Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Earth Conscious Fourth of July

As you prepare to celebrate another birthday of our country’s independence…celebrate in an eco-conscientious way…preserving our nation’s physical heritage.

Consider the following ways to reduce waste:

1.)    Serve water in large 2-5 gallon coolers as opposed to individual water bottles.

2.)    Serve your guests with reusable tableware.  Clean-up with Brightly Green All Natural Hand Dish Wash.

3.)    Have your gathering outdoors in the evening—reduce energy usage and cost.

4.)    Put up decorations you can use year after year.  When the festivities are over—place the decorations in a labeled tote for easy finding next year!

5.)    Barbeque with propane not charcoal.  Propane burns cleaner and gives off fewer harmful emissions.

6.)    Set up recycling bins where guests can easily access them.  If you have an over-abundance of leftovers; send your guests home with some of the treats.

There is so much beauty in our country; we each have a part in protecting and preserving it!

Happy Green Fourth of July…


Sustainable cleaners, non-toxic for you, for earth!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wholesome Green Living

Hello, I am Brenda and I write on behalf of Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners.  I am also a concerned mother of three who seeks to live an overall green and simple lifestyle along with you!

As my own family seeks to live a more simplistic, green lifestyle, I am finding it intriguing how often the news reports a story on the battlefront between all natural products or produce vs. chemical infused products or produce.

An interesting phenomenon in the most recent decade is the rise in food-related allergies and diseases.  Do the research yourself and you will be amazed at all the findings regarding correlations between what we eat and the sicknesses and diseases we carry within us!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ward Off Summertime Boredom!

Well, it is official as of today—summer break begins for the school children in our Midwestern state! 
Has boredom begun to set in on your kids yet?  Are they asking you what is there to do?  My kids are afraid to ask me that question as they know I always have a cleaning task they can do! 


Take an hour or so and set up a schedule of activities you can do with your child(ren).  Maybe there is only one special outing or activity you can feasibly do in a week due to your work schedule.  That is ok.  Having a plan and setting the date on the calendar will give your child(ren) something to look forward to and eliminate the harried attempt at coming up with an activity on-the-fly.

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking…

Quiet Time Activities:

Put together a box or basket filled with crayons, colored pencils and fresh drawing or sketching paper. 

Get a large appliance box from your local appliance center and turn it into a clubhouse.

Put a large sheet or blanket over a table and create a hideout for your children.

Have your child(ren) sign up for your library’s local summer reading program.  The kids can enjoy their books under the blanket tent or in their cardboard clubhouse!

Outdoor Water Fun:

Squirt gun battles: Fill a large bucket with water and make that the “filling station.”  Filling a large bucket with water will help to cut down on wasting water from the hose.

Water Balloon Fights (Make a game even for picking up all the pieces of balloons when the game is over)

Low Carbon Footprint Trips:

Carpool to the beach or local park and make a day of it.   Maybe this could be a once-a-week outing the kids can look forward too. 

Go as a family and pick-your-own fruit at a local farm or orchard.  Strawberries will soon be ready at a local farm near us; I can’t wait to take my kids and go!

Hit the trails on your bicycles!

For more exercise why not go biking?  This is another great way to spend time together without making much of a carbon footprint.  Plus, getting aerobic workout is always a win! 

It is worth the effort to find a local trail that you and your children can enjoy! 
This is a definite activity I plan to do with my kids this summer.  We have several “Rails to Trails” to choose from.  These are old railroad routes that have been turned into biking and walking trails. 

I know that my bicycle needs a good cleaning.  Using Brightly Green All Natural Hand Dish Wash and water will give it a good, green clean.  It’s nice to start out on a bike adventure with shiny, clean bicycles. 
Besides keeping your home green clean with Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners, clean up dirty, hard-at-play hands with Baby Harmony All Natural Pure & Free Hand Soap. (Baby Harmony is a sister company to Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners.)

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Thank you and have a fun-filled, green-clean summer!
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Monday, June 3, 2013

One Green Clean Project per Day!

Taking one cleaning project a day can really help you to manage your time and keep you from becoming overwhelmed with a day filled with cleaning chores.

The project I took on today was cleaning my refrigerator.  I have family coming in from out-of-town later this week and I want to have a clean refrigerator as they are bound to want to help with cooking meals, etc.  I choose today to tackle the fridge because there is basically nothing in it.  You know how that goes when it’s time to get groceries...and the kids are hollering “Mom want can I eat?”

When it is bare, there is obviously less that you have to remove in order to clean the shelves, etc.  I timed myself and it took me about a half an hour to clean it out.  So if you have twenty minutes to half an hour, this project is do-able.  Plan to do it the night before you need to get more groceries or the morning of.  It is much more pleasant to put groceries into a clean refrigerator than putting them into a dirty one.

Quick Green Clean Tools for Today: 
Brightly Green All Natural Hand Dish Wash & Brightly Green All Natural Degreaser
--Our all natural cleaners are truly all natural as they are 100% biodegradable, and sustainable. So you can tackle any cleaning project in confidence that your cleaning is not harming you, your family or the environment!

Green-Clean, How-To:  I filled my sink up with soapy, Brightly Green All Natural Dish Wash and warm water. This soapy water was used to wash down the inner walls, drawers, and shelves. 

I also used Brightly Green All Natural Degreaser on the shelves for a finishing touch.  I like to experiment with various cleaners on different surfaces.  The degreaser shined up the glass shelves and left a pleasant scent in my fridge! 

I have found that taking a half hour after sending the kids off to school is a good time for me to get a project or two in; then I can go about the rest of my day.

Green clean and organize each day to help keep clutter at bay!

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