Friday, December 27, 2013

A Brightly Green Year in Review

The final week of the year draws many of us toward reflection.

Our Brightly Green blogs have explored topics from de-cluttering/organizing, green holiday planning, using stress to your advantage and living wholesomely green.

In the coming year we look forward to fine tuning ways we can organize both home and office as well as creating margin in our lives through living simply green. 

We look forward to sharing with you more green clean tips and helps for living "green" in 2014!

To all our customers—thank you for your business and may you be blessed in the new year!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Five Ways to Relax During the Holidays

 The buzz question I hear quite often is, "Are you all set for Christmas?"    

A neighbor of mine just asked me that question today when I ran into her at the grocery store.  She talked about how stressed she is as she works many days this week and will only have Thursday to finish up her shopping-- getting her "all set for Christmas".

The Christmas season—a season of joy and celebration—seems too often to be one of the most stressful times of the year!

Does stress creep up and nip at you? 

Are you tired of being tired and stressed out during the Christmas season?

Take a few moments to thoughtfully consider adopting at least one of our suggestions for relaxing during the holidays. 

Don't assume it is impossible or impractical for you!  Ask yourself how much do you want to be free from the pressures and stress of the season?

….I thought so…read on!

Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Simple Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you finding yourself in a gift-giving quandary?

Do some people on your gift list stump you?

Before becoming paralyzed with indecision, take a look at our five simple gift ideas…


Friday, December 6, 2013

Stress Less to be at Your Holiday Best!

Christmas is often an exciting time when family gathers from faraway places to reconnect and share with one another. 

If you are the hosting family for traveling guests there is an added air of excitement as you prepare for their arrival.  You may also be finding yourself becoming a little on the stressed side-especially if you have a job outside the home to manage on top of managing your family.

Allow the following words of encouragement to ease your stress and help you enjoy the season and your guests more fully…

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Specials!

Cyber Monday Specials--All Week Long!

Starting TODAY...
Continued FREE SHIPPING on orders $40.00 or More (Home Shopping Cart)!
Take an additional 10% off your order of $40.00 or more on Home Shopping Cart!
Gift baskets are available! 
Our newest products...
Harmony Air Fresheners make the perfect stocking stuffers!


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving!

 --from the family of


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Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday Must Haves--Healthy Eating!

Most people who are concerned about their eating habits either give up altogether on eating healthy or guilt themselves when they "fail" their diets during the holidays.

Whether you are hosting the parties or attending them, it is possible to eat healthy during the holidays, and still enjoy your favorite holiday foods.

Read on for a few quick tips…

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holiday Must Haves--Generous Heart!

You've heard the saying, "It's better to give than to receive."
How can you put that into practice?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Five Green Holiday Savings Tips


I love to save money whenever possible, don't you?
Before getting into the full swing of the holiday season, prepare yourself with money saving green tips. 
Read on for simple, quick holiday tips...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The REAL Halloween Scare!

Do you have mixed feelings about Halloween?

I sure do!  I know my kids have always enjoyed dressing up and going from home to home with their friends to get "the free stuff".  But I would prefer for them not to have all that candy.  Especially this year as my daughter is now wearing braces.  There are so many sweets that are just plain 'ole not good for kids with braces.  Braces or no braces, candy can make our kids hyper; which their teachers at school would not want to be dealing with, and our dentists don't like Halloween due to the sugar deposits that are left on our children's teeth.

Is there any solution to the Halloween treats??

Sure, there are plenty of solutions in terms of what we pass out at the door, but in this blog I would like to make a suggestion with what comes in the door when your children arrive back home.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Save Money with New Uses for All Natural Cleaner


New uses for...


Recently, we received this testimony from one of our faithful customers regarding her use of Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner—take note—you may want to try this as well!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keep Your Soles at the Door!

It is my perception that cleaning indoors is a lot like pulling weeds.  Just as you get all the weeds pulled and you have a perfectly manicured garden they’re back!  So it is with cleaning your home—it can be clean in the morning, but by afternoon or evening, you may wonder what happened to the place!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Announcing New Products on Brightly Green Home Store!


