Friday, December 16, 2016

The Week Before Christmas--Green Clean Checklist

Feeling in the mood for a light-hearted Christmas comedy, I watched “Christmas with the Kranks” last night. As in the movie, if loved ones cannot be with us, we are less inclined to decorate and or host holiday get togethers.  If holiday guests are on the docket, that can be our motivation for making our homes as festive as possible .  I hope your guests gave you more advanced notice than the Krank’s received!

With one week to go before Christmas, are you finding yourself scrambling to get everything ready?  Though we can’t purchase gifts for you, we can give you a Christmas green cleaning checklist to help you maintain a green clean, tidy environment for your family and guests. 

The Week Before Christmas --Green Cleaning Checklist:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Create Mental Space During the Holidays

I love to look at beautifully decorated homes all decked out for Christmas.  However, I find pleasure in bringing out just a few of my favorite Christmas decorations.  The simple Christmas décor in my home has a calming effect on myself and my family.  It is a bit of a mystery but, less décor = more mental space. 
Perhaps, you could use more mental space this holiday season.  You may want to consider less decorations in exchange for more mental space.

Take it a step further and create a simplified gift list.  Maybe you began your Christmas shopping, but are feeling overwhelmed.  Maybe you have not even begun shopping and yet feel overwhelmed, either way, you'll find some relief in this post!    

Friday, November 4, 2016

Jumpstart Holiday Planning and Avoid Stress

There are almost seven weeks left until Christmas! Can you spare one hour over the weekend to spare yourself hours of stress during the holidays? 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Can be Healthy!

Halloween can be a balancing act for parents who are in the business of raising healthy kids. 
With intentional good choices Halloween does not need to be a free fall of junk food extravaganza for your children. 
 On the other hand, what is Halloween without the collection of sweet delights!  So how do you balance it all?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Make it a Minimalist Holiday and Stress Less

Ok, I just checked the calendar and there are only five weeks until Thanksgiving!! Whoa… and only nine weeks until Christmas!!  Do you feel the stress coming on?  How about considering a minimalist holiday? Strip away the holiday trappings and get down to the essentials.

Tap into what is of greatest value. 

·         Adjust your expectations and commitments according to your values. 

Pace yourself.

·         Beware of over-committing.  What do you want to do this holiday season?  Who do you want to spend the holidays with?

·         Start a holiday planning schedule that will allow margin for mind, body, and soul.  Your schedule should reflect your values.

·         Budget wisely.  Stop over-spending and live within your means!  This will reduce much tension and stress!

Cherish the small stuff.

·         The little notes, the handmade gifts; these can be more meaningful than expensive store bought gifts.

·         Time is a gift in itself.  How much time will you spend with those you cherish.

Keep your home simplistically tidy.

·         Stay on target with your green cleaning routines and you'll avoid the trap of a mad cleaning spree before company comes!  

·         Stay well stocked with great non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products.

You can enjoy this upcoming holiday season with less stress with the right focus!
Stay tuned for more encouraging tips to navigate you through the holidays.
"A Healthy Halloween" post coming up next!

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Green Cleaning As Prevention!

We have all heard of preventative medicine; caring for our bodies through proper diet, exercise, and routine health checkups at the doctor's office. 

We have all heard of preventative maintenance for our vehicles and homes.  Preventative maintenance for our vehicles such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid/belt checks, etc.  Maintenance for the home as in furnace filter replacements, air conditioner tune up—to name a couple.

Can green cleaning your home be considered a key preventative act?  Absolutely!
Five Reasons Green Cleaning is Preventative:

Thursday, September 29, 2016

In Pursuit of Your Passions and Dreams

Are you living with a level of frustration that gnaws at you?  In your mind's eye you can envision where you want to be and what you want to do.  Your dreams and passions are there, but just beyond reach.   
Take a step back to get to the future.  Go back??  Shouldn't I be heading forward?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Brightly Green Cleaning the Lone Star State

"We give a hoot about your satisfaction!" 

 Is the motto of this green cleaning company! 

Our Brightly Green cleaning company spotlight travels this time  to the great state of Texas where we meet up with green cleaning company...Owl Be Cleaning!

Will & Angela Williams
Will and Angela Williams began Owl Be Cleaning about two years ago and serve southeast Texas' "Golden Triangle" area. 

