Thursday, October 30, 2014

Green & Simple Halloween: Frightful Truth about Pumpkin Pulp!

What would the Halloween season be without the rite of carving pumpkins?  The excitement in planning out the design and the fun of "squeezing out the guts" --so my sons talked of the process!  Even if your child is squeamish to put his/her hand down into the slimy innards; children love the pumpkin faces lit up at night signifying another year's accomplished work of art!

Though you and your children have fond, shared memories of carving pumpkins—your household plumbing system does not share your fondness of the tradition.  Plumbing calls on clogged drains and garbage disposals are elevated during the Halloween season.  There is a simple remedy to ward of those calls to the plumber.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Green & Simple Halloween: Give Rather than Get

Is Halloween becoming a little "old hat" for you?  Would you like to see your kids have a good time and yet not come home with so much candy they really don't need (and their school teachers would not want them to have)? 
Put a new spin on your family's Halloween celebrate by giving your kids a new focus on how they can give this Halloween.  Read on for inspiring new twists on the holiday! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Green & Simple Halloween: Costumes 101

October is here and with it comes Halloween.  Start planning now for Halloween and keep stress away!  If you're tired of the same old routine of hunting for costumes for your kids—change it up! Get downright creative and make the costumes this year.  Repurposing what you have on hand is VERY economical and earth friendly too!

Now don't let that suggestion put you into a panic!  I am not talking about doing any sewing!  Why, I can hardly sew curtain panels together!  I am talking about creatively constructing costumes for your kids.  Get them involved in the process and create a new family night activity!  Read on for simple costume suggestions…    

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Green Spotlight Shines on Local Non-Profit!

Brightly Green's Spotlight shines brightly on a charity we proudly support…

An Angels Road to Success

This awe-inspiring, not-for-profit organization in Paducha, KY was started by a woman named Dawn, who thinks of herself as an "everyday" kind of person which just goes to prove that the most inspirational of people can be just like you and me!
What's the Mission? 
Dawn's passion and that of An Angels Road to Success is to help disadvantaged individuals through both long and short term assistance obtain and keep gainfully employed jobs.

What's the Strategy?

·        Education:  Six months of classes are offered covering basic math skills, life skills (properly filling out applications, preparing for interviews, understanding credit scores…), basic English (as needed), geometry (if in the carpentry program).  Financial assistance is provided for these classes.

·        Trade Skills programs:  Right now auto mechanics and carpentry are offered.  Classes are given in each respective field as well as hands on training.  Financial assistance is provided for those in either program.  

·        If clothing is needed for job interviews, An Angels Road to Success assists.

·        Steel-toe boots are supplied for those in the carpentry program.

Who's in Support?

·        Local area auto mechanics and carpentry businesses are hiring those in the trade skills programs; giving them on-the-job training to prepare each enrollee with the skill sets needed to live an independent and sustainable life in their particular trade.

·        HG Labs, LLC's Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners proudly supports Dawn and An Angels Road to Success. We are glad that Dawn not only has such care for the disadvantaged and is doing something about it; she also cares about the environment and that is why she chose Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners.  Cleaners that are 100% all-natural and nontoxic. Some individuals enrolled in programs offered through An Angels Road to Success learn how to measure and mix Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners in to "Ready to Use" bottles which they sell to area businesses, gaining skills in sales.   

** An Angels Road to Success, because it is a charity, receives special consideration from HG Labs, LLC's Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners.

 How can YOU get involved?

If you are interested to learn more contact Dawn at:
(An Angels Road to Success is currently updating their website)

To make a donation to An Angels Road to Success send donation to:
Margaret Hank Memorial Cumberlain Presbyterian Church in Paducah, KY.
An Angels Road to Success is a separate entity from Margaret Hank Memorial Cumberlain Presbyterian Church, but was graciously given space to operate out of the church facility.

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