Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brightly Green is Green America Certified!

Brightly Green is "Green America Certified"!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Cash Giveaway!

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March Cash Giveaway.

The number is 793

We will be discontinuing the Cash Giveaway for now.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

HG Labs West Coast Division & Mokugift

HG laboratories, LLC (Nature’s Laboratory)
West Coast Division - Gives Back

Joins Mokugift’s 1,000 Way to Plant a Tree Campaign.

San Diego, California March 3, 2010 – Maintaining a safe clean environment is one of the biggest challenges facing our world today. Creative solutions is the key to making positive and effective changes to our environment. To take action, HG Laboratories, LLC , Brightly Green & Harmony Eco–Friendly Household / Industrial Cleaners has joined Mokugift’s 1,000 Ways To Plant A Tree campaign and will plant a tree for every new order.

Tree-planting with each order is a natural extension of HG Laboratories, LLC existing environmental philosophy. Brightly Green & Harmony Non-Toxic Cleaners was designed around the greenest possible option for a company.

Luckily for HG Laboratories, LLC, with today's emphasis on going green, and being green, our safe & effective household, industrial as well as commercial products can go hand in hand with saving the Earth as well as saving money. HG Laboratories, LLC is constantly working to produce the most effective green cleaning products on the market today while trying to reduce our environmental impact.

HG Laboratories, LLC has products that out-clean or clean as well as the harsh cleaning products on the market today. A pragmatic approach to the market place with an individual’s ability to purchase Eco-friendly concentrates with a reusable bottle from our internet store or ready-to-use cleaners from our retail and industrial outlets. HG Laboratories, LLC also offers industry and commerce a much needed green alternative, serving the Midwest as well as the West Coast. Our Harmony Brand may be found in many retail outlets at Whole Foods Markets as well as several Bed Bath & Beyond stores. HG Laboratories, LLC also offers environmentally minded people a much needed Green Job with our Wholesale Distributorships.

HG Laboratories, LLC celebrates the 1,000 Ways to Plant A Tree campaign, HG Laboratories, LLC will plant a tree for every order received by our West Coast division.

Mokugift created the 1,000 Ways To Plant A Tree campaign to enable innovative companies, like HG laboratories, LLC to invent new ways to plant a real tree as a gift for customers at $1 apiece. The goal is to plant 100,000 trees by July 29th 2010. These trees will absorb an average of 5 million pounds of CO2 per year.

Mokugift trees are planted by farmers practicing environmentally sustainable forestry and agricultural methods in tropical zones in Central America, Africa and Asia. The plantings not only restock, with native trees, existing forests that have been depleted, but also contribute to more diverse, productive and economically sustainable land-use systems. Business can join the 1,000 Ways To Plant A Tree campaign today at Mokugift. Individuals can become a fan of Mokugift on facebook to get updates on the newest ways to plant a tree.

An official partner of UNEP, Mokugift not only empowers corporations and individuals to participate in the Billion Tree Campaign, it also provides the tools to inspire others to participate. Tree planting is an easy first step towards more environmentally responsible choices, and Mokugift enables every company and individual concerned about their environment to make a difference and inspire others to do likewise. It is grass roots action like HG laboratories, LLC environmental programs that invigorate our planet and economy.

HG Labs 25 years of Excellence

For a quarter of a century, the professionals of HG Laboratories, LLC have been a vital resource to find cleaning solutions for the general manufacturing industry. Much needed safety and environmental regulations were implemented in the early 80's which prompted many manufacturing plants to challenge our skilled, highly trained and wholly dedicated engineers and sales technicians to find high performing, cleaning solution alternatives.

HG Laboratories, LLC has formulated hundreds of products that have created a safer working environment for many companies across America. HG Laboratories, LLC has a successful background in formulating environmentally responsible products for industry.
Let HG Laboratories, LLC be a part of your everyday cleaning solutions. We continue to engineer products to keep your company a safe place to work and protect your home and family with organic, kid-friendly and pet-friendly non-toxic and safe cleaning products. So stay tuned for more exciting products to come.