Brightly Green Cleaners now offering…


Harmony Air Fresheners

 Harmony Air Fresheners come in 4 or 12oz, Ready-to-Use Spray Bottles. 

Choose from 22 different tropical scents to refresh, enlighten and rejuvenate your senses!

Click Harmony Air Fresheners and check out all the wonderful scents!  Available NOW!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thoughtful Thursdays-- Succeeding

Bloom where you are planted!
Encouragement to succeed...

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Month is Here!

Happy 1st of October!

 Have you heard the news?  National Costume Swap Day is Oct. 12th—only two Saturdays away!

Make eco-friendly choices this Halloween by getting involved in your city’s local Costume Swap Day or start one yourself in your community.  Go to Green Halloween for details.

Prefer to make your own costume? Great! Get inspired by what you already have around the house. I always love homemade costumes they have such originality!

If creativity is not your forte, look online for eco-friendly costumes you can purchase. It may be worth the expense, especially if your child loves to play dress-up. I am a believer in getting the most out of my purchases—aren’t you?

Whether you purchase new, eco-friendly costumes, or find used costumes at a costume swap or thrift store—launder them with Brightly Green All Natural Laundry Wash.  Our laundry wash is safe on even your hand-washables!  (It is always a good practice to spot test your fabrics, though.)

Brightly Green’s non-toxic laundry wash keeps clean your knight or princess for their next day filled with adventure!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thoughtful Thursdays--Hard Work

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

                                      --Vince Lombardi


Food for thought…

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wholesome Green Living: On a Green Budget

You may have been doing a wonderful job throughout the year on your spending, but with the holidays around the corner and perhaps with your past holiday spending record, you may be about to face another year ending in debt that you don’t need.
Stay financially fit by creating a realistic green budget.
If you have never created a budget before, it is really quite easy to do.   Various budget forms can be found online or you can create your own.
In this blog, however, I simply want to share some ideas of how to trim your expenditures to help you “go green on a budget”!
Below are some key areas for curbing expenditures:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Attention Shoppers

The HG Labs Home Shopping Cart may have some viewing problems.  A small portion of our customers have experienced some difficulties.  The instructions are below on how to correct it.  If you are having problems viewing the products on the HG Labs Home Shopping Cart,  you may need to clear cookies and cached data.  Also, you could use a different internet browser or computer.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Below are instructions.  If you are continuing to have issues please contact us:

Below you'll find instructions on how to clear the cookies and cached data for the most commonly used web browsers:  

Google Chrome:
1. In the browser bar (address bar), type in the following and hit Enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
2. In the time drop-down next to "Obliterate the following items from", select "the beginning of time."
3. Select the items you want to clear (e.g. Clear browsing history, clear download history, empty the cache, delete cookies, etc).
4. Click the "Clear browsing data" button.
1. From the Tools or History menu, select Clear Recent History.
2. If the menu bar is hidden, press Alt to make it visible.
3. From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.
4. Click the down arrow next to "Details" to choose which elements of the history to clear.
5. Click Clear Now.

Internet Explorer:
1. Click Tools and select "Internet Options" from the drop-down.
2. In the window that opens, click the Delete button in the Browsing history section.
3. Deselect Preserve Favorites website data, and select Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History.
4. Click Delete.

Safari (for Macs):
1. From the Safari menu, select "Reset Safari."
2. From the menu, select the items you wish to reset (including "all website data").
3. Click Reset.

We hope this has been of help to you.  Again, if you have any continued issues, please contact:

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick Green Tips for Fall Clean-up!

Fall Green Clean Up

We have three very large walnut trees in our front yard and in the fall there is always a flurry of activity occurring as the squirrels race from the walnut trees to our backyard to store the nuts in their favorite hiding places.

In our own way, we collect, and store away for the winter.  Many people I know of can vegetables and fruits, though I am not in their camp (not yet at least!).

There are other important ways we can make fall preparations.  Even if you have done a wonderful job at green cleaning in the spring; you can follow up with what I am calling:

The Indoor Fall Green Clean Shake Down

Shake off the summer time dust from your curtains—launder them with Brightly Green All Natural Laundry Wash

While the curtains are in the wash, green clean windows inside and out with Brightly Green Glass Cleaner.  Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner works great for window tracks and sills.

