Friday, January 11, 2019

Ten Reasons for a Healthier Home and YOU!

It is interesting how most stores are getting in on the fitness bandwagon.  Grocery stores are highlighting protein powders to exercise mats, while mainline department stores are well stocked with kettle bells, fitness bands and hydration bottles.

I guess they all know we want to get healthier in the New Year.  
If we were to take a poll, a healthier life would more than likely be the Number One Resolution people made.

With health being a priority for this year, how healthy are the surfaces in your home?  If a swab test was performed on the surfaces of your home, would there be possible carcinogens present? 

Did you know that many household cleaning supplies contain formaldehyde-which is a possible carcinogen? That is only one of many substances found to be toxic in household cleaners. 

If you were to read the Warning Labels, you would discover Warnings about the use of proper ventilation, the need to avoid contact with skin, what to do if ingested, or if the product got into eyes.  Scary stuff!

Trends for a healthier new year should seriously incorporate a healthier home environment!
This means…properly dispose of your chemical household cleaners!

1)100% all natural, plant-based
2) Non-toxic: Safe for people, pets, & planet
3) No chemicals--whatsoever!
4) Third-Party tested and got highest green rankings!
5) You can Trust our expert formulator and technical director--years of experience
6) 100% Money Back Guarantee
7) Minimal packaging (Brightly Green comes in concentrates, so you can reuse your bottles)
8) Bottles are recyclable
9) Kids can safely use
10) Infused with essential oils--aromatherapy cleaningJ

Ok, so you’ve disposed of your toxic household cleaners & ordered Brightly Green or Baby Harmony cleaners--Good For You!  You’re on the right green cleaning track!

Five Steps to Maintaining a Green Clean Home:
1) Reduce clutter.
2) Reduce clutter.
3) Reduce clutter.
4) Reduce clutter.
5) Reduce clutter.

Pretty simply, right?  Reducing clutter means your surfaces are clear from stuff that inhibits you from cleaning.  When we see stuff lying around, we are easily discouraged and either avoid cleaning or take much more time cleaning than is truly necessary.

For example, if my kitchen countertops are cleared right after a meal, then I can easily wipe then down with Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner or Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner. 

If my bathroom countertops are neat and tidy, I am more apt to give the countertops a quick daily green clean (watch video hack on cleaning bathrooms!)

If my floors are picked up, I can quickly sweep and mop with Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner.

Do you see the trend?  Clutter-free homes make green cleaning tasks incredibly simply!

This is YOUR YEAR for a healthier home environment!!

What are you waiting for??

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

Whether your holiday guests are staying the night, just for the day or popping in for dinner, we have green clean tips to get your home holiday, entertaining ready!

A WELCOMING ENTRANCE:  Real estate agents talk about curb appeal when selling a home.  That same curb appeal applies when company’s coming!  A clutter-free entrance says, “You are Welcome Here!” 

Make sure the path to your home is clear and safe for guests.  Keep it clear from snow and use eco-friendly & pet safe ice melt as needed.

Once inside does your entryway continue the “welcoming theme”?  Be sure your entryway is scrubbed and tidy.  Is there an extra boot mat for guest boots?  They will feel more comfortable knowing there is space for them to take off their boots/shoes without muddying your nice and shiny floors.

Once inside, offer guests a warm beverage of hot cocoa, coffee or tea.  The warm drink should be as refreshing as seeing your clean and tidy kitchen.  Cleared countertops relax the mind and give a sense of peace to the kitchen. Sinks should be empty and clean too.
Stovetops wiped down and sparkling.

An untidy kitchen may put guests at a discomfort; feeling that they have put the homeowner out with their visit.

Go to eco-friendly kitchen cleaners:  Brightly Green Dish Wash, Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner, Brightly Green Stainless Steel Cleaner, Brightly Green All-Purpose Degreaser

A guest-friendly living room has ample places for everyone to sit down comfortably.  Are there plenty of places your guests can sit their beverage down? 

I love using Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner as my dusting cleaner!  Its Cedarwood essential oil fragrance gives my furniture that natural wood-sey smell.  AND Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner does not leave any residue behind like many furniture cleaners do.  (If I had hardwood or laminate wood flooring, I would use it on my floors too!).

Go to eco-friendly living/family room cleaners:  Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner, Brightly Green Glass Cleaner.

The bathroom should always get priority cleaning!   If the rest of your home is clean and tidy, but you forgot your bathroom, that may leave guests at some unease.  A dirty bathroom can even affect their perception of the dinner.  Don’t leave a “bad taste” with your guests.

Go to bathroom cleaners:  Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner, Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner, Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner

Brightly Green Multi-Purpose
Cleaner great for crates
We know you love your pets--we love ours too!  But maybe Aunt Mabel doesn’t.  Respect your dear Aunt and keep Fido away. 
If she can put up with him being around, at least be sure to minimize the smell of Fido’s presence.

Bathe your pet regularly.  I give our dog Charlie a bath one or two days before our guests arrive, so he is the freshest. 

Are you washing the bedding/blankets of your four-legged family member?  Keeping those items clean, not only helps to keep your pet clean, but reduces the pet funk smells.

If you have carpets, sprinkle the with baking soda to absorb pet smells.  Leave the baking soda on the carpet for a few minutes before vacuuming. Be sure do use the crevice device to catch pet hairs along baseboards and under furniture.

For pet beds that can’t be washed in a machine, remove covers and launder or sprinkle baking soda on the bed, leave on for a few minutes and vacuum.  Spot clean with Brightly Green Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaner where needed.

Go to pet household cleaners:  Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash (for pet water/food bowls), Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner (for pet crates), Brightly Green Laundry Wash (bed blankets, covers), Brightly Green Carpet and Upholstery Spot Remover (for spot cleaning large pet beds and accidents on carpets)

Guest bedroom/bathroom:
If possible, have extra phone chargers available. 
Do you have hotel shampoos and soaps stashed away somewhere?  Treat your guests to their own personal toiletries.  The sample toothpaste you get from your dentist is also a nice addition to your guest toiletry basket or bin.  Set out your best hand/bath towels and washcloths. Give the guest bed pillows a fluff and be sure the guest room is very clean!

Do you have any tips on preparing your home for holiday entertaining?  We would love to hear about them!  Please leave us a comment below!  

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Gift of Gratitude

Gratitude embraces the small things and small moments.

Gratitude sees the cup half full rather than half empty.

Gratitude is others-oriented.

Gratitude is a hug-to-others.

Gratitude is a hug-to-self.

Gratitude is universal.

Gratitude is limitless.

Gratitude is the PAUSE BUTTON 
on our wants and desires. 

It seeks contentment.

It welcomes peace.

It feels full.

This holiday season:
May you be swept up by Gratitude rather than the hustling & bustling.

May you have greater Joy in giving because you are filled with Gratitude.

May you discover Peace within as you reflect on Gratitude.

May you spread Love because your heart is full of Gratitude.

A Grateful heart is contagious.

Spread Gratitude!

Spreading Christmas Cheer & Gratitude--
from the family of Brightly Green eco-friendly cleaning products!

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