Friday, September 15, 2017

Nature Inspired Home Decorating

Cool evenings, brisk mornings…signs that autumn is approaching. 

For three out of five members in my family, Fall is their favorite season!  I am one of the outnumbered.  I do, however, love to decorate for Fall.  I guess it’s the warm, cozy feeling the colors give.  The soft oranges, vibrant reds, and comforting browns.

I have for some time now viewed autumn as nature’s personal display of fireworks! Because these colors are so spectacular, I love to bring the outdoors in!  There is simple beauty in using pinecones, pumpkins, gourds, etc. to decorate your home.

Decorating with nature is also a great activity for the family.  Nature hikes aimed at collecting artifacts to display in your home is like a treasure hunt for children.

Have we outgrown the love of pressing colorful leaves? Not in this house!  When you bring the treasures inside, let the kids help find places to arrange their collection. 

You could plan a weeklong of activities or a weekend full of fall festival celebrations.

Go on a nature hike, and then fill glass jars with collected pinecones, press leaves to string across a window, and top it off with carving pumpkins—just to name a few!

A new type of treasure hunting I plan to do soon will be at some local thrift and antique shops where I hope to find old, ornate picture frames in which I can string pressed leaves across. 

Changing out items you desire to display for the new season should be coupled with green cleaning.  After all you don’t want to display your beautiful Fall decorations on dusty end tables, bookshelves etc.  Have you considered speed dusting? 

And don’t forget to give those new decorative jars you got from the local thrift shop a green hand washing before added your pinecones, nuts and berries.

Enjoy the season and happy decorating!

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