Working around Vidor, TX, their passion to help others is driven by a strong work ethic, and creativity, topped with polite and friendly service at every interaction.
Customer satisfaction is very important to Owl Be Cleaning, and as such, Will and Angela seek out ways to additionally bless their clients with an extra courtesy service at no charge. 

Looking out for those little extra details can brighten a clients' experience.  "We work for the glory of God in all we do", shared Angela, so going above and beyond is the norm!

Brightly Green Cleaners appreciates customer satisfaction too and we are very pleased to know how much Owl Be Cleaning likes Brightly Green's eco-friendly cleaning products:
"We have to breathe in the stuff [cleaning products] all day so I knew for awhile that I wanted something safe.  I switched once we tried Brightly Green's samples and I saw how effective and nice smelling they were", Angela continued, "My customers and their families, as well as we, the cleaning professionals, are safe using these day after day."

Owl Be Cleaning's goal is "to provide excellent cleaning services in the safest most effective manner possible,  Brightly Green is helping us do just that."

Do you live in the "Golden Triangle" area of southeast Texas? 
Get in touch with Owl Be Cleaning!
Contact Information: 
Additional information  found on Thumbtack

Brightly Green Cleaners is proud to partner with Will and Angela Williams
of Owl Be Cleaning!  Our hats off to ya'll!

 Do you own a cleaning company but need safer cleaning products for the health and safety of yourself, employees, and clients?  Check out Brightly Green Wholesale

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Helping Families in Crisis

Have you known of a family in crisis and with the best of intentions told them, "If there is anything I can do to help, let me know."  Did that person take you up on the offer?  More times than not, the extended offer is not taken.  Why?  For most of us, it is very difficult to ask for help, even if we really need it.

To avoid missed opportunities to serve a family or individual in need, our offers of help must be specific and targeted. 
For example: 
Avoid saying:  If it would help you we can bring a dinner over, just let me know.

Better stated:  What evening would be good for me to bring dinner over?

Tacking on the phrase, "just let me know" will 98% of the time not be responded to.  Telling the individual that you will be making dinner for them, they simply need to tell you what night to bring it alleviates to a larger extent the uncomfortableness of the offer.  If also shows that you really mean business and will follow through.
Perhaps childcare is more of a need during the crisis.  Offer a specific event or place you would like to take their child(ren), name the date and time unless there is more flexibility for the parent in need to give you that information.

If time is not something you can devote, then mail a card or drop by their place with a card and include a gift card for gas, grocery, or restaurant.  The unique need will dictate the proper gift card.
Another way to bless an individual or family in need would be to pay for a green cleaning company to clean their home.  In crisis, a family's attention narrows done to the immediate circumstance while other tasks simply cannot be handled. 
The ideas to serve are too numerous to write.  Be aware and attentive to the possibilities and then be specific in how you can help!

Would you like to do more but…
Your lack of available time plague you when it comes to helping people in need.

Your lack of time keeps you from volunteering at the organization you are passionate about.

Stay tune… You won't want to miss our next post on time stealers as we look at ways many people have been able to "get time back."
We hope this post has given you inspiring new ways to come alongside people you know who are in crisis or great need.  Let us know if this has been of help, leave a comment:) 

Brightly Green Cleaners  
Safe, non-toxic green clean for home or office 


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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Household Cleaners and Your Health

There is a growing body of research that points to serious health effects from the use of chemical laden cleaners including laundry detergents.  Individuals most susceptible to chemical laden cleaners are infants, young children, those with asthma, allergies, and respiratory issues as well as those with weakened immune systems (including cancer patients).    If the research, coming from varied institutes and locations all point in the same direction, why are there not stronger warnings, messages, and even bans placed on these dangerous cleaners?  
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is said to be monitoring about 300 environmental chemicals that have been found within the human body. Many of these chemicals can be found in household cleaning products.  Why are they simply monitoring these chemicals?

Take for example asbestos:  How long was asbestos "being monitored" before something was done about its dangerous health affects?  We now have thousands of people with mesothelioma!
EWG reported a 2010 study done by the New York State Department of Health found that "children born to women who held cleaning jobs while pregnant have an elevated risk of birth defects."   Are women being warned of this occupational hazard?

What's the hold up?
"Big money" is at stake if these products were banned.

Regulating industries is a touchy subject, especially if lobbyist' money is at risk.

