Friday, November 9, 2018

How Can I Avoid a Stressful Holiday Season?

The holiday season is speeding upon us!  
I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is just two weeks away with Christmas four weeks later! 

Would you like to avoid the stress that too often comes with the season?

Let me give you two crucial words:  

A MUST if you want to have a stress-less holiday season!
            Even with a robust economy, planning a budget and sticking to it relieves the unnecessary financial stress we, as a society, too often place upon ourselves at Christmas.

Pitfalls to avoid:
1) Don’t ask Tommy what he wants for Christmas before you’ve established a holiday budget!  Otherwise, you may feel too much pressure to get Tommy “X” when you really can’t (or shouldn’t) afford it!

2) Don’t make purchases based on the reasoning; “it was a really good sale!” Be stealth and look for deals only for the items ON YOUR LIST! 

Peace to discover:
1) Financial peace.  Need I say more?  I will anywayJ  Peace is the opposite of stress.  Which sounds more appealing to you?

2) Sticking to your budget and making gift selections by that budget will take the chaos out of shopping.  Whether you shop at retail or online stores, you’ll experience a calm confidence in your purchases!

For the love of landfills…
Did you know that children loose interest in their new toys in a matter of months (if not less)?  The “latest and greatest” toys/games/gadgets lose their shimmer in a hurry! 

Will your gift end up taking residence in a local landfill?

What never ends up in landfills or is lost?  Memories.
Consider gifting memories this Christmas season.  Gift -experiences to young and old.  In fact, memories grow fonder as the years go by.
            I guess you could say it’s the gift that shimmers brighter with time!

A MUST if you want to have a stress-less holiday season!
            Holiday planning goes hand-in-glove with creating a holiday budget. Once your budget is created, planning the “whats” and “whens,” is a piece of cake!

WHAT holiday meals are you going to be involved preparing?
WHEN should you get the ingredients?

WHAT gifts do you need to purchase?
WHEN do you need to have them purchased by? (When will your get-togethers be?)

WHAT holiday events (school concerts/office parties/church-community outreach events) are you involved with or attend?
WHEN do you need to schedule/purchase tickets, etc. for these events?

WHAT family members are coming as overnight guests during the holidays?
WHEN should you be preparing the guest room(s), preparing meal ideas?

Remember: Set the budget. Make the plan.
You’ll be on your way toward a stress-less holiday season!

Next week’s holiday tips: 
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We have our own ideas on “Whats” and “Whens” to share!

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