Thursday, October 18, 2018

Do I Really Need to Disinfect my Home?

Why is it that temperature changes seem to bring on the sniffles and coughs?  How can you protect your family from those “bugs” that get you down and out?

As your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother probably say (or have said), “drink plenty of fluids and put on a pot of chicken vegetable soup!

Can you and I do more than that to prevent those “bugs” from getting into our homes? 


Getting the right types of nutrients as well as sleep is a big factor in staying healthy (and recovering from illness), but that alone isn’t enough.

Clean homes and work spaces go a long way toward keeping sickness at bay!

One thing we have been led to believe is that we must disinfect our homes for them to be clean.

This is incorrect on many levels.  Let me explain by starting off with the standard disinfectant -bleach.

Bleach has been the standard disinfectant for decades. Again, your mother, and grandmother may have used bleach quite frequently. 

Research, however, shows that bleach carries a heavy tax on our physical bodies.

Its physical risks include:  CORROSIVE to eyes and skin, a respiratory irritant, can be harmful to the central nervous system, can cause damage to cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems as well as damage to the liver and or kidneys.  That is why the label states:  DANGER

By the way; it is a DANGER to animals as well.

Besides the incredible danger bleach is to both people and animals, it is rarely used in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Improper use equals an effective disinfectant. 

I will make a confession here, before I knew about Brightly Green all-natural cleaners, I would use bleach to “disinfect” my bathroom tub, toilet and sink. (At least I thought I was disinfecting those surfaces.)

In researching for this article, I realized that the majority of people (myself included when I used to use bleach) do not use bleach as instructed.  The instructions state that there is a specific ratio of water to bleach you are to use.  (Oops--I thought it was just a little bleach and more water).   You are to apply the bleach/water solution to the intended surface and allow to sit on the surface for at least five minutes.  (Who every does that?).  Then you are to rinse the surface with water to remove the bleach/water solution.  In some instances, you are to let the solution air dry and then rinse the area to remove any residue.

I know for a fact that my mother never used bleach in the way the instructions were written.  Who has time for all that?

As a bonus, the bleach/water solution only has a lifespan of effectiveness for 24 hours.  Then you are to dispose of it.  How?  That’s tricky, since it is dangerous to people, animals and aquatic life.  So even our sewers are at risk with it going down the drain.

On top of that, bleach has an expiration date.  So, if it were to go beyond the expiration date, good luck disposing of it properly.

Have I scared you away from bleach yet?  I hope so, because bleach is NOT your friend!

So, are there other non-bleach disinfectants out there?

Yes.  But before we head there, I want to let you in on a little secret… 

Maintaining a clean home (with all-natural green cleaners) goes the distance to fight against sickness!!

When surfaces are not wiped clean on a regular basis, germs linger and multiple.  The simple act of cleaning the surfaces in your home (and office) are most often enough to eliminate and at least greatly reduce the growth and spread of germs.

Even hand washing with good ‘ole soap and water combats the spread of germs!

Are all-natural cleaners effective at getting rid of germs? 
The short answer:  Yes!

It is simply a matter of wiping the surface with the right green cleaner for optimum effectiveness.  Germs will be wiped away by whatever type of cloth or rag you use.  Germs do not adhere to surfaces like crazy glue.

A great thing about all-natural green cleaners is how safe they are! Even your kids can safely help out with household chores! 

Cleaning is quick and easy when you don’t have to put on rubber gloves, make sure the kids and or pets aren’t in the room and then clean -oh and turn on the fans to ventilate the space.

If you still believe you need a disinfectant in your home, please, for the health and well-being of you and your family, use a natural disinfectant!

Use Brightly Green’s all-natural green disinfectant!   Why?

It is an EPA approved effective all natural disinfectant against many common bacterium and viruses. 
It is non-toxic, making it safe around people and pets. 

It comes ready to use and will not expire. 

There is no spray and wait involved with our all-natural green disinfectant. 

It is also safe to be used on many types of surfaces. 

For more details on our all-natural green disinfectant, click the link!


--from the family of Brightly Green

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