 A necessary baseline:
People should have the right to decide what products they want to use.  With that said, for the health and safety of the consumer, there needs to be much greater levels of transparencies regarding the chemicals used in household cleaning products and their true dangers.

What can YOU do:
At the grass roots, one way consumers can make a change on a national scale is to "vote" with their wallets.  This is occurring within the food industry as more and more people are purchasing organic foods, more organic food choices are becoming available.  The same, grass roots effort can bring positive changes in other industries!

For the sake of yourself, your family, pets, and environment seriously think about the household cleaners you have in your home.  If they are NOT 100% all-natural, you are more than likely inviting unwanted health issues into your home.  If you already have family members that have asthma, allergies, and or weakened immune systems; chemical laden cleaners will further aggravate their health problems.

HG Labs family of green cleaners: Brightly Green, Harmony Aromatherapy, Baby Harmony, are 100% all natural, sustainable and non-toxic.  Grandmother of ten, Sharron McAdams, founder and owner of HG Labs LLC. made sure that her green cleaning products were safe!  If they are green clean safe for her grandchildren, they are safe for your family!   

If you own a residential/office cleaning company, seriously consider the ingredients in the cleaning products you use.  For the safety of yourself, your employees and clients—avoid toxic cleaning products! 

HG Labs' Brightly Green Cleaners is a leader in providing wholesale green cleaning products. 
For more information, click link: green clean wholesale distributor.

Have you recently made the switch to HG Labs' Brightly Green Cleaners? 
Share  your story by leaving a comment!

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Home or Office Improvement Alert!

Brightly Green blog is about equipping you with "knowledge to help you make better decisions about your environment inside and outside your home or business". 
With this mission in mind, we want to bring awareness to home/office improvements that may not be on the level. 
Don't let your money go down the drain!
It has come to our attention that the unbiased reviews on a leading review website for home improvements are not as unbiased as they appear!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Green Cleaning Through the Seasons: Back to School

Though back-to-school is not one of our four seasons, it is often looked at as being a season.  The school year calendar is how many homes plan events around.  Getting ready for a new school season is a perfect time to get your children's bedrooms back in order.
Before heading out for the annual school shopping trip check out our following tips to help you save some green!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maintaining the Momentum of a Green Clean and Simplified Lifestyle

If you have begun the journey toward living a green clean and simplified lifestyle—Good for you!
You began this journey for a reason, a purpose that is important to you.  Keep that purpose in the forefront of your mind.  This will help you maintain the momentum. 

May our benefits listed below reinforce your purposesJ

Saturday, July 23, 2016

21 Day Challenge for a Greener Clean Home: Part Three

Experts say that it takes twenty-one days for a task/routine to become a habit.  Green clean and clutter free homes don't happen overnight!  This installment in our series focuses on forming positive habits that will simplify your life and manage your environment.

Take a few minutes to consider the following…

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

21 Day Challenge for a Greener Clean Home: Part Two

End the cycle of weekend catch up green cleaning and organizing.  Take control of your stuff and stop allowing it to control you!  One way to do this is by turning your closets into cash!  Here's how…

Friday, July 8, 2016

Optimal All Natural Cleaners for Specific Surfaces

Do you wear one pair of shoes for all occasions?

More than likely you have a pair of sandals or flip flops for summer  wear.  You probably own tennis shoes/sneakers for walking or casual wear and have a pair of dress shoes for formal wear.
All of these shoes have a specific purpose.  You would not wear flip flops to a formal dinner party just as you wouldn't wear dress shoes to the beach!

In the same manner, Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners have varied cleaning products to optimally clean specific surfaces.
1.)  Each of the HG Labs Brightly Green hard surface cleaners are designed specifically for that particular application.   Different surfaces require different formulas to provide optimum cleaning," said HG Labs technical director and formulator, Prof. Jerry McAdams.  He went on to state, "For instance, when cleaning granite and tile, it is advantageous for the cleaner to dry quickly.  Therefore, our Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner has a high level of natural drying agents."

2.)  Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner is formulated with just enough natural soap to clean soil from wood floors and wood furniture without leaving any residue.
3.)  Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner and Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaners contain a mild natural acid to neutralize hard water spots and soap scum.

A multi-purpose cleaner has its place, Brightly Green has a multi-purpose cleaner.  It is the go to cleaner for a quick overall cleanup.

Bottom Line:
For optimal green cleaning performance, use specific cleaners for specific surfaces. 

