Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alert for Upcoming Spring Cleaning/Projects!

Spring is one month away and as such, you may be itching to get started on those spring projects.  Before tackling your yearly "Spring Cleaning" or painting the room that never got painted last year; you should understand that many household cleaners, detergents and paints contain the toxic chemicals NP or NPEs.

According to HealthyStuff.org:  NPEs (nonylphenol ethoxylates) are a group of chemicals that mimic the hormone estrogen, and are highly toxic to aquatic life.  NPEs may harm human development and or reproduction.  Those higher at risk are infants and children.

A major concern is that NPEs are going "down the drain"--literally.  In the form of detergents they are washed down the drain.  When paint brushes are cleaned in sinks, again  the NPEs are washed down the drain.  In other cleaners they also end up going down drains.  This toxic chemical ends up contaminating our waterways!

HealthyStuff.org suggests the following action steps to help you avoid products containing NPEs:
  • READ the LABEL
  • Look for products that list all of their ingredients
  • Look for products that are biodegradable
  • Look for products that state they use plant or vegetable-based surfactants
Brightly Green All-Natural Cleaners ARE 100% plant-based, all-natural, safe and non-toxic!

To learn more about NP and NPEs go to HealthyStuff.org

Also check out a special report on NPEs and BPA @ healthystuff.org/documents

We at Brightly Green All-Natural Cleaners thank HealthyStuff.org for their research and consumer information.

Trust us to help you clean the green, natural way, without harming you or the environment!

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