Thursday, December 18, 2014

Avoid Avoiding What You Love About the Holidays!

While living healthy (especially in regard to what we eat) is very important, there is a time and place for everything.  Plenty of health advice is touted during the Christmas season, some being: drink a glass of water or eat a small meal before going to parties so that you arrive with less of an appetite, avoid foods with high fat/cholesterol.  There are 362 other days for counting calories!  Enjoy the traditional foods of the season! 

While I do not condone giving in to temptations; I do believe in celebrating life!  Foods are a large part of that celebration.  Most of our holiday gatherings with family and friends have at the centerpiece a meal.  We even anticipate special dishes particular people make; for instance, my grandmother's Rice Snow Pudding was always a treat for Thanksgiving and for Christmas my siblings and I loved helping our mother make peanut butter balls.  If you stop for a moment and think about it, I am sure you could come up with a favorite dish or two you like to have every year for the holidays.

Foods bring families together.  Our summer holidays are circled around the 'ole BBQ, complete with potato salads and s'mores!  The foods we share, the conversations around the table are all of value.  So stop saying, "No I couldn't…" to that delicious Christmas goodie and treat yourself to your favorite holiday food!

If you love to bake those adorable Christmas cookies, then don your apron and go for it!  If you don't like to bake or cook—don't guilt yourself.  Why are there bakers and caterers in the world? 

And while you're at it—green clean your home to make it presentable, but don't go into spring cleaning mode!  RELAX…your guests are coming to see you and not your house!

Enjoy the season and all the love, laughter, and foods surrounding it!

Merry Christmas! --from our family to yours

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rubber Gloves for Cleaning--Who Needs 'Em?

 Those bright, yellow, rubber gloves…oh…those were the days!! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Four Simple & Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

You may have planned for "the big gifts" for Christmas, but what about the stockings? Brightly Green all natural, concentrate cleaners of HG Labs LLC., has easy solutions to any stocking stuffer dilemma!  Turn your red stockings "Green" with the following suggestions...

  • For home, office, vehicle, and RV.
  • Do you have a college student?  Send them back to college with Harmony Air Fresheners for their dorm room, frat house, or apartment!

 Harmony Essential Oils:  Harmony Essential Oils have many uses: 

·         As an air diffuser

·         Topical rub on skin for headaches, muscle/joint pain (use with another oil such as jojoba when applied topically to the skin)

·         Rubbed on the pillow for a better night's sleep.

·         In bath water for a home spa.

*Please consult your doctor before using essential oils.

Let the recipient choose which eco-friendly products they want; from any of HG Labs product lines: Brightly Green, Harmony or Baby Harmony!

Show your care for their health & that of the environment by giving practical, 100% all natural products!
4oz. Green Clean Concentrate Refill Bottles:

Small but mighty!  Just add contents to a 32oz. clean spray bottle and you have yourself a great, all-natural cleaner ready to get to work! (Empty 32oz bottles may be purchased too, if needed.)

Gift baskets are available too!
We have products for everyone!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Green Distributor Discount!

Cyber Monday is Here!

Brightly Green Distributors….


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PLUS distributor discount!

 Harmony Peppermint Essential Oil is great
for muscle/joint aches, & rejuvenating spirits!

Keep for yourself or give as a gift!
Special ends today—Dec. 1st. @ midnight!

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Cyber Monday Special Savings!

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 This FREE GIFT for you (or to give as a gift)
 ends tonight-- Dec 1st. @ midnight!
Peppermint Essential Oil is great for muscle/joint aches
 and rejuvenating your spirits!
(consult with doctor before use)

At Brightly Green...
we've got what you need for eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spread Your Thankfulness this Season!

As I was reflecting last night on our Thanksgiving holiday, that is just a few days away, I thought to myself how fitting it is to celebrate Thanksgiving as a prelude to the Christmas season. 
Without thankful hearts, it is hard to spread Joy and Good Cheer.  If we each stop and think for a moment, I am sure each of us could come up with a couple of things to be thankful for.

One of our customers emailed us the following poem which speaks to being thankful for things we can take for granted.  This poem is entitled, "Thankful" (anonymous).

Monday, November 24, 2014

Green Clean "Thank You Special!"

HG Labs:  Brightly Green, Harmony &
Baby Harmony customers…
We at HG Labs appreciate your patronage and the trust you place in us to provide you with top of the line 100% all-natural green cleaners and to say "thank you," we have a special gift for you!