Purchase eco-friendly green cleaners @  Brightly Green Home Store

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Create a Family Summer Vacation at Home!

VACATION.  Ahhh, that special time when we draw closer together as a family; creating new memories! 
Some years however, a summer vacation trip may not be do-able.  If this is that kind of year for you, don't give up on your summer!  Plan a stay-cation vacation for the family!  You just might be surprised at how much fun and memory making this type of vacation has to offer! 
What is a stay-cation vacation?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

21 Day Greener Clean Home Challenge: Part One

A couple weeks ago we shared ideas on how to Set Your Weekends Free.  To fuel this endeavor we have a 21 Day Greener Clean Home Challenge for you!  Overcoming our weaknesses will only empower strength in all areas and will help you have consistently Freed up Weekends!! 
Part One begins in the kitchen.  The hub of home activity and one of the top places where we need to find the space peaceful looking and green cleaned!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Green Cleaning Company Spotlight!

This episode of our green cleaning company spotlight travels to sunny Surprise, Arizona where we find HAPPY HOME HOUSEKEEPING doing what they are passionate about:  green cleaning the city of Surprise and the surrounding valley with sustainable cleaning products and practices!

Happy Home Housekeeping is on mission to create an awareness of the need for protecting the environment both indoors and outdoors, through the platform of green cleaning.

Passionate about the green cleaning they do; Happy Home Housekeeping uses exclusively HG Labs' Brightly Green Cleaners. "HG Labs cleaning products are superior to any other.  Believe me, we have compared," shared Melissa Magrady, owner of Happy Home Housekeeping.
Melissa Magrady-Owner/Operator
with cousin Amanda

The clients of Happy Home Housekeeping love that HG Labs' Brightly Green Cleaners are all natural, safe for humans and pets. 
Melissa had this to share from her clients' perspective:
"Our clients notice that their homes feel cleaner and stay cleaner longer.  They take pride in knowing that by using Happy Home Housekeeping, they too are helping to protect our environment."                [Mission is being accomplished!]

The philanthropic endeavors of Happy Home Housekeeping set them apart as a green cleaning company…

  • Partnering with Cleaning for a Reason; Happy Home Housekeeping is able to give quality, safe green cleaning for women battling cancer.  "Brightly Green Cleaners allow us to safely clean these women's homes without causing any further damage to their health… people battling cancer are more sensitive to chemicals in traditional cleaners as well as dust and germs," explained Melissa.
  • Appreciating the work done by our military, law enforcement, 1st responders and teachers is shown through discounted green cleaning services. 
  • Supporting other small, local green businesses…Happy Home Housekeeping "gladly refers everyone we meet directly to them," said Melissa.
HG Labs' Brightly Green Cleaners is proud to be the all natural, green cleaners of choice for
Happy Home Housekeeping!

Do you live in Surprise, Arizona or the surrounding valley? 
Please check them out:

Click the link to learn more about the all-natural, non-toxic green cleaners they chose! 

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Father's Day Vacation!

"When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant. I could hardly stand to have the old man around.  But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years."       ---Mark Twain

We thank all dads for the wisdom, love, support and sacrifice you give on behalf of your families; even when it goes unnoticed!

Celebrate your Father in a special way this Father's Day!
Plan a Father's Day Vacation (even if it is for one day!). 

Statistics show that over 40% of dads would like a family trip over a gift.  What does that tell you?  Dads like spending time with their families!  So surprise him with a day away!

In preparation for the surprise Father's Day outing, spruce up the family vehicle green cleaning it inside and out!  Brightly Green Dish Wash effectively cleans the exterior without damaging the surface.  Clean plastic and vinyl interiors with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner. 

Fuel dad's trip with a special new travel mug for his Father's Day vacation!

(Father's Day is a couple weeks away—that should give you time to plan this little vacation for your deserving dad and husband!) 
Brightly Green Cleaners understands the value of families.  That is why we have made it our priority to create non-toxic, 100% all-natural, cleaners safe for families, pets and the environment! 
Have infants and toddlers in the home?  Use Baby Harmony Pure and Free Cleaners for an extra gentle, non-toxic clean!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Green Memorial Day Celebration!

