Friday, October 12, 2018

Remodeling Do's for More "Bang for Your Buck"!

If you were a contestant on Family Feud and were asked,  "What are the most popular surfaces to remodel in homes?"  Would your answer be in the top five of those surveyed?

If your answer would be flooring or countertops --great job for the team! 

Nine times out of ten, if flooring is being replaced, it will be replaced with hardwood or laminate wood flooring. A similar scenario could be said for replacing kitchen countertops; people opt for granite in most instances.

Remodeling is an investment, especially if you use quality materials and are remodeling rooms that future buyers like to see updated.  You want the most bang for your buck and a strong ROI (return on investment). Don't let your money blow out the window!

Once the project is completed, protect your investment with 100% all natural cleaners.   Wood and granite surfaces have different needs, don't clean them with the same products.  

Brightly Green all natural cleaners has just what you need!  Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner lifts dirt and grime from granite and stone surfaces without damaging the natural stone.  Brightly Green Granite and Tile Cleaner also contains a quick, natural drying component, a need for stone surfaces.

Using chemical cleaners as well as vinegar are too harsh, while soap and water will dull the surface over time as the soap will begin to form a film on the granite.  

When it comes to hardwood and laminate flooring, use Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner!  Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner is formulated with just enough natural soap to lift soil from the floor without leaving a residue or harming the wood surface.  

Trust a professional.  You can trust HG Labs' Brightly Green, our formulator and technical director Prof. Jerry McAdams, has decades worth of experience formulating safe, all natural cleaning products for the unique compositional needs of the varied surfaces within your home or office!

SAVE MORE GREEN with Brightly Green!  Brightly Green Cleaners come in concentrates and costs less than products in a ready-to-use packaging.  One Brightly Green 32oz concentrate is equal to nine, 32oz ready-to-use bottles!

Are you a residential/commercial cleaning business?  We have wholesale green cleaners for you!  Brightly Green's eco-friendly cleaning products come in bulk sizes perfect for you business!  Become a Brightly Green Distributor and save even more through our distributor program!


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