Thursday, January 18, 2018

January IS Home Office Organization Month!

Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to 
“organize your home” this year?

Focus on just one area of your home this month--
the home office!


January is THE right time to get the family home office in shape!

Benefits of a clean and organized home office=
-improved concentration (no clutter distractions)
-reduction in wasted time (all files/documents are in an organized place-no more hunting)
-forward financial peace (clean and organized space invigorates a desire to create a budget)

Getting started:
Organize according to what you need to document for tax purposes.

There are many computer software programs that can assist you with tax preparations.

Make it fun!  Pop in a play list that motivates! Storage solutions should reflect your style.  Dull and drab give a negative vibe, you don't want that!

Keeping it green cleaned:
Picked up papers & notebooks will the distance toward keeping the space clean!
Dust wood furniture in a snap (see video link) 
Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner.
Painted surfaces green clean with 
Brightly GreenMulti-Purpose Cleaner.

Add a houseplant (that is safe for pets) for air quality & aesthetics.

Cleaning home offices with 100% all natural household cleaners will help protect indoor air space from toxins.  Go the extra distance and clean your entire home with 100% all natural, toxic free household cleaners!  All family members will benefit, even the four legged ones!

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