Thursday, December 21, 2017

Company's Coming: One Hour Green Cleaning Tips

Are holiday guests soon to arrive but you feel overwhelmed & not ready?

Here’s what to tackle when you only have ONE HOUR:

1. Straighten entryway.
2. Clean bathroom(s) –that your guests will be using. 
    Straighten, spot clean sink with rag and Brightly Green Clean Bathroom Cleaner, & clean toilet.
3. Vacuum and or sweep floors that your guests will be walking on.
4. De-clutter kitchen countertops. Wash dishes.
5. Light a scented candle.

Guests are more forgiving than we are to ourselves!
Focusing on the areas of the home they will be in the most, is priority.

When guests arrive, greeting them with a bunch of apologies about the state of your home, will only draw attention to it!  Instead, greet them with a warm and welcoming smile and focus your attention on them!  The focus will be on the relationship and not the home!

ENJOY your family and friends this holiday season! 

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