Bed Comforters and Quilts could use a shake down too—launder them and if you have a fall set, get festive and put it on!  Green clean the bed’s headboard and footboard with Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner (not just for floors!)

Step outdoors and green clean the yard!

Turn your grass clippings into fertilizer for your garden.  When the leaves begin to fall, run them over with the mower and add the chopped up leaves into the garden too.  These clippings will provide added nutrients that will work into the soil and get the soil ready for next seasons planting.

Enjoy this cooler season in your green clean home with Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners!

(Need more supplies?  Go to:  Brightly Green Home Store for all your favorites & more!)

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Top Pick in All Natural Degreaser

Product Spotlight Testimonial…

 Why Brightly Green All Purpose Degreaser should be YOUR Choice!
·        It is 100% all natural

·        Scent-free

·        Works very effectively

·        Very reasonable priced

“I use Brightly Green All Purpose Degreaser on a daily basis.  It works wonderfully on my ceramic cooktop.  I also use it on my kitchen windows, as they are very near my stove and can get grease splatters on them at times.” 

--Brenda from MI

Brightly Green All Purpose Degreaser should be a staple in any home—it is in mine!!
To make an order and get in on FREE SHIPPING DEAL...

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Four Easy Green Halloween Ideas!

The days are beginning to shorten and the temperature is definitely cooler (at least in my Midwest state).

Before we know it, Halloween will be here.  As an eco-conscious parent, you want to protect the environment as well as your own children.  Living green takes some planning and preparation—but it is worth the effort. 

Need a little inspiration? 

Thoughtful Thursdays--Challeges

“Give yourself an even greater challenge than the one you are trying to master and you will develop the powers necessary to overcome the original difficulty.”

                           --William Bennett


Food for thought…
Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wholesome Green Living: Optimizing Stress

Does the word “stress” make you cringe inside?  Stress is not portrayed as something we want to have.  Countless medical research shows how stress has a negative & harmful effect on our bodies. 

However…not ALL stress is bad!!  According to psychologist, Dr. Douglas Kleiber; “To be happy you need a little stress.”

Friday, August 23, 2013

Three Reasons to Pitch Your Anti-bacterial Soaps & Hand Saniziters!

First:  About anti-bacterial sanitizersThey do not rid your hands of dirt.  Bacteria may be killed but the dirt doesn’t disappear.

Secondly:  Chemical particles that have flaked off of things you touch or have been floating in the air attach themselves to dirt, so chances are; you may still have chemicals on your hands

Thirdly:  Using anti-bacterial soaps may create a resistance in your body to antibiotics when you need them to fight off infections. The problem chemical is triclosan; found in most anti-bacterial soaps.  The American Medical Association recommends that soaps containing triclosan not be used in homes.  

To learn more about triclosan check out the following sources: 

Hello, I am Brenda, a concerned mother of three and I don’t want to use soaps that pose potential risks to my children.  We have already made wonderful changes by switching to all natural, non-toxic cleaning products and are breathing the benefits of those changes!  Furthermore, we have made more efforts to eat all natural and organic foods where possible; again finding ourselves to be healthier individuals!  We are now making the conscious efforts to use all natural body care products—all natural hand soaps were our family’s first step in the all-natural body care direction.

We are VERY PLEASED to be using Baby Harmony All Natural Hand Soap!  In fact, our daughter, who gets seasonal eczema, had fewer problems last winter due to our switch to Baby Harmony All Natural Hand Soap! 

Brightly Green Customers—Baby Harmony, a sister company to Brightly Green, is also offered on Brightly Green’s Home Store Page.  It’s a One-Stop Place to Shop for your entire all-natural, non-toxic cleaners AND Baby Harmony All Natural Hand Soap! 

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Family Fun Activites for Labor Day Weekend!

Are you traveled out? 

Why not end what is considered to be the last great “hoorah” of the summertime in the comfort of your own backyard?

