Friday, July 24, 2015

Household Green Cleaning Tips for Indoor Allergies: Part One

Summer allergies are triggered not only by pollen count out-of-doors, but by other culprits found within your home.  There are two top sources at the root of indoor allergies:  dust mites and mold/mildew. 
We will look at these indoor allergy sources in two parts.  This week dust mites take the stage.  Keep reading to discover where they love to hangout and how to get rid of them in an eco-friendly clean way!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Cut Cleaning Time Down and Get Back Outdoors!

Is your housecleaning on the bottom of your "To Do"?  Who wants to be indoors when it is summertime?  I know I would prefer to be outside!  Maybe you have been out camping a lot and have been home long enough to do some laundry before the next trip. 

Keeping up with some basic green cleaning will help you not be overwhelmed when you are settling in for back to school time.

Make cleaning a family event and you will greatly reduce your cleanup time so you can get back outdoors!

Reduce your household cleaning time:

1.) Windows 2X:  Two person job with Brightly Green Window Cleaner—one cleans the inside of the window, the other person cleans the outside.  Tackle each first floor window this way and you will cut your window washing time in half!

2.) Sweep those cobwebs away:  No need to hunt down your step ladder!  Attach a microfiber cloth (sprayed with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner) to the wide part of your broom and wipe those clingy cobwebs down from ceiling crevices and corners. 
3.) Make cleaning fun!!:  Get the kids involved by giving them specific green cleaning chores they can handle.  You don't need to do it all!

4.) Swap a favor:  Swap playdates with a fellow parent of young children so you can get the house cleaned without interruptions and then return the favor.  Turn on some music and get green cleaning or just enjoy the silence while our aromatic green cleaners help to revive your senses! 

Get green, green cleaners here:  Brightly Green Home Store
Incorporating all or a couple of these quick household cleanup tips will get you moving on to more summer fun! 

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Best Green Cleaners for Summer Activities

Summertime is my favorite season! 
I love all the outdoor possibilities and adventures this season has.  Living in a northern state is all the more reason to take advantage of the limited warm temperatures.

Camping trips with my family have been one of the special points of summer.  When camping, I especially am careful about the cleaning products we take on our excursions.  When out in nature there is a heightened sense of responsibility to be a good stewardship of the environment.

If you are a camper, you understand the amount of work required to prepare, pack, and unload all the gear.  You try to pack as light and efficient as possible.  When it comes to camp cleanup, keeping it simple applies here to.

** If you are not a camper, stick through the post for suggestions on quick summertime cleanup tips for you!

Top Three Green Cleanup Tools (When Camping):
1.) Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash:  Whether you camp via tent or RV, you still have to wash dishes.  So the top camping green cleaner is Dish Wash.   (If that is all you can pack—then make sure this is the cleaner you take.)

2.) Brightly Green Degreaser:  If you like to grill hot dogs, burgers, and or bacon over your cooktop or grill, you will want to have along for the trip Brightly Green Degreaser. 

3.) Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner:  In the spirit of packing light, use Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner for all other camping cleanup jobs.  Multi-Purpose Cleaner is especially helpful for those camping in RVs.   If you are a tent camper, you can get by with the first and second green cleaners. 

 **Sample sizes available for extra-light packing needs!

For the Non-Campers in the World:
You have a busy summer planned for family too!   With friends and family coming over for visits, you may need to do more quick cleanups than you typically would, so the Top Three Green Cleanup Tools can serve you as well!    My mother-in-law, Sharron McAdams, (Owner and President of HG Labs' Brightly Green) once told me that camping to her meant having to go down a flight of stairs in the hotel to get to the ice machine!  Camping isn't for all of us, but summertime get togethers are, so keep your environment green clean and ready for your next adventure whether it be your own backyard or the great outdoors! 

Order Top Summer Green Clean Picks here:  Brightly Green Home Store

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Why Homemade Cleaners Cannot Tackle All Tasks

There is a growing pushback against chemicals in household cleaners which is generating the desire for "cooking up" homemade cleaners.  These household cleaners, typically made with vinegar and baking soda, do an "ok" job of cleaning limited surfaces, but could damage many other surfaces in your home.  Why?  Read on...

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