Friday, March 16, 2018

WHY Can't I Keep a Clean Home?

Sometimes we take quick action steps to remedy frustrations felt with a current state we find ourselves in without stopping to ask the deeper question; Why?

Why am I so frustrated? 
Why am I constantly running into this roadblock?
Why am I not getting traction with this project?

Getting at the underlying, “Why?” will help us to take the next necessary and strategic steps to answer the “What?” and “How?” –questions.  Otherwise, without answering – “Why?” it is as if we are putting a Band-Aid on something that really requires stitches!

If we jump ahead and try to determine How we will change?  Or What steps will we take to overcome the roadblock?  We will invariably run back into the same challenges and frustrations; simply because we did not tackle the “Why?”

If you struggle with maintaining a green, clean, home environment (like many of us do), ask yourself --“Why”?

Why do I struggle in this area?

A personal story
I have recently asked myself some “Why?” questions in the realm of green cleaning challenges I face.  One such personal question was, “Why is it a challenge to clean my bathroom countertops every day?” 

Asking myself, “Why” led to a reflective answer of, “there are too many items displayed on my countertops”.  I realized that in my hurried morning schedule, I did not want to take additional time to clear the counter before cleaning it, and therefore, I did not daily clean it!

The solution:
Take the inspirational plaques and special seashells I have on my bathroom countertop and put them on a shelf on the wall in my bathroom where I can still enjoy them, but free my sink countertop!

The results:
I CAN (and DO),  every morning, quickly wipe down my bathroom countertop with Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner for a crisp clean bathroom!

Since I reflected on the underlying “Why?”  I was able to quickly come up with a green cleaning solution that REALLY WORKS! 

Busy households often struggle in maintaining green clean homes.
Moms and dads, don't get discouraged! 

Where is YOUR Cleaning Challenge?

Remember:  Ask yourself--“WHY?”

The next questions and steps will unfold easily!



If YOU have a personal, green cleaning routine success story---we would love to hear it!  Please leave a comment below!

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