Thursday, April 24, 2014

Play It Again--All Natural Cleaning

Do your kids ever ask you, "Mom, why do you keep playing that song?"

They may be sick of it, but obviously you're not!  Why do we play the same songs, watch the same movies or go to the same restaurants?  BECAUSE WE LIKE TO!!  It's not complicated. Why I even order the same thing on the menu!  Why change a good thing, right?

Well, we feel the same way about our natural green cleaners, so we are bringing back a couple of "oldies but goodies"-- blog posts that is.  Why?  Because keeping your home toxin free and green clean is worth repeating.   Your home and our Earth NEED protecting!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Earth Day/Week 2014

When:  Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Why:  As a global day of awareness in
           support of protecting the environment. 


How to get involved:

Make an action plan.  There are countless actions you can take to make a difference.  As with so many things; begin with small steps. 

Make it a family event. Clean up your local park.  Enlist other families to join you, then have a picnic afterwards!

Make your efforts sustainable: Plant a fruit tree in your yard.  Trees filter the air and fruit trees will give you very local produce for years to come!   Plant shade trees and watch your energy bill decrease.  You will reduce the cost of running your air conditioning when you plant shade trees near your home.

Make it a kick-off day to creating new habits on living non-toxic.  Brightly Green's 100% all natural cleaners protect you and your environment from toxins.  Cleaning green is a significant way to protect your personal health and the environment closest to you!

Many communities and nations celebrate Earth Day all week long.  You may want to do the same by choosing one environment awareness project per day next week or plan a few days to make a difference. 

Have fun and Live Brightly Green Clean -- GO GREEN!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Eco-friendly Preparations for Passover and Easter

April is a month filled with festive holidays celebrating New Beginnings!  It is also a month in which new beginnings are occurring within nature.  Migratory birds are returning to their spring and summer homes.  Trees are beginning to bud, spring flowers are popping up—nature is coming to life again!  I enjoy seeing new signs of life outdoors every day—don't you?

As you prepare for this months' holidays whether Passover or Easter, pace yourself in your preparations to more fully appreciate their significance. 

We like to give our homes more of a deep cleaning around special holidays—these holidays are no exception.  Get the kids involved in the cleanup.  Assign them tasks such as dusting furniture with Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner or wiping down kitchen counters and the refrigerator door with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner.  Older children can handle cleaning the bathroom (though they probably won't want to) with Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner.  For more supplies visit Brightly Green Home Store.

When setting the table for your holiday guests do something new and make homemade decorations with your children.  Maybe even have name cards at each place setting. Use rubber stamps in spring prints for the name cards.

Incorporate nature into your home and for your table decorations as much as possible.  Real egg shells make for a unique "vase" to hold fresh cut spring flowers!  Freshen up your home with one or more of HG Labs Harmony Air Fresheners made with 100% all natural ingredients!  Our air fresheners-naturally scented with the smell of fresh fruit and tropical flowers only adding to the burst of awakening nature this spring!

May your celebrations be meaningful!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Think Outside-the-Box!

Not much has changed in my home when it comes to spring cleaning than when I was growing up.
In my house, everything from curtains to cupboards, bathrooms to bedding…I mean everything gets cleared, sorted, washed down and returned to its rightful place--just like mom did.

 As I was going through my emails today, I ran across an article on spring cleaning your diet.   That got me thinking about other important areas in life that could use a "spring cleaning."

Could you use a "spring cleaning" in any of the following personal areas?
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