Monday, April 30, 2018

Making Mother's Day Memorable!

Are you ready?  Have you made plans to treat your mother right?
Dad’s do you have a game plan ready for you and the kids?
The day can be prepared with three simple areas to consider:

Give mom the day off: 
Free her up from preparing meals and from doing any clean up!

Spend TIME together:
Create memories that last.  Perhaps start a special tradition on Mother’s Day if you haven’t already.  Whatever you do together, make sure it is centered on what mom would like to do; after all, it’s her day!

Give mom a soothing, tangible gift:
100% essential oils are great for:  relaxation, bath soaks, re-energizing the mind, and much more! 

On Brightly Green’s Home Store you will find Harmony Essential Oils.  Choose the best oils for mom and surprise her this year with something different!

(As with any essential oil—read & follow usage directions)

Happy Mother's Day!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

How I Turned My Spring Cleaning Into CASH!

Does the thought of spring cleaning feel like a ball and chain around your leg? 
How about turning a profit this year while spring cleaning?

Monday, April 2, 2018

Every Kitchen NEEDS this Product!

Every kitchen, no matter the size or style needs to have this 100% all natural degreaser!  Don't be fooled into thinking that a degreaser has to have chemical "umph" to get the job done.

Brightly Green All Purpose Degreaser is 100% all natural. Made from plant-based sources, it is sustainable, biodegradable, safe around kids and pets AND STILL CUTS THROUGH GREASE AND GRIME!

Brightly Green All Purpose Degreaser is one of my personal favorite 
Brightly Green products!  

It cuts through grease and grime on:
  • stove tops (any style surface)
  • painted windowsills
  • window blinds (click link for video demonstration)
  • ceiling fan blades
  • virtually anywhere grease can stick!

If you do not have Brightly Green All Purpose Degreaser --GET IT!!  

For more great, eco-friendly, all-natural household cleaners, click link!

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