This holiday in honor of our military, might we suggest that you expand your Memorial Day cookout guest list to include a local, single veteran who lives in your neighborhood?  Invite him or her over for dinner and honor that veteran for the service given.  No veteran should be alone and un-noticed on Memorial Day.  You may even develop a special relationship by doing this! 
If you do not know of any veteran in your neighborhood, honor them by going to a community Memorial Day parade and also donate money as a family to the local VFW in your town/city or make a donation to Wounded Warriors Project.  Teaching your children the value of the service our military men and women have given and are giving is an important lesson. 

As you  prepare your cookout celebration by staying true green as you celebrate the holiday.  Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle where possible.

Brightly Green Clean the grill grates with Brightly Green’s sustainable all-purpose degreaser.  Non-toxic and safe to use on grill grates (and outside of grill too)! 

When you are finished grilling and the grill cools down, take half an onion and use it to wipe off any remaining food from the grates.  Brush the grates with olive oil so the next time you grill your food will not stick. 

Brightly Green Clean the outdoor patio table and chairs with Brightly Green Glass Cleaner  (for glass tabletops) or Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Wipe down surfaces with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner and a clean rag or microfiber cloth. No rinsing required.
You don’t want to use chemical cleaners inside your home, and the great outdoors certainly doesn’t need toxic chemicals floating onto plants and grasses.  Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners are 100%plant-based, sustainable cleaners that pose no threats to the environment or to people. 

Once your outdoor pad has been green cleaned be sure to have available for your guests recycle bins next to the trash bin. 
Think “Reuse” and set out your reusable tableware and festive cloth napkins.  Brightly Green All Natural Hand Dish Wash and Brightly Green All Natural Laundry Wash will take care of the clean up afterwards! 
With green-clean preparations in order and eco-friendly  party supplies all set--enjoy the day!
  From our family to yours...
May your Memorial Day celebration be safe and green!

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Increase Your Productivity by Doing Less

Accomplishing more by doing less is not as farfetched of an idea as you might think. 
Clarification of what is truly important holds the key. 
Add this component to your daily green cleaning routines and you will have a winning combo!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Set Your Weekends Free

 Simply put; end the use of weekends as catch-up cleaning days!

Don't be the person stuck in the garage organizing and cleaning it when you could be hiking, biking or picnicking with the family! 

Don't be the person stuck indoors scrambling to clean the whole house, when you could be enjoying the beach or a relaxing day topped off with a night out on the town!

Everyone needs margin.  Margin is that space in our lives where our bodies and minds are not rushing to accomplish tasks and goals.  Margin is that downtime when we become renewed, refreshed and re-energized in body and mind.  Margin helps reduce and manage stress.  Margin allows time for relationships to be grow.  Bring back margin to your weekends! 

Stick with a weekday green cleaning routine!  Here's how...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Green Cleaning Spree for Special Occasions

What special event planned at your home is on your calendar?  Do you feel like it is "crunch time" to get your house in order before guests arrive?

Consider our tried and true, quick and effective eco-friendly, non-toxic green cleaning tips.  (Tested by HG Labs social media representative, Brenda, before graduation Open House event at her home.) 

Washing walls in record time:

Are your walls looking grungy? 

Don't think you will ever have the time to get around to green cleaning them!  Here's what to do:

Spray Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner on a microfiber mop cloth and wash walls without a bucket of water or rinsing. 

This is a HUGE time saver!! 

Greasy kitchen surfaces—no problem!
Due to the natural tendency kitchens have of collecting grease, even on windows and blinds, opt to use Brightly Green All-Purpose Degreaser on these surfaces for faster green clean results.  Allow Brightly Green All-Purpose Degreaser to sit on the surface for a minute.  Brightly Green All-Purpose Degreaser does the work of loosening grease and grime from surfaces; saving you elbow grease and time!


Lightening round dusting:
Slide on a microfiber dusting mitt and
spray Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner on the mitt. 

Wipe down dusty surfaces in a jif! 

Non-carpet floor surfaces; clean it up quick:
No time for a bucket of water and rinsing; you've got a party to get ready for!  Spray floor surface with Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner or Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner then wipe clean!

There are many benefits of using 100% all-natural cleaning products.  One of them being that you do not ever have to worry about rinsing chemical residues from the surfaces you just cleaned!  That statement cannot be said for standard, household cleaning products.

Get familiar with WHY HG Labs family of products are superior, TRUE GREEN cleaners.

For eco-friendly, non-toxic green cleaners-- Go to Brightly Green Home Store

Interested in joining our team of Brightly Green Distributors?   

