Friday, March 3, 2017

A Fresh Approach to Green Spring Cleaning

There is a freshness in the air.  Trees are beginning to bud.  These are the hopeful signs of another spring season which signals that special time of year when we give our homes a thorough green cleaning! 

 Get my space right.  Start with "surveying the land."
Walk into each room and just stand there a moment, then ask yourself three simple questions:

1. What works great in here?
2. What drives me crazy in this room?
3. How can I make it better?

A new idea…..

..."Shop The House."  The idea is to look in each room and consider if an item (piece of furniture/accent accessory) would serve a better purpose in another room.  The concept was taken from a book I recently read entitled, "The Nesting Place," by Myquillyn Smith.

I have been using this concept to "re-decorate" my home.  Wicker storage containers are now the base for my coffee table.  A vase from one room was moved because it looks better in another.  Old picture frames found in the basement now display our children's artwork.
This is a fun and completely free way to "get new stuff"!

Re-organize the room so it works best for the purpose it needs to have, then thoroughly green clean from top to bottom.  

Always keep in mind that if you have more than you need, or want to store/organize--purge!
Having less stuff = less time spent maintaining the space and cleaning!

Did you know?  ...Brightly Green Product Usage Tips
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Brightly Green Granite & Tile Cleaner also cleans ANY countertop surface AND linoleum floors!
Brightly Green Degreaser works great on kitchen walls, window blinds—wherever there is grease—Brightly Green Degrease It!  (I recommend spraying on window blinds, let it sit a minute then wipe down with dampened cloth.  Brightly Green Degreaser does the work—you wipe it off with ease!)
Brightly Green Laundry Wash is safe  for all fabrics, even your sheer curtains!

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