Friday, February 24, 2017

Reboot and Re-energize Your Green Cleaning Routine

Who of us would not want to snap our fingers to find our homes perfectly green cleaned and organized? 
Cleaning our homes is such a necessary part of life and yet it is often one of the hardest parts to stay on top of especially if you have an active family on the go from one sporting event to another. 

Be realistic on how to get back on the green clean track.  Thoughtful simple and easy to manage cleaning routines are within your reach!  Read on, Get inspired and re-energized--read on!

Eight Simple Cleaning Routines for the Busiest of Us:

1. "A place for everything and everything in its place."  As soon as every family member enters the doors of the home, coats, shoes, mittens, work satchels, backpacks, keys, purse, etc.; needs to go to a designated place.
2.  2/5 Laundry Plan:  Do two loads of laundry five days out of the week to keep laundry under control. 

3.  After supper the Kitchen Rules:  After every supper, the kitchen is cleaned, leaving the counters and sinks clear from any spoon, pot, plate or cup. I would not know of one single mother who would not feel some sense of accomplishment if her kitchen counters and sink were spotless.  Get the family involved with each member responsible for some aspect of the cleanup.  Even your three or four year old could finish it off by spraying the counters with Baby Harmony Pure & Free All Purpose Cleaner or Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner.
4. TV commercials = moments for three minute cleanups:  Do one of the following per commercial and you'll keep a maintained green clean home!  Clean a sink, toilet, tub/shower, mirror, collect trash throughout the house, take out the trash, dust a bookshelf, or put away strayed items in the room.  Turn those commercials to your advantage and get your home in green clean shape!

5. Fold laundry during your favorite TV show and then during commercials put away your clothes.
6. Get your kids involved in the routine:  Moms and dads, cut down on the amount you cleanup around the house by delegated some of the cleanup to the kids.  Someday they will be out on their own and will need to know how to keep their homes green cleaned!

7. Never leave a room empty-handed:  Before leaving a room, always look for on object that belongs in the room or the floor you are heading to and take that item with you.
8.) Simplify cleaning –use all natural green cleaners:  Using Brightly Green all natural cleaners means all you need is the product and a clean rag.  No buckets of water or rubber gloves.  It's that quick and simple!  Spray surface, wipe and you're done!  Quick and easy!

Start off with at least one new cleaning routine, stick with it for a month and see the results.  The following month, add a new routine and before you know it—you will be enjoying a well-maintained, green clean home!

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