HG Labs wants to make your home and work place a healthy place. We have invested many years perfecting our products in the toughest environment possible. Now, we bring them to your doorstep. A healthy environment is vital to healthy living.

Trust our high performing line of cleaners to keep your business and home clean and safe!

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go Green for Valentine's Day!

Tired of seeing red for Valentines?
Why not give your loved ones a “green” gift instead. Give green flowers, look for an organic florist in your area, send a recycled card or a special e-card and give a Brightly Green gift Basket! It is truly love to want your environment safe and toxic free.
A lovely beautiful gift of sustainable Earth friendly aromatherapy cleaners is a great way help your sweetheart to go green! Our aromatherapy essential oils will bring smiles everyday and lift the spirit of everyone involved. Kid friendly and pet friendly products are not only effective but safe for cupid too! Be a dear heart and give a green gift that helps the environment while $aving you money. Not sure what to give… why not give a Valentine gift certificate you will surely Brightly Green their day!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

HG Labs Cash Giveaway! Congratulations JC Mojica

We have a winner for the January HG Labs Cash Giveaway!

The WINNER is: JC Mojica he selected the number (209) when he chose to follow our Brightly Green Blog!


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February 1 – 28th
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Win $200.00 Cash Giveaway! Last Day!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

$200.00 Cash Giveaway & $ave Green with Free Shipping!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Keeping your home clean does not require Weapons of Mass "Disinfection!"

Experts say that keeping your home clean does not require weapons of mass "disinfection".

According to an article in WebMd you can kill germs in your home without antibacterial harsh cleaners. For example Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner contains glycolic acid (natural acid) that does kill germs. Please do not mistake this for a product that claims it is a disinfectant. Our product is not a disinfectant, however, If you have a surface that you are concerned about because of germs this would be an excellent product to use. This product will be a healthy alternative to using toxic cleaners. Our green household cleaners are people friendly as well and pet friendly and kid friendly,
 especially friendly for our heath and our environment.

Friday, January 15, 2010

$200.00 Cash Giveaway & $ave Green with Free Shipping!

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What Do Professional Cleaning Companies Think of Brightly Green Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products?

A Review of Brightly Green Eco Friendly Cleaners from Cottage Care, Orlando Florida and Environmental Booty – Shane Shirley-Smith
See the Article:
Environmental Booty Article

A few weeks back, I wrote a review on Brightly Green environmentally safe, plant-based cleaning products. I was impressed but I wondered what a professional, green cleaning company would think of the Brightly Green line of non-toxic cleaning products. I know Brightly Green is sold in concentrates for professional use and I wanted to get the word out to professional cleaning companies so they could spread the green clean around the country! First though, I really needed to be sure these products would hold up to a professional green clean. I set out to find a green cleaning company that would be willing to give me their feedback on the products.
I contacted CottageCare as they have been using professional green cleaning supplies throughout the United States and Canada since their inception in the mid 70's. If they liked these products, I knew they would pass the test with other cleaning companies. I was excited when Crystal (who is as nice as they come) with CottageCare's local Orlando location agreed to give Brightly Green a try.
Guess what I found out? Brightly Green Cleaning supplies are a winner when it comes to giving and getting a professional, environmentally safe and clean home. Two lovely ladies tested a varied batch of Brightly Green cleaning supplies and they were very happy with the results.
Below is a list of products used and their comments:

1. Brightly Green Tile Cleaner - "Worked great." "Smells really good!"

2. Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner - "This works good and you can see the difference."

3. Brightly Green Stainless Steel Cleaner - "Shines so Great!" "This one smells so good."

4. Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner - "Makes the counter tops really look shiny."

5. Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner - "Didn't have to scrub hard at all to get it really clean." "The shine is great!"

