Monday, February 27, 2017

Solutions for Overburdened Entryways

Maintaining a welcoming clean and neat entryway is not easy to do when you are daily wrestling with a mountain of shoes. 

The solution may not be the need for more cute shoe storage units, but a paring down of the family stockpile of shoes.  You will attain instant gratification as you see clear floor space and organized  

Oh, to be able to regain square footage in your home!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Reboot and Re-energize Your Green Cleaning Routine

Who of us would not want to snap our fingers to find our homes perfectly green cleaned and organized? 
Cleaning our homes is such a necessary part of life and yet it is often one of the hardest parts to stay on top of especially if you have an active family on the go from one sporting event to another. 

Be realistic on how to get back on the green clean track.  Thoughtful simple and easy to manage cleaning routines are within your reach!  Read on, Get inspired and re-energized--read on!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Brightly Green Cleaners: The Proof is in the Pudding

HG Labs’ Brightly Green Cleaners “pudding proof,” comes through rigorous testing by experts in the field of environmental quality as pertains to green cleaning products, and proven experience by professional green cleaning companies! 

With the growth of environmental concerns and the desire for more eco-friendly products, there have been many companies who have jumped on the “eco-friendly bandwagon.”  What separates the genuine from the disingenuous?

Honest, trusted testing!
Third-party certification should be a major consideration when it comes to choosing trustworthy green cleaning products.  Brian Palmer, in a U.S. national paper, stated the following:

“Whole Foods, for example, goes to great lengths to verify the environmental claims about the products it sells.  The company’s Eco-Scale program employs independent analysts to rate the green credentials of its products.”

HG Labs’ quality green clean products HAVE BEEN tested by Whole Foods Eco-Scale through Green Seal and have received high markings!  

(Ratings found on product information pages)

HG Labs' Brightly Green is also Gold Standard certified by Green America!

Truth in labeling!
Just because a product says it is “natural” or “eco-friendly” does not mean that it is 100% all-natural, eco-friendly!  BEWARE!

Manufacturers know that consumers are drawn to labels with pictures of oats, sprigs of vegetation or a chunk of shea butter.  The consumer hook is in that picture which  falsely leads toward a believe that the product must be good for them and good for the environment! 

Do a test yourself and read the labels!  Whatever “natural object” is pictured on the label more than likely reflects less than 1% of the total sum of the ingredients! 

HG Labs’ quality of green clean products are 100% ALL-NATURAL, SUSTAINABLE!  Not only is this evident on Brightly Green product labels but there are also detailed product information pages for each Brightly Green product!  (see link above)

PROFESSIONAL Green Cleaning Companies “Seal of Approval”
HG Labs’ Brightly Green Cleaners have been tested by professional green cleaning companies and their in-the-field testimonies of the effectiveness of HG Labs’ Brightly Green Cleaners continue to make HG Labs’ Brightly Green products a sought-after wholesale green cleaners!

Read for yourself one or more green cleaning company testimonies who trust the effectiveness and 100% all-natural, green clean quality of HG Labs’ Brightly Green Cleaners!

Individual Residential Customers Approve!
Repeat and new HG Labs’ Brightly Green Cleaners In-Home Use (individual residential customers) are daily placing orders for HG Labs’ Brightly Green products!

Re-capping the proof:
  • HG Labs Brightly Green Products have been third-party tested through a highly esteemed process and have received the highest markings!
  • Truth in labeling:  HG Labs’ Brightly Green goes the extra mile to ensure you know what is in the products (with separate product detailed pages).
  • Trusted by professional green cleaning companies nationwide. 
  • Loved and used by individual households who continue to seek out quality green clean products!

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