Friday, July 24, 2015

Household Green Cleaning Tips for Indoor Allergies: Part One

Summer allergies are triggered not only by pollen count out-of-doors, but by other culprits found within your home.  There are two top sources at the root of indoor allergies:  dust mites and mold/mildew. 
We will look at these indoor allergy sources in two parts.  This week dust mites take the stage.  Keep reading to discover where they love to hangout and how to get rid of them in an eco-friendly clean way!

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What's the big attraction for dust mites?
To begin with, dust mites' favorite hangout spot is the bedroom!

These microscopic creatures feed off of pet dander, dead skin cells, and any other type of dirt particle found in the dust in your home. That's how they got their name!   Gross-right?  Well, thankfully we can't see them and they do not bite!

How do dust mites trigger allergy symptoms?
The waste that dust mites deposit cause the sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc.

What do I need to do to eliminate (or at the least, greatly reduce) the dust mite population?
1.)  Wash your bed linens:  Sheets, blankets, and pillow cases should be laundered very frequently with safe, non-toxic laundry wash.  The water temperature needs to be at 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the dust mites, followed by drying them in a hot dryer.  

2.) Don't store things under your bed where dust can get trapped; giving these little guys a great food source.
3.) Keep it cool and dry!  Dust mites cannot breed in temps under 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep your home on the cooler side.  Run the  A/C for a few hours a day to help reduce the humidity in your home and keep the temperature down.

4.) Stick with a regimented green cleaning routine by wiping down all surfaces that attract dust.  Eliminate or greatly reduce the food source and the population of dust mites will dwindle.  On sealed wood furniture, (don't forget the headboard and footboard) green clean wood surfaces with Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner.
5.) Keep your home clutter-free!  If you are not prone to dusting, limit your knick knacks or keep them in an enclosed display area.  Remember—dust mites eat dust!
(dust mites on WebMD)

Dust mites love the bedrooms, but that is not the only place they like to be!  Keep your entire home green clean and dust free with Brightly Green Concentrate Cleaners. 

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Here's to a healthier allergy-free you!

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