Friday, January 27, 2012

Featured Product Spotlight: Brightly Green All-Natural Laundry Wash

Brightly Green All-Natural Laundry Wash Lavender RTU 64oz
FACTS:  HE natural laundry detergents are more gentle on your clothes.  The enzymes in HE cleaners clean your clothes without breaking down the fibers as regular detergents do.  Washing your clothes with HE natural detergents takes less detergent than standard ones; thus saving you money.  HE natural cleaners also saves the life of your clothes as they are more gentle on the fabric. 

ISSUES: Many standard detergents have so called brighteners added to them.  These toxic additives can be harmful to your clothes and the environment.  People with sensitive skin also benefit from HE natural laundry cleaners because standard cleaners can have toxic chemicals that irritate the skin. 

Switch to Brightly Green All-Natural Laundry Wash for a cleaner, healthier wash and for a healthier eco-friendly environment. 

Use Brightly Green Laundry Wash... good for you & eco-friendly too!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is Laundry a REAL Chore?!

Laundry, in many households
is a never ending mountain to maintain. 

Brightly Green All-Natural Cleaners
has some very helpful tips to help you
get control over this never ending chore!

How to save yourself precious time and
help save the earth too:

First: If you have children that are tall enough to reach the bottom of the washtub; they may be ready to learn how to do their own laundry.  My grandchildren were taught how to do their own laundry when they could easily reach the bottom of the washing machine's tub. (It can even be a celebration for children when they can reach the bottom of the washing machine's tub because they see how they are growing!  This was the case for my youngest grandchild!) Teaching your children to be responsible for their laundry is a very important life skill; and it will free you up to do other things.

Also, it may help to have a set day for each child to do his/her laundry.  No more is mom "the bad guy" if the child runs out of underwear or socks, it's not mom's responsibility anymore!

Second:  Say NO to IRONING!!
Don't you have something you would rather be doing...really!
Try to remove your clothes from the washing machine as soon as they are done.  This will help to cut down on wrinkles forming.  In addition; take each article of clothing out of the washer one at at time and shake the piece of clothing before placing it in the dryer.  This will only take a couple of minutes but this tip will help the clothing to dry evenly and more quickly-$aving energy costs!  Very eco-friendly too!

When removing clothes from the dryer--DO SO PROMPTLY WHEN FINISHED DRYING!  This is the final tip to help prevent wrinkles.  I've talked to various people who can reminisce about the days their mothers and grandmothers ironed EVERYTHING!  Those days are behind us, so following these tips will save you time and energy.

Speaking of saving energy--if at all possible, hang your clothes outside on a clothesline.  Let nature dry your clothing and enjoy the smell of truly fresh linen!  If you need to you can bring the clothes in and toss them in the dryer for a couple minutes to make them softer (they tend to dry somewhat stiff outdoors).

Third:  Choose the right detergent
Not all detergents are equal.  Go with an HE natural laundry wash even if your machine is not an HE machine.  Natural detergents actually lengthen the life of your clothing, while still getting your clothes clean.  We highly recommend Brightly Green All-Natural Laundry Wash.  Come back tomorrow for more eco-friendly facts!  We will feature Brightly Green Natural Laundry Wash and give you more information about the pros and cons of various laundry products...Eco-friendly Laundry Washes and Toxic Detergents.

Have a laundry tip suggestion?
Leave us a comment!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly Product Feature: Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner Concentrate!

This Week's Featured Spotlight Product:

Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner Concentrate 32oz with 32oz Empty Labeled Bottle

Did you know that the dust in your home contains toxic chemicals?
The chemicals trapped in household dust come from small particles that flake off of household products.  Toxic chemicals can also be brought in by your shoes and attach to dust within the home.

The chemicals that are found trapped in dust can have negative, physical affects on you and your family.  Smaller children are most vulnerable.  Affects can be seen in their developing motor skilsl, memory, hearing and behaviors, to name a few.

  • Do not use synthetic sprays to dust with.  Synthetic dusting sprays add unwanted chemicals into the air.  Use Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner Concentrate; 100% plant-based, & all- natural.  Our wood floor cleaner, in addition to being a great floor cleaner, is also great for dusting!
  • When vacuuming, be sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter and vacuum frequently.
  • Use a slightly damp cloth to dust electronic equipment.
  • Dust with a microfiber cloth it helps collect very small dust particles. 
  • Caulk and seal around doors and windows.

To learn more about the toxins found in household dust and more tips on how to combat them go to: environmental working group @

Brightly Green Cleaners carries many green, eco-friendly, non-toxic products.  We help you clean the green-clean, safe way! 

Gift the ones you love, SAFE products that are good for them
and good for the enviroment! 
Give the gift of Brightly Green Cleaners!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly Green-Clean Product Spotlight!

