Thursday, April 19, 2018

How I Turned My Spring Cleaning Into CASH!

Does the thought of spring cleaning feel like a ball and chain around your leg? 
How about turning a profit this year while spring cleaning?


You’ve heard the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  (Well, maybe “junk” is too strong of a word), but the point is, what you don’t need or want anymore, someone else may just be looking for!  Now more than ever, there are numerous venues to sell your stuff!

Let’s get started!!

Begin with this challenge: 
What dollar amount would you like to “earn”?

Is there a special something you have wanted for your home, but have not had quite enough cash for it?  Would you like a little extra spending money for vacation?  DREAM BIG!

Set a “Finish By” Deadline. 
I have found a “Finish By” deadline to be more effective than a Start By date.  You could drag the spring cleaning on indefinitely with a “Start By” date. 

Remember, you have a challenge to make some money this year spring cleaning, so you’ll want to be done by a reasonable date to sell your stuff!

Now PURGE!!!  It’s de-clutter time!!!
**Spring Cleaning is most effective when you couple it with purging/de-cluttering and re-organizing.

But how?  Ask yourself…
Does this item fit the vision I have for this space?
Has this item been used in a year (without taking into account the seasons)?

Still afraid to purge?
Do you fear regret?
Are you afraid of losing a memory associated with that item?
Are you concerned with hurting someone’s feelings if you part with that item?

Let me give you a little nudge…
If you have not used the item in a year, there is a very good chance you will not use it next year or the year after that or the year after that.  Got the point?

Take a picture of the item you are afraid to let go of in the case you will forget the memory.  Write about that item and the thoughts associated with it in a journal.  But chances are pretty good that if you got rid of the item, you still would remember the memory associated with it!

If you received an item from someone and are afraid their feelings would be hurt if you did not have it anymore, ask yourself if that person even mentions the object when he/she comes over to visit.  If it is always on display, put it in a box and see if that person notices it is not there.  Once you've removed the item and if after four to six months, there has been no mention of it, then sell or donate it.

Now that you have cleared up any misgivings about purging and de-cluttering, get some large boxes ready for all those items you plan to turn into cash!

Spring clean each room --always starting from top to bottom!  
For a very effective and non-toxic green clean --use Brightly Green Cleaners!

Why?  Brightly Green Cleaners are 100% all-natural, plant-based, non-toxic, safe household cleaners!  AND they work!!!  Brightly Green Cleaners have been independently tested for Whole Food Markets and have received the highest ratings!  Brightly Green Cleaners are used by professional green cleaning companies nationwide! 

Get great green cleaners here:
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Brightly Green Cleaners + right tools = faster results.

Click video links to see fast green cleaning in action!

You have options:  
Visit Grandma’s house! 
Get the kids in on it! 
Maybe they could earn a little extra cash by purging their bedrooms of objects they no longer need/want.  Getting your kids involved in the process is a great life lesson!  After all, they will be spring cleaning their own homes someday!


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