Sunday, June 18, 2017

Five Easy Steps Toward an Eco-Friendly, Organized Kitchen!

Do you dislike cooking?  If your kitchen was better organized, would that help you enjoy cooking more?  Perhaps that is because you waste too much time digging through drawers to find the right utensils.  Maybe your cupboards are too crammed with bowls and pans—like a closet that is about to spill out its contents. 

A well, organized kitchen goes a long way toward quick food preparation and cleanup!  Now doesn’t that sound good?

Five Simple & Minimal Tips for Kitchen Organization:

First:  Remove contents from each drawer & cupboard and get rid up duplicate utensils or any items you do not use.  Naturally clean drawers and cupboards with eco-friendly, green clean Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner or BrightlyGreen Dish Wash.

Second:  Think EFFICIENCY when replacing items in drawers and cupboards.  Keep items as close to the area you will be using them at.  For example, are your pots/pans near the stove?  Are mixing bowls near the counter or table where you do food preparation? 

Third:  Cupboard doors are fair game for storage.  Make use of cupboard doors to hang silicone bowl covers, potholders, measuring spoons and more! 

Fourth:  Wash dishes after each meal.  Wash food preparation bowls and utensils while food is cooking, this greatly reduces the cleanup time!  A green clean kitchen with countertops free from clutter gives you peace of mind!

Fifth:  Plan a menu for the week.  Menu planning means less trips to the grocery and more money in your wallet!  You’ll also save on time!

Get started this week turning your cluttered, uninviting kitchen into a green clean, organized place you want to be in!

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