Brightly Green Cleaners is beginning a new series featuring a
"Product of the Week"

This week's featured, spotlight product: 


THE FACTS:  Chlorine is a natural, basic, element and as such; does not
                   is not a threat to the environment, people or animals.

THE ISSUES:  Compounds artifically made with chlorine are producing
                     toxins.  These man-made chlorine compounds
                     are unhealthy for the environment, people,
                     and animals.


To read more about the uses and dangers of man-made chlorine and what to do, go to:

Non-chlorine bleach is the eco-friendly, healthy, safe way to clean your home and laundry. If you do not have Brightly Green's Premium Non-Chlorine Bleach, order some today!  For more great, green, eco-friendly safe cleaning products go to

Brightly Green Cleaners...cleaners that work & keep you safe & healthy
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Six Beginning Steps Toward Recycling in 2012!


 6 Beginning Steps YOU Can Make
to Becoming A Green, Recycling Family:

When shopping:  use recyclable bags for your purchases.

Instead of buying gift wrap:  recycle brown packaging paper; this makes
great gift wrap!  To spruce it up; stamp the paper or add  ribbon.

Find where the nearest recycling center is and be sure to take
your recyclable glass, paper, plastic, etc.

Become a consignment shopper!  You can find gently used clothing &
home goods at very reasonable prices!

Take your  clothes or home goods to a consignment or re-sale shop!
This is a great way to give back to your community and save landfills!

Benefits to Becoming a Green, Recycling Family:

Save Money

Less Stress

Reduces landfills

Family Treasure Hunt Outings:  at re-sale shops!

Enjoyment of the simple pleaures in life!

It all starts with taking that first step!

Come on... you can do it...get started today!



Brightly Green Cleaners is a Green Eco-friendly company.
We specialize in producing 100% all-natural, plant-based, non toxic, & safe cleaners.


 If you have any tips on recycling...please leave us a comment!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year Saftey Tips for You!

Brightly Green, the green, eco-friendly cleaners, shares with you "Winter Driving Tips" from Consumer Reports.

Be prepared for winter driving by reading this article. 

Consumer Reports - Winter-Driving Tips

Please note:  Some content is available only to subscribers.  You may not be able to view this content unless you are a subscriber.
You may join at:

For an in-depth look at tests that found arsenic in apple juice and grape juice, health tips for the New Year, and more family news and consumer updates check out the following link:

January 2012 Consumer Reports

Brightly Green thanks Consumer Reports for their dedication to consumer health and safety!

If these articles have been helpful for you, please leave us a comment!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year For Healthy New Beginnings!

You have said it over and over again, "I have got to get organized".

Stop saying it and begin the steps doing just that--getting organized.  Determine to take the first steps by setting up a game plan.

Last fall we, at Brightly Green, ran a series of articles relating to decluttering your home, organizing your life and becoming more green.  Why not peruse them to help you plan your line of attack.

Six blogs especially related to becoming green-clean and clutter free:

1.) Less Is More

2.) Housework Made Easy

3.) Have You Had It With Clutter?

4.) Healthier You

5.) How to Dispose of Toxic Products

6.) The Ready Kit

At Brightly Green, we care about you , your family, home and buisness!
Make this new year a green, clean, organized year!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday - New Year Clean Up!

Brightly Green Congratulates
Judy S. from Louisville, KY!

Judy is our HG Labs Holiday Notebook Contest Winner!!!

Holiday Clean Up is Underway:
Before tucking away all your holiday decorations; ask yourself the following question.  Is there any decoration or ornament that I did not use this year, and if so, will I use it next year?  If you didn't use that decoration or ornament & do not plan to next year, then why not give it away to a resale shop!  Now is the time to purge your holiday items.  This will help you to keep only what you really need and create more space in your home or garage!

Cleaning Inventory Checklist:
Go through your cleaning supplies and start this new year off on the right Green, Eco-friendly foot!  Properly dispose of any toxic cleaning products you may have in your home.  Make this year the start of a healthy, safe, green year for cleaning!

If you have a two story home, it is helpful to have the necessary cleaning supplies on both levels.  This will only help you to be more efficient in getting the job done quickly and effortlessly.  Make your list of the Brightly Green cleaners you need for both floors and order today!

Back to College the Green Clean Way:
Many of us are sending our students back to college; why not send them back with safe, green cleaners.  Brightly Green Cleaners are 100% natural, plant-based and sustainable.  Most come scented with our unique essential oil combinations; great for freshening up dorm rooms!  We recommend for your student:  Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, Brightly Green Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover Concentrate.  For their laundry needs; send them back with Brightly Green All Natural Laundry Wash Lavender (or Pure & Free).

If your student has already left; surprize him/her with a care package.  College students always welcome care packages from home!

As always...we welcome your comments and tips!
May this New Year be a healthy, green year for you!

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