Friday, September 19, 2014

Green Clean Harvesting!

Tis the season for preserving this year's harvest!  To be honest, I don't have the patience to can foods as my mother does and my grandmother did; however, when a friend of mine told me that you can make your own salsa and freeze it—I was in! 
One of the great things about canning or freezing foods is that you know exactly what is in that jar or freezer container!  You also know what is NOT in it—all those lengthy chemicals that can't be pronounced unless you have some type of scientific degree.

As I was preparing tomatoes for salsa, I got to thinking about the fact that the Brightly Green Dish Wash I use is 100% all natural—just like the organic tomatoes I was using!  I am protecting my tomatoes from any residual chemicals that could've been left behind on knives, bowls, or other cookware because I clean with 100% all-natural cleaners.  That realization made me feel even better about the process of freezing my salsa. 
I may not be able to protect my family from every harmful chemical, but when it comes to my home and my family's nutritional needs, I have a lot of control over what comes in my home and what is in the foods I make.  You do too!  Choose non-toxic cleaners; choose Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners for your family's sake!

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Just for fun try the following…
Wash one medium or large tomato and place whole in a freezer container and freeze.  When planning to make a vegetable soup, de-thaw the tomato and add to the soup.  Great if you want soup with a hint of tomato!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Green Clean-ercise: Exercise While Cleaning!


Stir your cleaning routine up with a little exercise thrown in!  Not only will you enjoy a clean home, but you'll be getting in shape too!  Read on for eight exercises you can do to get fit while giving your home an eco-friendly cleaning!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Green Clean Homes Run Best on Routines

It is a "no-brainer" that cleaning is a necessary part of life.  The challenge is staying on top of it! 
If you are the parent of preschoolers, toddlers or infants; special grace is extended to you!  Young children can sweep in like a tornado; destroying any clean and organized space.  For the rest of us, though, we may be running out of legitimate excuses. 
Have you ever had guests show up unexpectedly and you've said, "My house was clean this morning."
Staying on top of a clean environment requires establishing good routines.  We have routines for work, we just need to transfer the concept of routines to our home environment.  In fact, it has been said that maintenance is always more effective than a big cleanup.  Maintenance can save up to two thirds of your time than doing a big cleanup.

So in light of the benefits of maintenance, what routines would be most helpful for you?  Answer that and you will be prepared to set up a plan of action.
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