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Use TRUE GREEN Cleaners and Make Every Day Earth Day!

HG Labs' Family of Green Cleaners Makes Every Day--Earth Day!

Just because a product says it is "green" does not mean that it is true green.  Make a conscious choice starting today—this Earth Day-- to use only TRUE GREEN CLEANERS!  Keep reading to get familiar with the misconceptions about green clean products.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quality Green Laundry Detergent: For Every Fabric


Tis the season to get your sheer curtains laundered and bed linens all washed and hung on the line to dry.  I love the freshness that comes with spring cleaning!  The whole house comes alive when everything gets a thorough green cleaning; from walls and curtains floors and windows.  Dust has no where to hide!

If your household is like mine, you have laundry going nearly every day of the week.  Simplify your laundry work and use one laundry wash for all your fabrics!  Brightly Green's all-natural laundry wash is safe enough to use on delicate sheer curtains and tough enough for dirty denims.
What sets Brightly Green Laundry Wash apart from other laundry detergents, so I asked Brightly Green's technical director and formulator a couple of key questions

Friday, April 15, 2016

Decluttering Children's Bedrooms: It Is More than a Battle of Wills

Do you dread spring cleaning your children's bedrooms?   When helping your child sort, organize and purge their belongings an amazing transformation takes place.  Every unused toy magically becomes your child's favorite and he could not possible live without it!  So how do you avoid the toy tug-of-war?

Friday, April 1, 2016

Routine Green Cleaning that "Bites the Dust" -- Take Two

The truth within this archive post should spring board even the most reluctant spring cleaner among us and motivate him/her to keep up with green cleaning routines!  There are some seriously, disgusting stuff in dust!
Read on....

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Green Cleaning Celebration!

Purchase $100.00 or more and receive...
One 12 oz. Harmony Air Freshener
 (all distributor discounts still apply!)
Purchase $50.00 or more and receive...
One 12 oz. Harmony Air Freshener
(incudes Free Shipping on orders $50.00 or more)

Special offer through April 3, 2016

Stock up now on non-toxic, green cleaners
just in time for your eco-friendly, spring cleaning!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Five Ways NOT to Green Your St. Patrick's Day!

Can't we lighten up and not worry about what we are doing to the environment or to ourselves for just ONE DAY? 

Don't "Green" St. Patrick's Day...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brightly Green Cleaners Spotlight Shines on...

 Green Cleaning Company...

Who is Clean Homes Colorado?
A top-notch, eco-friendly house cleaning service dedicated to making the homes in Boulder County and North-Metro Denver safer, greener and cleaner.

Clean Homes Colorado began with a vision Sarah Cecil had to make her home and the world safer for her children.  Sarah dedicated herself to the quest of finding solutions to the problems of traditional house cleaning which could be summed up as the use of toxic chemical cleaners, and excess water and paper usage.

Clean Homes Colorado's solutions to traditional house cleaning woes are simple:  use 100% all natural green cleaners, eliminate paper cleaning products and use digital scheduling and receipts. Sarah and her carefully screened team of professional cleaners are committed to the preservation of the safety of their clients, their families, and the environment.

Clean Homes Colorado is driven to exceed client expectations.  They want their clients' homes to not only be clean but to feel clean.  Going the extra mile is seen through their attention to details, professionalism, and above-the-top helpfulness.  Meeting the expectations of clients is not enough for the professional cleaners of Clean Homes Colorado, they strive to exceed expectations on a daily basis!

The right green cleaners MATTER! 
HG Labs' Brightly Green Cleaners quality all natural cleaning products--deliver!
"HG Labs Brightly Green cleaning products give us a wide variety of choices to use on the surfaces we encounter every day.  We love them because they complement our work in every way.  We don't find ourselves exerting extra effort to wash those extra tough areas, and we love that we have unscented options and that the whole line of products are gentle on our hands but get our homes CLEAN."                       --Sarah Cecil

Clean Homes Colorado's team of professional green cleaners are asked daily, "What are you using?  My house is so CLEAN!"  The safe, green clean homes clients of Clean Homes Colorado receive on a weekly basis keep the referrals flowing in!
Get to know the family of safe, non--toxic, green cleaners that Clean Homes Colorado professional cleaners use daily.  Click link above!

Make your home the next recipient of a safe, non-toxic, thoroughly green cleaned home by

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