Monday, October 2, 2017

Minimize Seasonal Allergies

I don’t know about you, but my runny nose is informing me that the pollen count must be high.  If you are a sufferer of seasonal allergies, it is especially important for you to keep your home regularly green cleaned!

Have you ever noticed that if you neglect green cleaning your home, especially in the areas of dusting and vacuuming, you will experience greater allergy symptoms?

I have heard individuals laughingly say, “I can’t clean, I’m allergic to dust!”  While it may be very true that they are allergic to dust, not dusting will have a greater negative effect on them!

Three HUGE reasons green cleaning minimizes allergy symptoms:

1. Green cleaning minimizes dust mite food sources, thus reducing dust mite population. 
Why should I be concerned about dust mites? You may be allergic to them!

2. Green cleaning minimizes allergen particles from settling on indoor surfaces.  Wiping surfaces is the simplest way to remove allergens!

3. Green cleaning minimizes the spread of germs.  Immune systems can get run down fighting allergy symptoms therefore it is imperative to reduce germs.  Weekly green cleaning combats germs!

Three WEEKLY Must -green clean areas:
1. Floors.  Vacuum and sweep weekly.  Twice a week for optimal health.

2. All flat surfaces.  Countertops, windows & windowsills, furniture and any other flat surface where these dust and allergen particles can land. 

3. Bed linens.  Wash one bedroom’s bed linens per week and that should equal out to each bedroom’s linens being washed once a month.

Three QUARTERLY green clean jobs:
1. Clean out pantry.  Dust and crumbs can accumulate in pantry cupboards where cereal and crackers are stored.

2. Launder curtains.  Brightly Green clean curtains—even sheer curtains are safe with Brightly Green Laundry Wash!

3. Green clean window blinds.  Watch our quick green clean hack on window blinds and the task will be less daunting!

Three ANNUAL green clean tasks:
1. Wipe down walls.  Ever mopped your walls?  Our wall cleaning hack makes it a snap!

2. Clean coils behind refrigerator.  Dust loves to collect on intake air coils.  Eliminate this drain on your appliance’s performance.

3. Green clean kitchen cupboards and drawers.  Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner or Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash works great!  

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