Monday, February 12, 2018

Fight Winter Blues with a FREE Essential Oil Gift from Brightly Green!

Are you growing winter weary?

I wager that most of the country is, unless of course you live in the sunny, southern U.S. 

Don't let nature's dormant state keep you from some of its uplifting and wellness properties.

Essential oils can get you out of the winter blahs!

Meet an Essential Oil that is “Top ‘O the Charts” 


Lavender essential oil’s Most Noteworthy Benefits:
·      Calming ability
·      Improves mood—uplifts spirit
·      Reduces anxiety & stress
      Improves sleep

Now, don’t those sound like some GREAT BENEFITS to help you be a healthier YOU—while fighting the dull-drums of winter?  I sure do!

How to use lavender essential oil:
·      Add a few drops to bath water for relaxation.
·      Rub a couple drops on your pillow for a restful night’s sleep.
·      Add a few drops to potpourri that could use a boost.
·      Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle to freshen any area that you like!


(Valentine’s Week Special—ends Sunday, Feb.18th @ midnight EST)

(savings of $6.99)

with Purchase 
(read below for application) 

Free Lavender Essential Oil with $100.00 or more purchase
                                                (distributor discounts still apply!)

Free Harmony Lavender Essential Oil with $40.00 or more purchase 
                                                              (free shipping too!)

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