Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family Fun for Leap Year

Today, February 29th, is a special day that only comes once every four years.  As such, it deserves its own special celebration!  Why not give Leap Year Day a birthday party!  This can be just a family event or invite your children's friends over the the occasion.

Surprise your children when they get home from school with frogs decorations everywhere and green ribbons for streamers (you can recycle the ribbons by using them for St. Partick's Day too). Special frog treats and games will top it off.  Here are some suggestions to help get you started on making this Leap Year Day extra special!
The ideas below are from Tip Junkie.

Frog Games:

"Pin the Crown on the Frog"
Musical Lilly Pads (instead of musical chairs create Lilly pads to hop on)

Frog Treats:
(When possible-use organic, locally grown produce)
Froggy Lunch
Apple Frogs

If your work schedule does not permit you to party today, then give Leap Year Day a weekend party.  Celebrate this once every four years occasion at a time when everyone can participate and enjoy themselves!

For older children, they might enjoy a special sleeping bag/PJ/movie night complete with Frog treats, and green lights to set the mood. Create special green eco-friendly memories with your family this Leap Year!

Be sure to keep Brightly Green All-Natural Cleaners green cleaning products handy to clean up after all the festivities!  Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Brightly Green Carpet & Upholstery Spot Remover should be your standby party cleaners.

Happy Leap Year Day!!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekly Product Spotlight: Brightly Green Stainless Steel Cleaner Concentrate

Brightly Green All-Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner Concentrate is eco-friendly and very easy to use!  Simply spray on stainless steel surfaces and wipe off!

Brightly Green All-Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner Concentrate is 100% plant-based, and all-natural.  Green clean ALL your stainless steel appliances with safe, non-toxic Brightly Green Stainless Steel Cleaner Concentrate!

Purchasing Brightly Green All-Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner Concentrate with 32 oz. Empty Bottle is the smart, economical way to green clean!  Simply add 4oz of Brightly Green Stainless Steel Concentrate to the 32oz empty bottle, fill with water and your ready for a great, non-toxic eco-friendly green clean!

"Other stainless steel cleaners require you to apply and wait before wiping off.  With your stainless steel cleaner; you just spray on and wipe off until streak free.  It also does not take as much product to clean your appliances with.  The scent is just right, not overpowering; which is good for by wife who has migraines that can be aggrevated by strong scented cleaners.  To summarize; your green stainless steel cleaner saves time, money and headaches-literally!"
--Mark B.

Brightly Green Special Purchase Deal!

For a limited time...FREE SHIPPING with $20.00 purchase!

Go to Brightly Green Homestore for details!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alert for Upcoming Spring Cleaning/Projects!

Spring is one month away and as such, you may be itching to get started on those spring projects.  Before tackling your yearly "Spring Cleaning" or painting the room that never got painted last year; you should understand that many household cleaners, detergents and paints contain the toxic chemicals NP or NPEs.

According to  NPEs (nonylphenol ethoxylates) are a group of chemicals that mimic the hormone estrogen, and are highly toxic to aquatic life.  NPEs may harm human development and or reproduction.  Those higher at risk are infants and children.

A major concern is that NPEs are going "down the drain"--literally.  In the form of detergents they are washed down the drain.  When paint brushes are cleaned in sinks, again  the NPEs are washed down the drain.  In other cleaners they also end up going down drains.  This toxic chemical ends up contaminating our waterways! suggests the following action steps to help you avoid products containing NPEs:
  • READ the LABEL
  • Look for products that list all of their ingredients
  • Look for products that are biodegradable
  • Look for products that state they use plant or vegetable-based surfactants
Brightly Green All-Natural Cleaners ARE 100% plant-based, all-natural, safe and non-toxic!

To learn more about NP and NPEs go to

Also check out a special report on NPEs and BPA @

We at Brightly Green All-Natural Cleaners thank for their research and consumer information.

Trust us to help you clean the green, natural way, without harming you or the environment!

(If this article has been helpful...please let us know, thank you!)

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Product Spotlight: Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner & Bathroom Cleaner!


Cleaning the bathroom is not fun for most people!  We want to hurry up and get it done as fast as possible, and yet be thorough.  With this mindset, people set off to purchase the strongest chemical cleaner that will take the least amount of work to get the job done. 


Harsh chemicals will scratch porcelin sinks and tile.  These chemicals will dull shiny surfaces.  Strong, toxic chemicals are dangerous to inhale.  You may "get the job done quickly," but at what expense?  Isn't your health, your bathroom interior, & the environment more important than cleaning with harsh, toxic chemicals?

Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner Concentrate 32oz with 32oz Empty Labeled BottleOUR SOLUTION:

You can quickly and safely clean the bathroom with Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner Concentrate. Our green, non-toxic cleaner safely, and effectively cleans your shower for you!  Simply spray your shower walls with Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner when you finish showering and it does the work for you!

Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate 32oz with 32oz Empty Labeled BottleFor toilets and sinks, use Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate once a week or as often as you like!  Brightly Green's Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate is safe, non-toxic, effective and will not scratch shiny porcelin or tile!

Be sure to properly dilute the both the concentrates according to directions on bottles!
We know you are busy and would like to get out of the bathroom and on to other things!  Be green-clean quickly, thoroughly and safely with Brightly Green All-Natural Products! 

Switch to Brightly Green All-Natural Bathroom Products...
for your health!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Green Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom!

Bathrooms often contain some of the most toxic cleaners, and being the smallest room in the home, ventilation can be an issue.  Protect yourself, your family and the environment; make a change this year and go with green, 100% all-natural, eco-friendly Brightly Green Cleaners!
Take charge of your bathroom with Brightly Green's-Clean tips!

First:  Replace all your toxic bathroom cleaners with Brightly Green All-Natural Cleaners!
Second:  Give your bathroom a fresh deep clean from ceiling to floor.  Wash down all painted walls with Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate or Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate and warm water.  Clean sink, and toilet with Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate.  Tub and shower should get a deep, green-clean with Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate, Brightly Green Granite & Tile Cleaner Concentrate or Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner Concentrate.  To keep a fresh, clean bathroom; use Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner Concentrate -daily after showering. 
To freshen your bathroom, pour a little Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate in the bottom of your toilet bowl brush holder.  Remember to always use the vent when showering to keep the moisture down.

Third:  Organize the Bathroom. 
  • Go through the medicine cabinet and replace or dispose of old medications. 
  • Organize your toiletries.  If you are always trying to "find things"  put your toiletries in an organizational tote or basket. 
  • Assess if your bathroom supplies are in accessible places within the bathroom, or do you have to run down the hall for extra toilet paper or toothpaste.  There are many inexpensive organizational  solutions available.  When looking for bathroom storage helps, look for eco-friendly shelving/storage.

Let Brightly Green Cleaners be your green cleaners!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Art Contest for Safer Chemicals

Safer Chemicals Matter!

Get the Family Involved!


Safer Chemicals-Healthy Families
Art Contest!

Art contest for kids
ages 0-18

Submissions due Feb. 29, 2012

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Spotlight Product of the Week: Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners

Be Eco-Friendly with Concentrates!
Save our Landfills-Buy Concentrates!

Save $Green$-Buy Concentrates!

Concentrates save $Green on shipping costs


Concentrates save $Green because you use less product

Make a difference in the environment!
Make a green-clean with

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Going Green- Valentine Tips!

Beware of The Rose?

If roses are on your list for Valentine's Day, you may want to reconsider that idea.  According to an article from "The Daily Green", roses can be toxic.

Most of the roses found in our winter months come from foreign countries where their practices in raising the esteemed flower are less than beautiful. Upwards of 30 pesticides are used in the growth of these roses.  Studies done are finding that greenhouse workers in these countries are becoming ill.  Children born from mothers who have worked in these greenhouses are being born with birth defects.

Stricter regulations are being pushed by the NRDC, but you can make a difference through your purchasing power! 

To read more about (toxic) roses go to The Daily Green.

Valentine Get-Away Ideas: (from The Daily Green)

Staycation: Create an intimate evening at home with a dinner-for-two, local wax candles, & warm bath --for a relaxed mood.

Weekend Valentine Vacation: Take a train to your destination.  Do low-impact activities such as hiking or cross-country skiing.

Green, Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas:
Purchase Brightly Green safe, healthy cleaners for the saftey and health of the one you love.  Be sure to include a card stating how much you appreciate all the work she does & that you will clean the house- giving her a much needed break!

Our friends at Harmony All-Natural Cleaners also carry Essential Oils!  These oils awaken the senses, soothe the body & refresh the mind!
A box of organic dark chocolate -- not many can resist chocolate!

If flowers are a must for your sweetheart; purchase flowers locally or go with organic flowers.
Planning a Valentine Party?

You must visit Harmony's new friends at!  They have everything from eco-conscious wrappings to eco-friendly tableware, decoration, and much more!  Ecopartytime even has Eco-Valentine Organic Cookies!
...Find our tips helpful?  Tell us about it!
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Featured Product of the Week: Brightly Green Laundry Stain Pre-Treat

Stains are unavoidable!  Some people experience less mishaps than others, but we all have to face them at sometime.  Just because you think you look good in what you eat does not mean that others appreciate the look!  That "ring around the collar look", it's not Runway material, sorry!


