic.  Safe around the people and animals you love.  Earth-friendly too!


It does to us!
That's why we do concentrates!

HG Labs' Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners

The bottom line:  Costs are reduced in the manufacturing/bottling/shipping of products when in concentrate. 

HG Labs' Brightly Green KNOWS 
Green Cleaning Companies:

Bulk green cleaning products--Got it.
Cut costs--Done.

No problem.  We understand.


HG Labs is Green America "Gold" certified!

HG Labs products have been rigorously tested by WholeFoods & have received very high Green markings on WholeFoods Eco Scale.  (HG Labs product line Harmony Aromatherapy is sold at participating WholeFoods Markets)

We've got samples!

Get to know HG Labs family of quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly green cleaners:
Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners
Harmony Aromatherapy Cleaners
Baby Harmony Pure & Free Cleaners

All HG Labs' product lines; green cleaners, essential oils, and all natural air fresheners can be found in one convenient location: 
Brightly Green Home Store.  (click link above)

HG Labs, LLC., proudly distributes their eco-friendly products across the USA, while supporting their local economy!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Order and Routine are Bedrock Stones for Success

Success in your endeavors/resolutions/goals and dreams (however you coin the term for making a successful 2017) happen when you have these two bedrock stepping stones in place—Order and Routine.

Without Order, coupled with Routine, no matter what you set out to accomplish, success will most likely be temporary at best.

ORDER sets life in alignment.

Take for example the importance of proper vehicle wheel alignment.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Five Stepping Stones for a Successful 2017

In what sequence of importance would you put the words in the picture above?  
Would you agree that some of these words unlock the potential of the others?

What benefit do they have for your life?

The sequence of importance you would give those words may depend in part on your behavioral/personality traits.  Some individuals would need to have “A Plan” established before setting out to create the others.  On the other hand, some people could not create “A Plan” without having “Order” and “Space” lined out.

Understanding yourself and your natural behavioral tendencies will help you be more successful in 2017!  Perhaps as you look at these stepping stone words, one or two of them pop out in your mind.  Why did that “stone” come so quickly to mind? 

Take some time to reflect on why it came to mind and what you need to do with it, then determine what you will do with the other stones?  

Stepping stones have a job to do.  

They are meant to help us get from one point to another. Where is it you want to go in 2017?  

For further reflection, consider the following representational ideas…

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Resolutions on Repeat

It’s the time of year when we set up what we resolve to do in the new year.  Many commercials and talk shows always seem to begin with the “healthier you” mantra and quickly point out the fact that this is the number one New Year’s Resolution that has a perpetual “repeat” button.

We should all be encouraged by those who have gone before us who hit the “repeat button” time and time again—never giving up.   They lead the way! 

Take for example Thomas Edison, most noted for his invention of the light bulb.  In reply to his numerous attempts on various experiments regarding electricity, Thomas Edison said, “I know several thousand things that won’t work.”

Abraham Lincoln had his own set of perceived failures before becoming our nation’s sixteenth president through the most trying time of our nation’s history.

What can be learned from these men?  In a word –Perseverance.

So what if your New Year’s Resolution(s) is or are the same as last years; you know what did not work and can build on that!

Take a week or two for thoughtful reflection on what resolutions you want this New Year—even if some are repeat resolutions.

Make those resolutions specific enough to be measured but not so easy as they do not stretch you in a healthy way.  If they are too vague, you’re let off the hook.

As the year progresses you more than likely will come along roadblocks.  Don’t let those stop you!  Persevere.  You just found one way that does not work, now keep moving.

I am sure by the end of 2017, you’ll have grown to understand new things about yourself, others, and will have developed a greater sense of who you are and what you are to be about!

HG Labs’ Brightly Green Cleaners wish you much success as you persevere in your resolutions for this New Year!

Later this week: “Stepping Stones for a Successful 2017”

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