Monday, October 23, 2017

Create a Minimal Halloween: Host a Pumpkin Smashing Event!

Let’s face it…Halloween is about dressing up and getting candy!  No matter how conscientious of a parent you are—every kid wants to dress up, go out and collect as much candy as possible.

If you want to minimize the candy collecting consider hosting a 
“Pumpkin-Smashing Party.” 

What we emphasize and are enthusiastic about does rub off on our children.  Sure, they’ll still want to go trick-or-treating, but putting limits on the number of homes or streets visited will be an “easier pill to swallow” if they know that something extra special is happening after Halloween!

Pumpkins are great for compost piles, but they work best when they are broken up into smaller pieces.  A “Pumpkin-Smashing Party” is a great way to aid the decomposition process of the pumpkins.  Invite guests to bring their own carved pumpkins from Halloween to your home for the event. 

Hold a pre-pumpkin smashing judging contest:
Vote on… most creative, smallest, largest, most moldy… (just a few suggestions).  The winner in each category gets a prize (not candy, though!).  The prize could be as simple as being the first to smash their pumpkin!

With the party being held after Halloween, healthier snacks would be perfect to offset all the candy the children have collected.  There are plenty of creative creatures that can be made from vegetables.  Tea-sized peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or tuna fish sandwiches are sized just right for small eaters.

Clean up naturally with Brightly Green’s non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners.  Safe even for that sticky rubber mallet! Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash and Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner can handle any party cleanup!

In the spirit of composting – avoid party tableware and that will end up in a landfill.  Use biodegradable plates, cups and silverware.  If you have plenty of reusable place settings that would even be better!

A “Pumpkin-Smashing Party” would be best suited for children that can handle a rubber mallet responsibly.  Hold the pumpkin smashing out-of-doors or at least in a garage.  If you need to use the garage, you’ll probably want to drape plastic drop cloths across a wall or two to handle the splatter.

Get the kids excited and get the work out about your First Annual...
Pumpkin-Smashing Party!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Help! I'm Wiped Out and its Only Wednesday!

Hit pause for a moment and consider this:

Abraham Lincoln appeared to be wasting time when he was seen leaning against a tall tree just sharpening his ax.  When asked why he wasn’t working, he replied to the effect, I will get more done with a sharpened ax than a dull one.

If you are feeling wiped out and run down (or more like run over!) maybe you are trying to accomplish too much with a dull ax!

Just stop.

Sharpen your ax.  

Sharpen YOU!

Maybe it means saying “No” to another project.
Maybe it means saying “No” to running your child to another activity.
Maybe it means saying “No” to taking your work home.

Where do you need renewal?

Can Grandma or Grandpa come over for the weekend and watch the kids while you get some along time away?  Perhaps the kiddos can go to Grandma & Grandpa’s house!

You are NOT a failure.  You want to accomplish so much and give so much to your family or to your job that at times you take on too much. 

Sharpening you, means taking time for margin and reflection to gain the right perspective which in turn will move you forward in a healthy manner! 

You need to be healthy for YOU, your family & your work.

Do this quick exercise—NOW:

Jot down right what immediately comes to your mind that you are most overwhelmed by.
Just name two –for now.
Find some time today (if you can’t right now) to think of the steps you need to take to reduce or eliminate the overwhelm.

Then FOLLOW THROUGH with those steps!

Evaluate yourself next within the next couple weeks to see how it’s going. 

Change begins with a first step!

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Timeless Seasonal Tradition

Some things never change, no matter what decade, century or millennia.  Preparing for the changing of seasons is one of those timeless traditions. Gathering and harvesting.  Canning, pickling, and smoking meats—timeless.  Home preparations for the colder months ahead—timeless tradition.

I recently read an article that said Fall cleaning is just as important as Spring Cleaning.   Though I had never thought of doing a “Fall Cleaning” like “Spring Cleaning,” it makes perfect sense.  In the Spring, we are airing out the home from it being kept closed through the winter months.  In the Fall, we should be giving it just as thorough of a cleaning in preparation for it being kept more closed up through the winter.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Did you know that dirty windows block 20% of daylight from entering your home?  

The more natural sunlight you let into your home, the less you need to run your furnace as the season becomes cooler.

Not only does natural sunlight reduce your electric/gas bill, but it is nature’s medicine to reduce the winter blues!





100% all natural household cleaners protect indoor environments.  Brightly Green Window Cleaner is the right cleaner for windows!


WINDOW SCREENS trap dust and dirt and are the first to reduce the amount of daylight from entering your home.  Brightly Green Window Cleaner works great on screens too!

WINDOW BLINDS also reduce sunlight when they are covered in dust. 
Watch  quick video hack on green clean window blinds without the need to take blinds down!

Distributors need green window cleaner?  

Home Store Shoppers go to Brightly Green Home Store

Coming up throughout the week…

More Must-Do green cleaning in October to prep for cooler temps!

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