Friday, May 13, 2016

Set Your Weekends Free

 Simply put; end the use of weekends as catch-up cleaning days!

Don't be the person stuck in the garage organizing and cleaning it when you could be hiking, biking or picnicking with the family! 

Don't be the person stuck indoors scrambling to clean the whole house, when you could be enjoying the beach or a relaxing day topped off with a night out on the town!

Everyone needs margin.  Margin is that space in our lives where our bodies and minds are not rushing to accomplish tasks and goals.  Margin is that downtime when we become renewed, refreshed and re-energized in body and mind.  Margin helps reduce and manage stress.  Margin allows time for relationships to be grow.  Bring back margin to your weekends! 

Stick with a weekday green cleaning routine!  Here's how...

Five Day Green Cleaning Routine:
  • Each weekday, devote 15-30 minutes doing a specific cleaning task.
  • Break up your week by assigning each day a specific cleaning task or a specific room to be cleaned. 
  • Doing that cleaning task/room at the same time each day will also help you get into the habit of staying on task with your green cleaning routine.   If it is too hard to plan for a specific time of the day, give yourself general categories like complete by noon, or before kids get off the bus, etc. 
  • Allow a little margin of flexibility in your Five Day Green Cleaning Routine or you may become overwhelmed and give up!
  • If you have one weekday that is more open than another, then you may want to double up on some cleaning tasks. 
  • Create your green cleaning routine according to the natural patterns of your week.  I like to call this, "following the natural rhythms of life!"

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Tell us  what cleaning routines you use that keep your weekends free! 

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