Thursday, August 9, 2018

Green Tips for Back-to-School Preparations

Are you a parent with mixed feelings regarding your children going back-to-school?  

Perhaps you are ready for them to get back to school, but dread the preparations that come with a new school year.

May we suggest a few tips that can ease the burden, lighten the load, and keep more in your wallet?

Do you dread the school clothes shopping?  Maybe because in the back of your mind, you only see more clothes lying around your son or daughter’s room.  Maybe the expense of it all makes you blue…

Back-to-school clothes shopping:
Kid’s Wardrobe Capsule: (type in those words on your search engine and you’ll find many helpful “how to’s.”)  Benefit:  you will be reducing the amount of clothing in your child’s bedroom thus helping to reduce the mess.  In addition, you’ll be doing less laundry -yeah!  

One in—One out:  This means that for every new item of clothing you purchase one item of clothing already owned is removed.  Benefit:  you are not adding more clothing but simple exchanging old for new.  This can be an easier sell for teenagers (especially teenage girls) than the wardrobe capsule.  My own teenage daughter was not open at all to the capsule idea.  Reducing her wardrobe was not happening, but she was open to the one in-one out idea! 

School supplies shopping:
A good rule of thumb is to see what still is useable from last year’s supplies before making the trip out.  There is no need to start from scratch every year.  Three ring binders, scissors, calculators and backpacks have multiple years of life in them!  For paper, pencils, pens and glue, patiently wait for stores to have their back-to-school specials and you can capitalize on incredible deals!

Backpacks can be found at many secondhand stores too!  My daughter found a beautiful name brand backpack for a few dollars one year and that backpack lasted three years.  Encourage your son or daughter to pick out a backpack he/she will use for at least a couple of years.

School supplies are at great discounts right now.   Consider a family gift of packing a backpack for a needy child while gathering supplies for your own children.  This is a great way to keep your children in a giving spirit throughout the year!

Capitalize on the new school routine structure:
Create an age-appropriate, after-school green cleaning chore list for each of your children.  Doing it at the beginning of the new school year is a great time to get the right momentum going. 

There are all kinds of fun and creative chore charts on Pinterest if you need some ideas!

One of my favorite things about using 100% all natural, non-toxic cleaning products is that I am worry-free when my children use them to do their after-school chores!  Because the ingredients are 100% all natural, plant-based, I am not worried about my children inhaling harmful chemicals or the potential dangers of the product making skin contact.

Are you low on 100% safe for kids household cleaners
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Enjoy the last few days/weeks of summer break with your kiddos!

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