"Thank You Special"

For every order $40.00 or more, you will receive a

FREE 12oz. Harmony Air Freshener!


Free Shipping on your order ($40.00 or more)

Our "Thank You Special" applies to all who shop @ Baby Harmony, Harmony & Brightly Green In Home Use Only Store.

Get your FREE gift today!

"Thank You Special" ends midnight November 30, 2014


From all of us at HG Labs LLC. –Thank you!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Green Clean Distributors: "Thank You --Special!"

Brightly Green Distributors…

To show our appreciation for you,


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 You receive TWO 12 oz. bottles of

Harmony Air Fresheners FREE

with each $100 (or more) order you place!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Giving Gone Green!

Why should unwritten rules about gift giving dictate
how much we spend? 
These rules burden us with unnecessary worry and weight.
This holiday season, break the unwritten rules about gift giving
and re-discover the JOY of giving!   

Friday, November 7, 2014

5 Ways to be a Healthier YOU during the Holidays

There are about six weeks until Christmas and although the holiday music may not have begun to ring through the internet and air waves…retailers are already swinging into gear. 

Would you like to journey through this holiday season in a pace that does not leave you frazzled, exhausted and spent?  If your answer is, "YES!" then read our five tips to staying healthy through the holidays.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Green & Simple Halloween: Frightful Truth about Pumpkin Pulp!

What would the Halloween season be without the rite of carving pumpkins?  The excitement in planning out the design and the fun of "squeezing out the guts" --so my sons talked of the process!  Even if your child is squeamish to put his/her hand down into the slimy innards; children love the pumpkin faces lit up at night signifying another year's accomplished work of art!

Though you and your children have fond, shared memories of carving pumpkins—your household plumbing system does not share your fondness of the tradition.  Plumbing calls on clogged drains and garbage disposals are elevated during the Halloween season.  There is a simple remedy to ward of those calls to the plumber.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Green & Simple Halloween: Give Rather than Get

Is Halloween becoming a little "old hat" for you?  Would you like to see your kids have a good time and yet not come home with so much candy they really don't need (and their school teachers would not want them to have)? 
Put a new spin on your family's Halloween celebrate by giving your kids a new focus on how they can give this Halloween.  Read on for inspiring new twists on the holiday! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Green & Simple Halloween: Costumes 101

October is here and with it comes Halloween.  Start planning now for Halloween and keep stress away!  If you're tired of the same old routine of hunting for costumes for your kids—change it up! Get downright creative and make the costumes this year.  Repurposing what you have on hand is VERY economical and earth friendly too!

Now don't let that suggestion put you into a panic!  I am not talking about doing any sewing!  Why, I can hardly sew curtain panels together!  I am talking about creatively constructing costumes for your kids.  Get them involved in the process and create a new family night activity!  Read on for simple costume suggestions…    

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Green Spotlight Shines on Local Non-Profit!

Brightly Green's Spotlight shines brightly on a charity we proudly support…

An Angels Road to Success

This awe-inspiring, not-for-profit organization in Paducha, KY was started by a woman named Dawn, who thinks of herself as an "everyday" kind of person which just goes to prove that the most inspirational of people can be just like you and me!
What's the Mission? 
Dawn's passion and that of An Angels Road to Success is to help disadvantaged individuals through both long and short term assistance obtain and keep gainfully employed jobs.

What's the Strategy?

·        Education:  Six months of classes are offered covering basic math skills, life skills (properly filling out applications, preparing for interviews, understanding credit scores…), basic English (as needed), geometry (if in the carpentry program).  Financial assistance is provided for these classes.

·        Trade Skills programs:  Right now auto mechanics and carpentry are offered.  Classes are given in each respective field as well as hands on training.  Financial assistance is provided for those in either program.  

·        If clothing is needed for job interviews, An Angels Road to Success assists.

·        Steel-toe boots are supplied for those in the carpentry program.

Who's in Support?

·        Local area auto mechanics and carpentry businesses are hiring those in the trade skills programs; giving them on-the-job training to prepare each enrollee with the skill sets needed to live an independent and sustainable life in their particular trade.

·        HG Labs, LLC's Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners proudly supports Dawn and An Angels Road to Success. We are glad that Dawn not only has such care for the disadvantaged and is doing something about it; she also cares about the environment and that is why she chose Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners.  Cleaners that are 100% all-natural and nontoxic. Some individuals enrolled in programs offered through An Angels Road to Success learn how to measure and mix Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners in to "Ready to Use" bottles which they sell to area businesses, gaining skills in sales.   

