Friday, November 7, 2014

5 Ways to be a Healthier YOU during the Holidays

There are about six weeks until Christmas and although the holiday music may not have begun to ring through the internet and air waves…retailers are already swinging into gear. 

Would you like to journey through this holiday season in a pace that does not leave you frazzled, exhausted and spent?  If your answer is, "YES!" then read our five tips to staying healthy through the holidays.

Five Healthy Tips for the Holidays:

1.) Get enough SLEEP!   You know your body and how much sleep it requires, so don't short change yourself!  Avoid burning the candle at both ends.
2.) Get exercising!  Two or three walks a week is better than nothing!  Take the dog or walk with your spouse or a friend.  Get moving to circulate your blood and boost your energy!  Getting those endorphins revving up will help your mood levels too!

3.) Prioritize your schedule!  During the holidays we can overcommit ourselves with functions, activities and get-togethers.  Keep two nights per week free from commitments so you can relax with your family and have personal relaxation too.

4) Live within your means!  Make a realistic, holiday spending budget and stick to it!

5.) Function at your optimal stress level.  Yes, some stress is good as it keeps us going in the right direction and motivation. 

Keep reading for upcoming, wholesome, green holiday tips on eco-friendly decorating, gift-giving and more...
--from Brightly Green Cleaners

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