Friday, March 16, 2018

WHY Can't I Keep a Clean Home?

Sometimes we take quick action steps to remedy frustrations felt with a current state we find ourselves in without stopping to ask the deeper question; Why?

Why am I so frustrated? 
Why am I constantly running into this roadblock?
Why am I not getting traction with this project?

Getting at the underlying, “Why?” will help us to take the next necessary and strategic steps to answer the “What?” and “How?” –questions.  Otherwise, without answering – “Why?” it is as if we are putting a Band-Aid on something that really requires stitches!

If we jump ahead and try to determine How we will change?  Or What steps will we take to overcome the roadblock?  We will invariably run back into the same challenges and frustrations; simply because we did not tackle the “Why?”

If you struggle with maintaining a green, clean, home environment (like many of us do), ask yourself --“Why”?

Why do I struggle in this area?

A personal story
I have recently asked myself some “Why?” questions in the realm of green cleaning challenges I face.  One such personal question was, “Why is it a challenge to clean my bathroom countertops every day?” 

Asking myself, “Why” led to a reflective answer of, “there are too many items displayed on my countertops”.  I realized that in my hurried morning schedule, I did not want to take additional time to clear the counter before cleaning it, and therefore, I did not daily clean it!

The solution:
Take the inspirational plaques and special seashells I have on my bathroom countertop and put them on a shelf on the wall in my bathroom where I can still enjoy them, but free my sink countertop!

The results:
I CAN (and DO),  every morning, quickly wipe down my bathroom countertop with Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner for a crisp clean bathroom!

Since I reflected on the underlying “Why?”  I was able to quickly come up with a green cleaning solution that REALLY WORKS! 

Busy households often struggle in maintaining green clean homes.
Moms and dads, don't get discouraged! 

Where is YOUR Cleaning Challenge?

Remember:  Ask yourself--“WHY?”

The next questions and steps will unfold easily!



If YOU have a personal, green cleaning routine success story---we would love to hear it!  Please leave a comment below!

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Safe Household Cleaners for Pets and their Homes

My family recently became new pet owners.  I did not think we would have another dog, after making the difficult decision to put down our beloved family dog of 14 years --Arnold.  Pets add much to our lives and so here we are with Charlie our newest family member!  

Charlie and me
rescue dog from
Texas Pan Handle Pet Savers

As I watch our new puppy (all of 50lbs.) romp and play, I am so glad that our home is pet safe cleaned with 100% all natural non-toxic Brightly Green Cleaners.  As dogs are inclined to do; Charlie licks the kitchen floor when a small piece of food drops from the counter.  I don’t have to worry about him ingesting chemicals from floor cleaners that are not 100% all natural.

With that being said, I have begun a weekly puppy cleaning routine to optimize Charlie’s health. 
This routine would be a good addition to any home with pets:

Wipe down crate floor with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

Clean dog or cat food/water bowls once a week with Brightly Green Dish Wash. 

Wash rubber chew toys with Brightly Green Dish Wash (once a week).

Wash dog or cat bedding/blankets with Brightly Green LaundryWash (also comes unscented).

Green clean homes + healthy pets = healthy, happy families!

I highly recommend families looking for a new pet to begin their search with shelter/rescue facilities.  There are so many precious animals that need a second chance with a good home.  I am very thankful for Charlie's foster mom, Denise, and Texas Pan Handle Pet Savers for all the work you do!

Thank you to all of you who foster animals and volunteer at shelters/rescue centers!

Thank you, Brightly Green Cleaners for making safe, non-toxic household cleaners that help protect our pets homes!!     --Charlie's forever Mom, Brenda

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Fight Winter Blues with a FREE Essential Oil Gift from Brightly Green!

Are you growing winter weary?

I wager that most of the country is, unless of course you live in the sunny, southern U.S. 

Don't let nature's dormant state keep you from some of its uplifting and wellness properties.

Essential oils can get you out of the winter blahs!