6. Brightly Green Toilet Bowl Cleaner - "Cleaned up the rust stains." "Got the toilet nice and clean."

I think the thing that impressed CottageCare the most was the amazing shine they got with these green cleaning products.

If you own a professional cleaning service which is already using green cleaning supplies or if you are thinking of greening your professional cleaning company, Brightly Green is a product you should explore.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Green Maids tells it like it is!

Brightly Green All-Natural Household Products Review from David Schweitzer, owner of All Green Maids – A residential and commercial “Green Cleaning Company” located in Louisville, KY

We began using Brightly Green several months ago when we discovered HG Labs was a local company distributing all-natural cleaners. We had been importing our “green cleaning products “from California. We started using Brightly Green All-Natural Household Cleaners on a trial basis. We were not only looking for products we had confidence in as “really green, non toxic and sustainable”, we wanted to provide an added plus service to our clients by providing these products for use between our cleanings. This is an added revenue stream for us and a convenience for our customers.

All Green Maids is enthusiastic about the cleaning power and wonderful shine and smell. We feel when we leave our client’s house it is thoroughly clean, smells fresh and we are not going to harm the environment. It was an easy decision. Brightly Green is everything we wanted and more!

Thanks Brightly Green and HG Labs from the team here at All Green Maids! - David Schweitzer

Friday, January 8, 2010

Going Green…throw out your toxic chemicals! Really Clean Up!

This week we had lunch with one of Brightly Green’s customers, David Schweitzer the owner of All Green Maids. I ask David how he got started with his green cleaning service. He explained that out of concern for his two children, now 2 and 4 years old, he and his wife decided to go through their home and throw out all of the toxic chemicals they could find.  He has replaced them with Brightly Green Household Cleaners. He could not believe how much more room they had in their home and how much more fresh and clean it was. As we have mentioned Brightly Green is about the Environment inside and outside your home!

He also decided there was a need and market for an Eco Friendly cleaning service in Louisville, KY. He was right! His staff uses Brightly Green non-toxic household cleaners and is going to offer a service to help clean out his customers cupboards of their toxic and potentially harmful cleaners.

Why don’t we all make it our New Year’s Resolution to Go Green and really Clean Up! Brightly Green has a safe and effective product for every surface in your home.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Are you polluting your Environment without knowing it?

Question from Debbie:
I have asthma and feel worse in the winter when I am stuck at home. Could I be polluting my environment and not know it?
HGL Answer:
Indoor air pollution can be a serious health risk. When we are spending more time indoors because of weather or other reasons, it is important to recognize the potential dangers. For people with respiratory problems such as asthma the level of air pollution in your home can be painfully acute.

Many pollutants you should be aware of are pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, even human skin particles to mention just a few.

A few suggestions to help cut down on the pollutants are:

Vacuum Daily- Use a vacuum cleaner with a dirt cup instead of a paper bag. Empty the dirt cup after each use. If you can’t vacuum daily, do not go more than once a week without a thorough cleaning, especially if you have pets indoors.

Dry Cleaning- Find an Eco-Friendly dry cleaner in your area. If you can’t find one, set you cleaning outside, out of the bag for a couple of days. Place it back in the bag when putting it in your closet.

Clean with Non-Toxic Household Cleaners- Brightly Green Cleaners are safe and effective for cleaning your home. Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner will remove the dust and dirt from your wood floors while leaving your floors bright and fresh. All our Brightly Green Cleaning products are effective without being hazardous to your environment inside or outside your home or office!

Some of the symptoms of indoor air pollution include headaches, dizziness, sore throats, congestion, fatigue, coughing, sneezing and may result in Asthma attacks. According to Web MD indoor air pollution can be a deciding factor in your health. Check with your health care provider if you think you have allergies that may be caused by indoor pollution.

For answers to you questions go to Brightly Green and send them to our Experts or Mad Scientist!!!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Free Shipping on Brightly Green Cleaners

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Friday, January 1, 2010

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