Monday, September 24, 2018

Three Keys for Effective, Lasting Organization

I am a big fan of DIY shows!  I love to watch how a room or home goes from the “before” pictures to the “after” pictures.  Often on those shows you hear the clients say things like:  I want space for entertaining or open space to keep a better eye on the kids playing.  The common thread is:  Purpose. 

Knowing the PURPOSE of your space IS FOUNDATIONAL for organization.
A starting question might be:  What do I need to be able to DO in this space? 

After determining the Purpose of your space, your personality type helps to “color” the room. 

Second key component for effective organization:  WHO ARE YOU?

For example; if you need to see everything in plain view, you’ll need to organize with see-through bins, open shelving and maybe even throw a peg board on a wall.  Do you like clear space?  You probably want to organize with storage solutions that hide away items.  Coffee/end tables with drawers, baskets with lids, etc. 

Organizing a room should reflect Purpose and Personality.  
If you don’t like it, you won’t use it --bottom line.
My newly organized cozy reading/work nook
Third key component for effective organization is:  EASE OF USE
Is the placement of the items in your room within comfortable reach? 

My family loves drinking coffee.  My living room is laid out to accommodate coffee mugs wherever someone sits.  Coziness and comfort mark my living space with throw blankets draped over chairs and tucked in the drawer of our coffee table.  I like to be able to see comfort (blankets on chairs), but I don’t want to see all of them!

Welcome to your newly organized space!!
Remember, it won’t stay beautifully organized without daily or weekly tidying up.  Regular tidying habits and using natural cleaning products will keep the space peaceful and healthy!

All-natural concentrate cleaners from Brightly Green help to ensure you have on hand the safe, green clean products you need for daily touch ups and weekly cleaning routines! 

FREE SHIPPING on orders $40.00 or more!  A VERY GOOD DEAL!!

A room topped off with a Brightly Green clean is a room to truly be proud of!

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