Meet an Essential Oil that is “Top ‘O the Charts” 


Lavender essential oil’s Most Noteworthy Benefits:
·      Calming ability
·      Improves mood—uplifts spirit
·      Reduces anxiety & stress
      Improves sleep

Now, don’t those sound like some GREAT BENEFITS to help you be a healthier YOU—while fighting the dull-drums of winter?  I sure do!

How to use lavender essential oil:
·      Add a few drops to bath water for relaxation.
·      Rub a couple drops on your pillow for a restful night’s sleep.
·      Add a few drops to potpourri that could use a boost.
·      Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle to freshen any area that you like!


(Valentine’s Week Special—ends Sunday, Feb.18th @ midnight EST)

(savings of $6.99)

with Purchase 
(read below for application) 

Free Lavender Essential Oil with $100.00 or more purchase
                                                (distributor discounts still apply!)

Free Harmony Lavender Essential Oil with $40.00 or more purchase 
                                                              (free shipping too!)

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Friday, February 2, 2018

What Parenting, Green Cleaning and Groundhog Day Have in Common


One of my family’s favorite movies is “Groundhog Day.”  The journey of discovery the character, Bob Wiley (played by Bill Murray) goes through in coming to terms with his predicament could be pulled right out of classical psychology books!

Stay-at-home moms often feel the repetition of daily tasks mimicking the movie “Groundhog Day.” (Watch the movie—you’ll understand!)

The never-ending clean-up, pick-up and wash-up that stay-at-home moms do daily and often without a “thanks mom,” can leave a disheartened, “what’s the point,” feeling.  How do I know? Let’s just say… “been there, done that.”

When I was a younger mother with preschoolers and toddlers wrapped around my ankles, I would hear older women tell me (what I’m sure you’ve been told) “love this season, they [the children] will grow up before you know it!”  At the time, I thought to myself, “yeah-easy for you to say!”  But, guess what?

It’s true.

Before you know it, they do grow up and it almost seems like you were in a dream. All of the sudden; the home is a little emptier, there are less dishes to wash, less food to purchase and smaller meals to prepare.

It hits you all at once—where did that time go?

The life of that child flashes before your eyes from the moment you brought him home to the time he launched off on his own, and you wonder—wow, how did that happen so fast?

From a mom whose nest is shrinking –
to moms whose nests are filled with diapers, & toys --
I say this…


Each has its ups and downs. Joys and struggles. You’ll make plenty of mistakes along the way, but owning up to them and being real with your kids will speak volumes. Each of us as parents have a solemn responsibility to do the best we can.  Being a parent is the Best Job on the Planet!

There is a saying on a billboard in the town I live that reads:
“It is easier to raise a child than to repair an adult.” 

Moms and Dads, you have an awe-some responsibility to raise children that will become capable, young adults who can launch out into the world ready to take on what lies ahead! 


The daily clean-up, pick-up, wash-up IS leading somewhere.


Teaching children how to clean a home with safe, non-toxic cleaning products and how to pick up after oneself is “Adulthood Class 100.” It is learning personal responsibility at ground level.  It is imperative that your child is included (in an age appropriate manner) in the everyday clean-up, pick-up and wash-up so those habits become his/her own! 

Children who have daily/weekly household chores are more employable.  I know of many first- hand accounts of business owners who have hired teenagers to work in their establishments (entry level jobs), but did not retain those young adults because they did not have the basic skills of cleaning! Even when given instruction by their employers, the teens thought cleaning was below themselves. Really?  This should not be!

When you get discouraged with the mundane of the daily chores, remind yourself that this season of toys and diapers, soccer balls, softball gloves, ballet slippers and football helmets will not last forever.


Create margin in life so you can explore life!  One of our popular posts; “Set Your Weekends Free” gives details on how to develop green cleaning habits that protect your weekends from being used as “catch-up” cleaning and organizing days. 

Creating margin gives you freedom to make lasting memories.  The times when you can look back, and laughingly say, “remember when…” 

-story shared by Brenda


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