Monday, September 26, 2011

The 12 Week Holiday Organizing Plan!

Green Clean Your Holiday Home and Enjoy Your Family & Friends!

Starting this week we will begin the "12Week Holiday Plan".  Come back each week for tips and strategies to make a successful holiday season.  Traditions, love, laughter and your sanity will be kept.

What Is the 12 Week Holiday Plan?

The 12 Week Holiday Plan breaks down all of the tasks that you have to do during the holiday season into weekly focus areas with specific tasks to complete during a week.  Instead of trying to cram all of your decorating, cleaning, organizing, buying, and planning into a few weeks before holiday events; we will work a little at a time for a worry free family/friend time!

Later this Week:   customize the Brightly Green Clean Plan just for you and your traditions.  Organize the holiday season by getting rid of clutter and getting some early planning done.

Keep watching for more holiday tips to come!

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