** An Angels Road to Success, because it is a charity, receives special consideration from HG Labs, LLC's Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners.

 How can YOU get involved?

If you are interested to learn more contact Dawn at:
(An Angels Road to Success is currently updating their website)

To make a donation to An Angels Road to Success send donation to:
Margaret Hank Memorial Cumberlain Presbyterian Church in Paducah, KY.
An Angels Road to Success is a separate entity from Margaret Hank Memorial Cumberlain Presbyterian Church, but was graciously given space to operate out of the church facility.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Green Clean Harvesting!

Tis the season for preserving this year's harvest!  To be honest, I don't have the patience to can foods as my mother does and my grandmother did; however, when a friend of mine told me that you can make your own salsa and freeze it—I was in! 
One of the great things about canning or freezing foods is that you know exactly what is in that jar or freezer container!  You also know what is NOT in it—all those lengthy chemicals that can't be pronounced unless you have some type of scientific degree.

As I was preparing tomatoes for salsa, I got to thinking about the fact that the Brightly Green Dish Wash I use is 100% all natural—just like the organic tomatoes I was using!  I am protecting my tomatoes from any residual chemicals that could've been left behind on knives, bowls, or other cookware because I clean with 100% all-natural cleaners.  That realization made me feel even better about the process of freezing my salsa. 
I may not be able to protect my family from every harmful chemical, but when it comes to my home and my family's nutritional needs, I have a lot of control over what comes in my home and what is in the foods I make.  You do too!  Choose non-toxic cleaners; choose Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners for your family's sake!

Order Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners and get FREE SHIPPING on  In-Home Use purchases $40.00 o more!

Just for fun try the following…
Wash one medium or large tomato and place whole in a freezer container and freeze.  When planning to make a vegetable soup, de-thaw the tomato and add to the soup.  Great if you want soup with a hint of tomato!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Green Clean-ercise: Exercise While Cleaning!


Stir your cleaning routine up with a little exercise thrown in!  Not only will you enjoy a clean home, but you'll be getting in shape too!  Read on for eight exercises you can do to get fit while giving your home an eco-friendly cleaning!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Green Clean Homes Run Best on Routines

It is a "no-brainer" that cleaning is a necessary part of life.  The challenge is staying on top of it! 
If you are the parent of preschoolers, toddlers or infants; special grace is extended to you!  Young children can sweep in like a tornado; destroying any clean and organized space.  For the rest of us, though, we may be running out of legitimate excuses. 
Have you ever had guests show up unexpectedly and you've said, "My house was clean this morning."
Staying on top of a clean environment requires establishing good routines.  We have routines for work, we just need to transfer the concept of routines to our home environment.  In fact, it has been said that maintenance is always more effective than a big cleanup.  Maintenance can save up to two thirds of your time than doing a big cleanup.

So in light of the benefits of maintenance, what routines would be most helpful for you?  Answer that and you will be prepared to set up a plan of action.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Green Company Spotlight Shines on...


Louisville Whole Life Buying Club is a cooperative buying club
--started by John Moody
serving Louisville, KY & surrounding area

It is a co-op that consists of over a dozen local farmers providing for not only the buying club's members but the local community as well. In addition to farm goods, Louisville Whole Life Buying Club offers nonfood goods, including Brightly Green Cleaners.

Louisville Whole Life Buying Club is "… committed to provide families with the healthiest foods and household products available"  -–John Moody.

Louisville Whole Life Buying Club and Brightly Green have had a long working relationship.  We, at Brightly Green, are proud to have our all-natural green cleaning products offered on Louisville Whole Life Buying Club.

When speaking about Brightly Green Cleaners, John had this to say: 

"Brightly Green offers affordable and effective products that stand their ground with top choices on the market…but...listen to their supporter's needs and input!"

Buying from local growers is an excellent way to support your local economy,
so if you reside around the Louisville, Kentucky area check out…

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Three Tips to Green Clean & Organize Back to School

Hopefully you have been able to get your summer de-cluttering finished, and are winding down on other summer projects.  With your children starting a new school year, it is the perfect time to establish new organization routines that teach responsibility for life skills. If your children's organizational skills waned over the summer months, now is the time to get those habits back on track.
One area that seems to be a struggle for many moms I know of is in the area of keeping kids backpacks and school papers from becoming misplaced or even lost.  Teaching your children how to be organized and care for their belongings are responsibility skills that will go a long way!

