Friday, April 21, 2017

Eco-Friendly Stain Removers Get Rave Reviews

What do pets and kids have in common?  Stains!  From muddy paws, spilt ice cream cones and grass-stained baseball uniforms—stains abound!

Kids and pets are prone to accidents.  Those mishaps are inevitable.  The market is loaded with stain cleaning remedies of all sorts.  Don’t fall prey to believing those are your only options.  You don’t have to compromise your eco-clean environment with un-natural & toxic stain removers.

What choice do you have?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Synthetic Laundry Detergents Wreak Havoc

Did you know that “back in the day” laundry detergents were made from animal fat and or plant based sources?  The change to synthetic ingredients came after World War II.

Human ingenuity brought about synthetic ingredients replacing the need for natural fats used in cleaning laundry.  However, as time went on, it became apparent that a primary synthetic ingredient used in laundry detergents—phosphorous—was wreaking havoc in the environment. 

Eutrophication was increasing at a rate that was not normal, nor safe.  Lake shorelines in the late 1960’s in the United States were awash with an over population of algae growth and many freshwater fish were dying due to lack of oxygen caused by the excessive algae growth. This was especially seen along the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario shorelines.

What was the cause of this catastrophe? Phosphate.  It was being leached by water treatment facilities and leaching into waterways from septic tanks.  Phosphorus works as a fertilizer and thus when introduced into waterways it quickly increased the production of algae growth.  A primary use of the phosphates was in laundry detergents. 

Thankfully, there was enough of an outcry that changes were made in the industry to greatly reduce the use of phosphates in laundry detergents.  Waterways began to see marked improvements in the reduction of algae growth and aquatic creatures were not drastically dying off.

Why this history lesson on laundry detergents?

The bottom line—what we create synthetically—has implications!!  We often do not know what those will be until time tests those inventions.   Our wonderful planet has a beautiful, balanced design that can withstand a lot, however, when we insert chemicals into the eco-system, there are bound to be negative results!

Human ingenuity, can work in concert with the eco-system when we use all natural products in our laundry detergents and other household cleaners.  

HG Labs’ family of 100% all natural cleaners are completely non-toxic and safe for the environment.  Great care has been put into bringing together quality, 100% all-natural plant-based ingredients that will not harm the environment if they pass through water treatment plants and end up in lakes or streams.
In addition, your skin will not come in contact with chemical residues from our laundry detergents, because there are no chemicals used in them! 

The next time you do a load of clothes, how confident are you that the waste water to clean your cloths is not harming the environment?  BE CONFIDENT and CHOOSE --BRIGHTLY GREEN LAUNDRY WASH!

To view the complete line of HG Labs’ quality green cleaners, click link:  Brightly Green Store

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Organizing for Sanity's Sake

When my husband took up cooking ethnic dishes on Saturday’s, my kitchen got an upgrade in organization.  Sure, I knew which cupboard held what spices, but that did not help him out! 

The deeper kitchen organization began in my spice department.  If I wanted to fully enjoy having my husband cook Saturday’s dinners, I needed him to be able to find what he needed with ease and without my intervention.  Tips I’ve learned on my journey are…

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Clean Free Weekending!

When the weekend comes, I hide my broom, vacuum, microfiber clothes, green cleaners and DO LIFE!

I enjoy sleeping in and big, family brunches.  The only projects I may do are those that renew me from the inside out.  I enjoy date time with my hubby and dinner out with the kids.  Bike rides and family outings are not limited due to backlogged household chores!  The possibilities are numerous and household cleaning tasks aren’t strapping me down! 

Green clean free weekends that work!  With the right habits in place, it will become second nature for you and your family not to do cleanup chores on the weekend. 

Do weekends free from cleaning sound like freedom?  Then you have the motivation to make this become your reality!  How about a few encouraging tips to get you started!

Tips toward clean-free weekends:

BAN HOUSEHOLD CHORES on Saturday and Sunday.

Create weekday -daily green cleaning tasks for your kids. Let’s get cracking on raising responsible adults!  Don't let the kids run out of supplies!  Go to: Brightly Green Store

Spot clean in between activities. If you have 10 or 15 minutes between activities, clean an area; a sink, a toilet a window or two. 

Nightly roundup.  Everyone gets in on this and gathers misplaced items in the rooms and puts them where they belong.  Make everyone responsible for their own bedrooms + everyone pitches in straightening the family/kitchen rooms.

Let it go!  Is there a room in the house that did not get green cleaned this week?   Don’t worry about it, it will be there next week! 

One word of advice my husband gave to me years ago that I would like to pass on to you, “Do what only YOU can do!”  If there is a task the kids are able to accomplish, delegate it to them!

The whole family will appreciate having weekends free from household work!  Build relationships and family ties instead!  Give yourself MARGIN for personal renewal too! 

Freeing your weekends will help you be more productive come Monday & make you sharper for the week to come!

Happy Clean-Free Weekending!  

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