Friday, June 17, 2011

The Death of Micro Fiber Cleaning

Guest Article by:
Kenneth J. Galo
L&K Office Cleaning
BrookField, WI
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The Death of Micro Fiber Cleaning

On my desk is the packaged death of Micro Fiber cleaning.

Right now it's small but I can sense it's potential in killing off micro fiber cleaning. Yes it will be slow, methodical process but I predict just as micro fiber burst onto the scene as the latest, greatest in cleaning technology since the web foot mop this too will become the product du jour.

What is it?
First let me lay out the coming ad campaign:

1. It's 100% organic-- decomposes completely, the ultimate in green cleaning

2. It's very inexpensive to grow, grows and replaces itself very fast

3. It's naturally antibacterial

4. It's more absorbent than cotton and dries faster

Say hello to Bamboo Cleaning Cloths, sponges, scrubbers and other related items for our industry.
Think I am wrong? Explain why a big, mega giant company like 3M , through their Scotch Brite division is spending millions of dollars in developing and marketing this product already.

Think your green? If you're not into Bamboo cleaning, your not green enough. Hey 3M, you use any of this in your marketing, I want a free case of something.

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