Thursday, December 21, 2017

Company's Coming: One Hour Green Cleaning Tips

Are holiday guests soon to arrive but you feel overwhelmed & not ready?

Here’s what to tackle when you only have ONE HOUR:

1. Straighten entryway.
2. Clean bathroom(s) –that your guests will be using. 
    Straighten, spot clean sink with rag and Brightly Green Clean Bathroom Cleaner, & clean toilet.
3. Vacuum and or sweep floors that your guests will be walking on.
4. De-clutter kitchen countertops. Wash dishes.
5. Light a scented candle.

Guests are more forgiving than we are to ourselves!
Focusing on the areas of the home they will be in the most, is priority.

When guests arrive, greeting them with a bunch of apologies about the state of your home, will only draw attention to it!  Instead, greet them with a warm and welcoming smile and focus your attention on them!  The focus will be on the relationship and not the home!

ENJOY your family and friends this holiday season! 

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Cleaning Tips for on the Fly!

When you get the call from your real estate agent saying they have a potential buyer who would like to see your home in about an hour, what do you say?  Well, I always said, “sure, no problem,” then hung up the phone and went into Commander mode!  My three younger children became my little soldiers and we went into action! 

Each person had a position post to control.

My oldest son got the bathrooms as post.
Job details:
Straighten the room.
Clean the toilet (all visible parts) with paper towels and Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner.
Wipe down sink & tub/shower with Brightly Green Bathroom cleaner and a cloth.
Sweep the floor.

(Brightly Green Cleaners are 100% all natural and non-toxic cleaners, making them very safe cleaners for children to use!  Yeah -for moms and dads!)

My second son got the living room/family room post. 
Job details:
Pick up anything on the floor and put it away. 
Fluff throw pillows.
Vacuum the floor.

Both boys:
Straighten their bedroom and tidy their beds

My daughter (being the youngest and a preschooler) had her bedroom as post.
Job details:
Pick up her toys.
Make sure her bed was neat and tidy.

I had the kitchen post:
Clear tabletop and countertops.
Spray & wipe countertops with Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner.
Spray and wipe stovetop with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

Did I mention that using Brightly Green Cleaners with their all natural essential oil scents added a natural, fresh fragrance to the home?  Well they did!

We became so efficient at this on-demand green cleaning that we could do it within a half hour! Sometimes if the call came after a meal, I would throw dirty dishes in the oven (we did not have a dishwasher).  I just had to make a note to myself to check the oven when the potential buyers left!

So, what does this have to do with green cleaning for the holidays?

This same type of on-demand green cleaning works for any crunch-time scenario and the holidays certainly qualify!  We can have a perfectly clean home at the beginning of the week, but as parents with small children know, clean homes don’t remain in that condition for very long! 

Create your own cleaning on-the-fly job details and don’t stress about the small stuff! 

As with the above job post details, the important things to nail are the ones obvious to the visual eye.  You don’t need to cross every “t” and dot every “i.” For example; if I draw a smiley face on my TV stand but I can’t see it, I am not going to dust the TV stand.  If I sweep the floor and it does not feel sticky or look dirty, I won’t mop it.  Your guests will be paying attention to you and not to your home! 

Get your home in quick green-clean shape and ENJOY the holidays!

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Simple, Inexpensive, Eco-Friendly Gifts for School Teachers

Let’s have some statistical fun!  If an average school teacher teachers for 35 years and averages a classroom size of 28 students, and if each student gave his/her teacher a Christmas gift…
at the end of that teacher’s teaching career, he or she would have received 980 Christmas gifts!

This scenario is not too far-fetched as I have a retired teacher in the family who had totes of Christmas gifts from former students.  This retired teacher sold many of those gifts at garage sales. 

Avoid another nicknack or coffee mug as a teacher's gift.  Gift Harmony Air fresheners, they are practical gifts that are 100% all natural & sustainable air fresheners -making them safe for family, pets and the environment. Harmony Air Fresheners come in 12oz. and 4oz. sizes and are under five dollars.

Are there other people in your community that you would like to give a small, Christmas gift to, perhaps your mail carrier, veterinarian, or local librarian? 

Harmony Air Fresheners are a perfect, simple and natural
“Thank you & Merry Christmas” all in one!

Order Harmony Air Fresheners and while you’re at it, pick up a few more cleaning products to keep your home well stocked!  Home Store orders $40.00 or more qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

Brightly Green Distributors:  remember your distributor discounts!  The greater your order, the greater your discounts! 
Shop Brightly Green Wholesale Store here.

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