Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Green Memorial Day Celebration!

This holiday in honor of our military, might we suggest that you expand your Memorial Day cookout guest list to include a local, single veteran who lives in your neighborhood?  Invite him or her over for dinner and honor that veteran for the service given.  No veteran should be alone and un-noticed on Memorial Day.  You may even develop a special relationship by doing this! 
If you do not know of any veteran in your neighborhood, honor them by going to a community Memorial Day parade and also donate money as a family to the local VFW in your town/city or make a donation to Wounded Warriors Project.  Teaching your children the value of the service our military men and women have given and are giving is an important lesson. 

As you  prepare your cookout celebration by staying true green as you celebrate the holiday.  Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle where possible.

Brightly Green Clean the grill grates with Brightly Green’s sustainable all-purpose degreaser.  Non-toxic and safe to use on grill grates (and outside of grill too)! 

When you are finished grilling and the grill cools down, take half an onion and use it to wipe off any remaining food from the grates.  Brush the grates with olive oil so the next time you grill your food will not stick. 

Brightly Green Clean the outdoor patio table and chairs with Brightly Green Glass Cleaner  (for glass tabletops) or Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Wipe down surfaces with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner and a clean rag or microfiber cloth. No rinsing required.
You don’t want to use chemical cleaners inside your home, and the great outdoors certainly doesn’t need toxic chemicals floating onto plants and grasses.  Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners are 100%plant-based, sustainable cleaners that pose no threats to the environment or to people. 

Once your outdoor pad has been green cleaned be sure to have available for your guests recycle bins next to the trash bin. 
Think “Reuse” and set out your reusable tableware and festive cloth napkins.  Brightly Green All Natural Hand Dish Wash and Brightly Green All Natural Laundry Wash will take care of the clean up afterwards! 
With green-clean preparations in order and eco-friendly  party supplies all set--enjoy the day!
  From our family to yours...
May your Memorial Day celebration be safe and green!

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Increase Your Productivity by Doing Less

Accomplishing more by doing less is not as farfetched of an idea as you might think. 
Clarification of what is truly important holds the key. 
Add this component to your daily green cleaning routines and you will have a winning combo!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Set Your Weekends Free

 Simply put; end the use of weekends as catch-up cleaning days!

Don't be the person stuck in the garage organizing and cleaning it when you could be hiking, biking or picnicking with the family! 

Don't be the person stuck indoors scrambling to clean the whole house, when you could be enjoying the beach or a relaxing day topped off with a night out on the town!

Everyone needs margin.  Margin is that space in our lives where our bodies and minds are not rushing to accomplish tasks and goals.  Margin is that downtime when we become renewed, refreshed and re-energized in body and mind.  Margin helps reduce and manage stress.  Margin allows time for relationships to be grow.  Bring back margin to your weekends! 

Stick with a weekday green cleaning routine!  Here's how...
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