Monday, November 20, 2017

Countdown to Thanksgiving Checklist

We want to help your preparation for Thanksgiving go as smoothly and stress free as possible.  Make sure you have your bases covered. 
Read on for our Thanksgiving quick checklist PLUS Black Friday shopping tips and more!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Healthy Living with Indoor Pets

In loving memory of "Arnold"
Winter months mean spending more time indoors.  

How can you achieve the healthiest indoor living conditions
not only for you and your children, 
but also for your four-legged family members? 


Plants purify the air.
Plants can absorb airborne toxics!  These toxins come from electronic devices (TV’s, video gaming, stereos, etc.), flame retardants found in furniture and carpets and from freshly painted rooms.

Safest air purifying varieties for indoor pets: 
Areca Palm, Money Plant, Spider Plant, Moth Orchids, variegated wax plants.

Plants put moisture back into the air. 

This is especially beneficial in the winter months.  Moisture wards off colds, dry scratchy throats, and sore throats.  Consider plants to be nature’s humidifier!

Safest moisture inducing varieties for indoor pets:
Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern (Boston Fern is best overall—purifies air too!)

Plants increase oxygen levels in the air.
We all know that plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, but some plants give off more oxygen than others.  With homes closed up in the winter, the fresher oxygen indoors, the better!  

Safest oxygen rich varieties for indoor pets:
Lilyturf and Barberton Daisy.

source: from Tailsmart

Chemically based household cleaners DO leave residues on surfaces and toxic fumes!

The best way to protect your pet’s paws from those harmful residues and their sensitive noses, is to clean your home with 100% all-natural, non-toxic household cleaners! 

Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner is completely toxic free, 100% all natural and safe wood floor cleaner for pets.  Which is good news as Fido spends most his time on your floors and loves to lick up droppings off floor surfaces. *Not just for floors!  Use Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner on wooden furniture too!

For noses that love to press against the window on “look-out duty,” choose 100% all-natural, non-toxic glass cleaner by Brightly Green.

When your toilet bowl becomes the watering hole, there is no need to freak out that your dog or cat has just ingested poison when you use Brightly Green’s 100% all natural, non-toxic, Bathroom Cleaner in the toilet bowl and on the toilet surfaces.

Rule of Thumb:  If the warning label simply says “Caution” (as do Brightly Green Cleaners) the cleaners are safe.  If the warning label reads “Danger” don’t use it!  It is probably corrosive or caustic!

Are you washing your pet’s bedding in a 100% all natural laundry detergent?  If not, your pet can get skin irritations from chemical based detergents.  Fido or Fluffy may be ingesting detergent residues if he tends to lick or chew his bedding. 

In fact, every Brightly Green Cleaner is 100% all natural and non-toxic making it THE cleaners of choice for safe & healthy homes for people and their pets!

Brush. Brush. Brush.
This is imperative to keep fur, hair, and dander off surfaces and out of the air.  Although you cannot eliminate all hair and fur, you can minimize it through frequent brushing.  If possible, brush your dog outdoors.

Have a “wiping down station” just inside your door.  All you need is a small container of room temperature water and a small towel.  Wipe paws with dampened towel or dip paws in water and then wipe paws.

Bathing your dog twice a month as opposed to just once a month will also help keep him healthier and keep your home cleaner and not smelling like a wet dog!

How frequently are you washing the pet’s bedding?  If it bulky and won’t fit in your washing machine, perhaps you need to think about different bedding or get a blanket you can put over the bed and wash the blanket weekly. 

Where there are pets, there will be accidents!  Make an “accident” tote that you can take to any room in a hurry!  Put in it:  Brightly Green Carpet and Spot Remover, disposable rubber gloves, paper towels and a small bag to put the “oops” in!

Creating a safe and healthy indoor environment for your pet also involves food choices and the treats we like to give them.


Xylitol (found in gum, toothpaste, artificial sweeteners), chocolate, caffeine, grapes, raisins, avocados (skin and seed), garlic, onions and macadamia nuts.
Foods Safe for Dogs:
Most vegetables are good just give in small portions.  Apples sliced and skinless, bananas (frozen in coin shapes—so as not to be mushed on the ground).

Animal hide has been used for decades if not centuries as a treat for dogs.  Why stop using them now?  It all has to do with how they are manufactured.

Rawhides found in most stores have been bleached and whitened with chlorine bleach and hydrogen peroxide, then they are wiped with glue to hold their shape.  Some rawhides have been dipped in a red dye to give them a meaty appearance.

Safe chew toy alternatives:
100% all natural rawhides, naturally shred antlers, Bully Sticks, Nylabone, Kong Toys, or even carrot sticks.

Healthy living with indoor pets is achievable.  It’s all about choices:
Choosing 100% all natural household cleaners over chemically based cleaners. 
Improving indoor air quality with the addition of safe for pets- houseplants.
Maintaining a brushing, bathing and grooming routine for your four-legged family member.
Feeding your pet healthy snacks and giving him safe, chewing toys.

Top it all off with lots of loving!

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Create a Minimal Halloween: Host a Pumpkin Smashing Event!

Let’s face it…Halloween is about dressing up and getting candy!  No matter how conscientious of a parent you are—every kid wants to dress up, go out and collect as much candy as possible.

If you want to minimize the candy collecting consider hosting a 
“Pumpkin-Smashing Party.” 

What we emphasize and are enthusiastic about does rub off on our children.  Sure, they’ll still want to go trick-or-treating, but putting limits on the number of homes or streets visited will be an “easier pill to swallow” if they know that something extra special is happening after Halloween!

Pumpkins are great for compost piles, but they work best when they are broken up into smaller pieces.  A “Pumpkin-Smashing Party” is a great way to aid the decomposition process of the pumpkins.  Invite guests to bring their own carved pumpkins from Halloween to your home for the event. 

Hold a pre-pumpkin smashing judging contest:
Vote on… most creative, smallest, largest, most moldy… (just a few suggestions).  The winner in each category gets a prize (not candy, though!).  The prize could be as simple as being the first to smash their pumpkin!

With the party being held after Halloween, healthier snacks would be perfect to offset all the candy the children have collected.  There are plenty of creative creatures that can be made from vegetables.  Tea-sized peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or tuna fish sandwiches are sized just right for small eaters.

Clean up naturally with Brightly Green’s non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners.  Safe even for that sticky rubber mallet! Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash and Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner can handle any party cleanup!

In the spirit of composting – avoid party tableware and that will end up in a landfill.  Use biodegradable plates, cups and silverware.  If you have plenty of reusable place settings that would even be better!

A “Pumpkin-Smashing Party” would be best suited for children that can handle a rubber mallet responsibly.  Hold the pumpkin smashing out-of-doors or at least in a garage.  If you need to use the garage, you’ll probably want to drape plastic drop cloths across a wall or two to handle the splatter.

Get the kids excited and get the work out about your First Annual...
Pumpkin-Smashing Party!

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