Here are our top five picks for Labor Day Fun at home:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wholesome Green Living: Understanding the Playing Field (Part Two)

Ever noticed more and more organic food choices being available at your local grocery store?  Have you tried organic foods?  What’s the big deal about organic food anyway?

If you have been on the fence about whether or not to choose organic foods, I hope this blog will be of help to you! 
First of all, we need to clarify some terms; understand the playing field. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Green Your Back-to-College

We can’t leave out this important group of students when we talk about going “back-to-school”!

Whether packing up for college is old hat or your first time; preparing for this transition in life can feel overwhelming.

Let us suggest a few college green clean items you won’t want to leave home without!

Thoughtful Thursdays--Attitude

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

                                 -Zig Ziglar


Food for thought…

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Organize Your Back-to-School

Could it possibly be that time of year already when kids head back to school? 
Why do summers fly by so quickly? 
 At any rate, you probably have your child’s back-to-school list handy and are heading out soon for supplies.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thoughtful Thursdays--On Vision

“I saw the angel in the marble and

carved until I set him free.”


Food for thought…

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wholesome Green Living: Understanding the Playing Field (Part 1)

When “green” was in its earliest beginnings, some may have believed “being green” was just a new craze; a fad that wouldn’t be around for very long.   Something to be identified with.  

However, with the research and data that continues to be conducted and collected, findings are showing the dangers of NOT living green.  There are dangers to our air quality, water quality, and personal health quality.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thoughtful Thursdays--On Relationships

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.”

                                           --Anthony J. D’Angelo


Food for thought from…

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Green Clean Your Pantry in Under an Hour!

Is your pantry is getting low on supplies?  Now would be a good time to give it a green clean before restocking it.

Clear shelves out and wipe down with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner using a clean rag or microfiber cloth.  You could also fill your sink with soapy water using Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash.

Restocking your pantry in freshly green-cleaned shelves is a gift to yourself!
When giving your shelves a more thorough all natural clean, you can organize them where clutter is beginning to develop.  At least for me, my cupboards have a tendency to get somewhat disorganized over time.

(recent bulk foods purchased--placed in my green-clean pantry!)
Give yourself a pat on the back, and enjoy the rest of your day. 

I find that pacing myself in what I green-clean (doing a little every day), helps me to have time for outings with my family.  I know tomorrow the beach is calling us!

What eco-friendly cleaning project can you do under an hour’s time?

Save on shipping with our shipping deals going now on our Home Store Page!!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Gardening is a Good Green Family Project!

Growing up my parents always had a garden as did their parents.    A couple of years after I got married my husband and I started a garden of our own.  When children came into our lives, they began to help us in the garden too; the tradition lives on!

Nothing! And I mean nothing, tastes better than fresh tomatoes and lettuce right from the garden.  Our children always enjoyed running out to pick lettuce for supper, or zucchini to fry up in flour and butter. 
So what’s the big deal about gardening?? 

Here are my TOP TEN reasons gardening is a good green family project:

1. Get some FRESH AIR!  It’s good for you!

2.) Family bonding: when all are outside in the garden working together

3.) Physical Exercise:  Weeding, hoeing, raking, watering—all involves using muscles!

4.) Teaches responsibility:  Watering & Weeding are essential for crop production

5.) Teaches delayed gratification:  Growing produce takes time!

6.) Helps reduce boredom:  adds some structure to kids summer days

7.) Satisfaction of a job well done!  --when you place your produce on the table!

8.) A bountiful crop can be canned, frozen, or given to neighbors and friends:  teaching kids how to save and give away

9.) Creates family memories.

10.) Teaches your children a skill they will be able to use when they become adults!

Gardening Green-cleanup:

Wash-up with Baby Harmony Pure & Free Hand Soap, or use Brightly Green All Natural Dish Wash and a nail brush (dirt likes to get under fingernails).  Wash your gardening clothes with Brightly Green All Natural Laundry Wash! 

All natural foods and all natural cleaners go hand-in-hand!

 Treat your family to ice-cream at your local ice cream shop;
 topping off all the hot, hard work they did!

Is it too late to start a garden?

If you think it’s too late to plant, it is not!  In fact, you can find plants at greatly reduced prices.  Don’t wait too much longer, though, or there won’t be any left.

