Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Fight Winter Blahs on a Dime!

Are you beginning to feel caged in by winter?  

Cabin fever takes its toll every year about this time. So, what can you do about it?  We’ve got some great home freshening up ideas that cost next-to-nothing!

Pick a room (or two) that is bringing out the gloomies and brighten it up!
Here’s how:

A room brightens up the fastest when it is freshly green cleaned!


Go for a deeper cleaning by speed washing walls.
Dirty dust settles vertically and not just horizontally!  Just take a look at your air intake vents and you’ll see! 

Clean light fixture globes and ceiling fan blades. 
Dirty fixtures inhibit light, adding unnecessary darkness.

Launder curtains. 
Dust settles on them too!  If you have pets, they have soiled the curtains by brushing against them to check out who’s outside!  You know, they have to guard the domainJ

Remember, more light coming in will lift your spirits! Shooing away dust and grime helps too!

Dust furniture, bookshelves, etc.
Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner works just as well for dusting wood furniture!  Spray on a clean cloth and wipe surfaces.

Top it off with vacuuming floors or sweeping/mopping.
Vacuum furniture too!

With the room freshly green cleaned, consider a little change-up to finish the freshening up!

How about rearranging the furniture?
It won’t cost you a dime and it's an instant room freshener!

How about getting a houseplant?
There are many that are air purifiers too!  The green leaves will invoke a feeling of fresh life too!  Make sure it is safe for pets, though.  Just in case Fido or Fluffy decide to nibble a little; or be sure to keep the plants out of reach--even around infants/toddlers.

How about a new throw pillow?
Spring themes are circulating and maybe a spring inspired pillow on the couch would be a nice touch! 

How about adding a fresh fragrance to the room? 
Maybe a scented candle will do the trick for you? 

I love scented candles, especially in the fall and winter.  They just say “cozy.” 

I hope these inexpensive room freshening tips help to cure your cabin fever.  
Spring is right around corner you know--the Groundhog says so!

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