You need help...Brightly Green has the answer!  Our Brightly Green Laundry Stain Pre-Treat is the solution for your needs!  It works safely, and very effectively to get out your clothing "oops"! 

Top off your laundry cleaning care with Brightly Green All-Natural Laundry Wash for a total green-clean, eco-friendly, safe for fabrics & safe for the environment wash!  Our laundry products can be used in HE or 
standard washing machines.

All our products are environmentally safe and septic/sewer safe too!  (Standard cleaners can't make that claim!) 


"I have been a die-hard, stain stick remover, user for years; but recently tried the Laundry Stain Pre-Treat and am not going back to my old stain remover.  It completely removed the stain & gave me the security in knowing I was using a safe, non-toxic product.  I recommend this product to anyone!"

"My husband seems to wear his food a little too much. 
When I tried Brightly Green's Laundry Stain Pre-Treat I  was  thrilled with how well it got out all sorts of foods. This product works like a little mean, green, cleaning, machine!  It is a money saver too because I don't have to chaulk up another shirt to the rag box!"

Do you have a testimonial to share?
We would love to hear how Brightly Green is helping you!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waste Less in 2012

What's in Your Trash?

Take a few minutes this week and evaluate what you are throwing away.  How many garbage bags do you use in a week?

Alexandra Zissa of  "The Daily Green" suggests that before you throw something away you should consider if there is an alternative place it can go?  How about composting; are you willing to consider doing that?

Brightly Green suggests that you challenge yourself to eliminate the need for one to two bags of garbage per week.  If you typically have six to eight bags of garbage weekly, why not try to get that down to four or five bags per collection pick-up.

One of the easiest places to start with are plastic containers and aluminum cans.  Recycling plastic saves a lot of space in landfills --Ryan Gosling shares. Set these aside in totes to take to a recycling center nearest you.  Or if you have curbside recycling; make the contact to find out what they accept and when  is pick up. 

Water bottles account for quite a large percentage of space in our landfills.  One change our family made was to purchase a Brita water pitcher system.  This has greatly improved the taste of our water!  Brita filters reduce the amount of certain minerals and chemicals found in tap water.

If you like water-to-go; purchase reuseable BPA-free water bottles. Swtiching to a water-filter system and using reuseable water bottles will greatly reduce the amount of waste in your trash and in our landfills!  The amount of money you will save is also a great reason to make the change!

Plastic bags (of all sorts) are objects to rethink about throwing away.  You can reuse your ziplock bags.  If they did not contain raw meat, they can be washed and reused for many times.  This is something even great grandmothers would do!

A suggestion regarding the zillion of plastic grocery bags you weekly receive at the grocery store;  invest in their store fabric bags that are reuseable.  You can also turn old T-shirts into grocery bags and also make T-shirt produce bags.  These were new suggestions I ran across from "Good Girl Gone Green". 

How many empty boxes of processed foods, dinners, snacks are in your trash?  In previous blogs, Brightly Green has encouraged our readers to purchase locally produced foods and go organic.  If you are one of the million of people who says, "I don't have the time to cook".  Take these tips to heart.  A large pot of soup will easily last a five to six member family two days (at the least).  On days when you know you cannot cook supper; dust off your crock pot and throw in a roast with carrots and potatoes.  You will come home to a wonderful meal that took you all of 10 minutes to prepare! 

The benefits of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats wins hands-down to boxed meals, especially when it comes to their nutritional value.  Alexandra Zissa from her blog article "The Conscious Kitchen Challenge" has many tips about produce and meats.
One other suggestion is to take some time to teach your children how to cook. Making pizza or spagetti is ae great place to start.  Unless you have a very responsible teenager, a parent should be in the home to monitor the cooking process.

An occasional item we may throw out are unwanted clothes.  When decluttering your closets you should always consider a local shelter or resale shop first.  Sometimes it is hard to give up that favorite sweater or T-shirt.  "Good Girl Gone Green"  has some great tips on what to do with that favorite sweater or
favorite T-shirt. 

My granddaughter was excited to see the possiblities of new leg warmers emerging from sweaters--a winter project no doubt!  Turn your favorite T-shirts into dorm pillows or even pet pillows, just to name a few!

Brightly Green Cleaners comes in concentrates with refillable depensing bottles. We are doing our part to reduce waste by offering concentrates and refills.  Our products are 100% plant-based, all-natural and non-toxic to you and the environment.  Our bottles are also recycleable.  Make the cleaning switch to Brightly Green Cleaners!

We have given you some typical items found in garbage bags. Set up a family challenge to reduce, reuse and recycle! 

Let us all do what we can to waste less in 2012!

Share your tips to reduce waste...leave us a comment!

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