The following are some easy responsibility chores your kids can do to keep their school supplies organized as well as cleaned naturally:

Friday, August 1, 2014

Clutter Free: To Keep or not to Keep?

Once you've committed to the idea that "this is it, I need to be clutter free", it becomes a matter of getting in there and doing it.  The next hurdle is knowing what to keep and what to get rid of.

Over the course of several years, I have talked with numerous people concerning their issues with clutter.  The number one question most have had was determining what to get rid of vs. what to keep. 

If you struggle with this dilemma ask yourself:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Four Important Areas to Green in Your Summer Planning

Green Your Road Trips

Does summertime mean road trips for your family?  Protect your family on those long road trips by keeping handy in your vehicle Brightly Green Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover as well as Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner to wipe up spills on vinyl and plastic surfaces.  Save on space by ordering sample sizes of these cleaners.  Just refill them as needed with Brightly Green products from your home. Need more products?  Go to Brightly Green Home Store.

Keeping your vehicle green clean AND tidy will make your trip more enjoyable.  Delegate the area where your kids sit as their personal area to keep neat and tidy.  When you stop for gas; get rid of the trash.  You'll enjoy your trip more when you are not looking for lost shoes in the vehicle or chasing trash that blows out the door when you open it!

Green Your Sunscreen

How can you do this?  Read your sunscreen's label carefully before applying.  Remember that whatever you put on your skin will be absorbed into your skin, so choose your sunscreen wisely.  EWG has a great site on the do's and don'ts of sunscreen use; click EWG Sunscreen for their helpful ideas.

Green Care for Your Swimsuits

You pay good money for your swimsuit, to extend the life of it follow these green tips:

·         Never put it in the dryer—lie flat to dry

·         Hand wash our suit after every swim; especially if you frequent pools

·         Only use 100% all natural laundry detergent—we highly recommend Brightly Green All Natural Laundry Wash.  Other detergents are too harsh on the fabric and elastic fibers in your swimsuit.

Green Snacking for Your Summer Outings

While you're enjoying the fresh outdoors, match your experience by eating fresh healthy foods!

·         Packing snacks for outings with locally grown produce.

·         Use re-useable containers and re-usable water bottles (save landfills)

·         Clean your snack containers & water bottles with 100% all natural Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash!

 May your summer be filled with wonderful adventures and good times with family and friends.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's Here! Non-Toxic, All-Natural Disinfectant!



All-Natural Green Disinfectant

Ready to Use

32oz and One Gallon

No sample sizes at this time

Disinfectant and Deodorizer

Antibacterial / Antiviral / Antifungal

Patented Silver Formula


Our All-Natural Green Disinfectant is…

Safe for children

Safe for pets

Safe for earth


Our All-Natural Green Disinfectant can be used on...

Multiple hard surfaces

Children's toys

Sports equipment, such as helmets & pads

What else makes our All-Natural Green Disinfectant simply amazing?

Read on….

Monday, July 21, 2014

Clutter Free for Life: Launching into Motion

Summertime can be a great time to get things in order that is why we are spending the time talking about sustaining a clutter-free home or office. What roadblocks keep you from launching out and making your home or office space clutter free—for good? 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Clutter-Free for Life!

It is said that people are "creatures of habit."  Sometimes our habits can even run generationally.  Do you have a habit of struggling with clutter?  Did you come from a home that often seemed to be cluttered?  Though we are creatures of habit, we can change our habits to form more productive routines of green, clutter-free living.

Getting out of the clutter- habit is a matter of the mind.  To be successful in creating a habit of clutter-free living consider the following preparation questions...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Independence Day Savings on Green Cleaners!

We're fired up on saving you $Green$
Get MORE bang for your buck!!
Fourth of July Super Savings!!
Sale runs...
July 2, 2014 thru July 8, 2014
$4.00 off (good for one order only)
distributor discount still applies

Paste this link into the coupon code box at end of checkout:

$4.00 off order $40.00 or more
--good for one order only--
Free Shipping still applies for orders $40.00 or more!
Paste this coupon code in the code box at end of checkout: 
**Please copy the code that pertains to you to insure proper discount given**
Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!!!

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