Thursday, September 29, 2016

In Pursuit of Your Passions and Dreams

Are you living with a level of frustration that gnaws at you?  In your mind's eye you can envision where you want to be and what you want to do.  Your dreams and passions are there, but just beyond reach.   
Take a step back to get to the future.  Go back??  Shouldn't I be heading forward?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Brightly Green Cleaning the Lone Star State

"We give a hoot about your satisfaction!" 

 Is the motto of this green cleaning company! 

Our Brightly Green cleaning company spotlight travels this time  to the great state of Texas where we meet up with green cleaning company...Owl Be Cleaning!

Will & Angela Williams
Will and Angela Williams began Owl Be Cleaning about two years ago and serve southeast Texas' "Golden Triangle" area. 

Working around Vidor, TX, their passion to help others is driven by a strong work ethic, and creativity, topped with polite and friendly service at every interaction.
Customer satisfaction is very important to Owl Be Cleaning, and as such, Will and Angela seek out ways to additionally bless their clients with an extra courtesy service at no charge. 

Looking out for those little extra details can brighten a clients' experience.  "We work for the glory of God in all we do", shared Angela, so going above and beyond is the norm!

Brightly Green Cleaners appreciates customer satisfaction too and we are very pleased to know how much Owl Be Cleaning likes Brightly Green's eco-friendly cleaning products:
"We have to breathe in the stuff [cleaning products] all day so I knew for awhile that I wanted something safe.  I switched once we tried Brightly Green's samples and I saw how effective and nice smelling they were", Angela continued, "My customers and their families, as well as we, the cleaning professionals, are safe using these day after day."

Owl Be Cleaning's goal is "to provide excellent cleaning services in the safest most effective manner possible,  Brightly Green is helping us do just that."

Do you live in the "Golden Triangle" area of southeast Texas? 
Get in touch with Owl Be Cleaning!
Contact Information: 
Additional information  found on Thumbtack

Brightly Green Cleaners is proud to partner with Will and Angela Williams
of Owl Be Cleaning!  Our hats off to ya'll!

 Do you own a cleaning company but need safer cleaning products for the health and safety of yourself, employees, and clients?  Check out Brightly Green Wholesale

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Helping Families in Crisis

Have you known of a family in crisis and with the best of intentions told them, "If there is anything I can do to help, let me know."  Did that person take you up on the offer?  More times than not, the extended offer is not taken.  Why?  For most of us, it is very difficult to ask for help, even if we really need it.

To avoid missed opportunities to serve a family or individual in need, our offers of help must be specific and targeted. 
For example: 
Avoid saying:  If it would help you we can bring a dinner over, just let me know.

Better stated:  What evening would be good for me to bring dinner over?

Tacking on the phrase, "just let me know" will 98% of the time not be responded to.  Telling the individual that you will be making dinner for them, they simply need to tell you what night to bring it alleviates to a larger extent the uncomfortableness of the offer.  If also shows that you really mean business and will follow through.
Perhaps childcare is more of a need during the crisis.  Offer a specific event or place you would like to take their child(ren), name the date and time unless there is more flexibility for the parent in need to give you that information.

If time is not something you can devote, then mail a card or drop by their place with a card and include a gift card for gas, grocery, or restaurant.  The unique need will dictate the proper gift card.
Another way to bless an individual or family in need would be to pay for a green cleaning company to clean their home.  In crisis, a family's attention narrows done to the immediate circumstance while other tasks simply cannot be handled. 
The ideas to serve are too numerous to write.  Be aware and attentive to the possibilities and then be specific in how you can help!

Would you like to do more but…
Your lack of available time plague you when it comes to helping people in need.

Your lack of time keeps you from volunteering at the organization you are passionate about.

Stay tune… You won't want to miss our next post on time stealers as we look at ways many people have been able to "get time back."
We hope this post has given you inspiring new ways to come alongside people you know who are in crisis or great need.  Let us know if this has been of help, leave a comment:) 

Brightly Green Cleaners  
Safe, non-toxic green clean for home or office 


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