Just last week my kids and I planted a strawberry patch, and today raspberry bushes.  We will have very delayed gratification as these won’t be producing this year, but that’s ok.  We have great expectations for next year, and the year after that!

Garden tools needed:

A spade shovel, hand spade, hoe, garden rake, hose or watering can, gardening gloves (opt.)

A rototiller is a necessary piece of gardening equipment, especially if you decide to make your garden anywhere from 4-5ft. X 10-12ft.  We have never had a rototiller, but have had wonderful neighbors and friends who offered to till up our garden space. (Maybe you could borrow one from a friend or family member.)  I have heard of some who rented a rototiller from their local hardware store too.

Maybe digging up the ground is an overwhelming thought to you, or you simply don’t have ground to dig up; consider planter gardening. 

Give each of your children a decent-sized pot, some top soil and their choice (or yours) of what plant to stick in the pot.  Help them develop the habit of watering and weeding their potted plants.

Enjoy the summer and happy gardening!
--from Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners

picture at left:  our family strawberry patch

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Wholesome Green Living: All Natural IS Affordable

There is a myth that says all natural cleaners and
all natural anything, is too expensive.

Well, I would I have some counter ideas to that thought.

Hi, I’m Brenda and I am the social media writer for HG Labs.  Over the next several weeks we are going to be exploring various topics related to “Wholesome Green Living.”  I have never done anything quite like this and am not an expert, but a person who wants to promote green clean living and speak as a “regular mom” too.  Plus… I desire to learn and research these subjects to become more acquainted with the topics in this series.            

In this blog, I want to share 3 ways that it IS affordable to clean all naturally and eat all naturally!


Save $$ with concentrates:

Brightly Green All Natural Cleaning Concentrates are actually less expensive than most name brands…toxic or non-toxic!  The Brightly Green Concentrates are a real bargain.  You can purchase a Brightly Green empty labeled bottle and reuse it over and over.  So realistically the bottles would be pennies over time.

For example:  a 32oz. Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate at a ratio of 1:9 (one part concentrate to 9 parts water); equals 320ozs, or 2 ½ gallons of usable product.  That equals to $0.05 an ounce or $1.60 a bottle…using your water and reusing a bottle!

The average price of a “Ready to Use” product has a retail cost of $5.99/bottle.  So…purchasing Brightly Green concentrates=savings!

Save $$ with shipping:

Purchasing Concentrates means you are not paying for shipping water and therefore are saving on shipping costs. 

Right now you can get in on our FREE SHIPPING with any
Brightly Green Home Store purchase $40.00 or more!

Save $$ on reduced medical bills:

Cleaning with 100% all natural cleaning products means you are not inhaling toxic fumes and therefore are protecting your respiratory system, and endocrine system from potentially harmful effects.  (In another blog we will look more specifically at the health concerns posed by toxins.) Protecting your health will help you to stay healthier longer, helping to reduce medical expenses.

Brightly Green All Natural Concentrates are BOTH eco-friendly & economical!


Someone once told me that they could not afford to eat healthy.  I was at first shocked by that statement—how could you NOT;  I thought to myself! 

Eliminate junk foods and sodas:

Fruits and vegetables are quite filling and satisfying!  If you feel you need a salty snack, make your own trail mix, purchase pita chips.   Eat more of the fruits & vegetables first; you’ll desire less of the other.  Change to drinking iced teas; they are healthier and less expensive. Eliminate unnecessary costs by eliminating or greatly reducing junk foods & sodas.

Buy foods IN SEASON:  It is simply cheaper!! 

Buy your foods at a local farmers market, bulk food store or co-op:

I have found bulk food stores to have deals that main grocery stores can’t compete with.  You just have to be prepared with appropriate storage for those goods.  Also, consider this general rule of thumb; the less distance your produce has to travel, the more you save in costs!

YES YOU CAN, economically clean your home all naturally with Brightly Green Concentrates!

YES YOU CAN, economically, eat all natural foods.  So what’s stopping you?!

(planting my own blueberry bush--
another way to $ave!)

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