Sunday, February 28, 2010

Right Now - Sign Up Now for $100.00 HGL Cash Drawing

Last Day for Sign Up for the  February HGL $100.00 Cash Drawing.

Go To Brightly Green and send us your numbers!

Please Leave a comment and a link to your Blog and or website!
We look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go Green for Valentine's Day!

Tired of seeing red for Valentines?
Why not give your loved ones a “green” gift instead. Give green flowers, look for an organic florist in your area, send a recycled card or a special e-card and give a Brightly Green gift Basket! It is truly love to want your environment safe and toxic free.
A lovely beautiful gift of sustainable Earth friendly aromatherapy cleaners is a great way help your sweetheart to go green! Our aromatherapy essential oils will bring smiles everyday and lift the spirit of everyone involved. Kid friendly and pet friendly products are not only effective but safe for cupid too! Be a dear heart and give a green gift that helps the environment while $aving you money. Not sure what to give… why not give a Valentine gift certificate you will surely Brightly Green their day!

Please Leave a comment and a link to your Blog and or website!

Monday, February 1, 2010

HG Labs Cash Giveaway! Congratulations JC Mojica

We have a winner for the January HG Labs Cash Giveaway!

The WINNER is: JC Mojica he selected the number (209) when he chose to follow our Brightly Green Blog!


Today starts and new contest!
February 1 – 28th
Go to Brightly Green Sign up for $100.00 cash giveaway.

If you are already a friend, follower, etc you may take a number again for each!

HG Labs Monthly $100.00 Cash Giveaway!

February Drawing $100.00
HG Labs, Brightly Green and Harmony want to connect with YOU!

There are 6 ways to enter to Win!

No purchase Necessary!
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