Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Eradicating Time-Wasters in Your Life!

Have you ever felt as if you're just chasing your tail—running in circles?  Are you moving but seemingly not accomplishing what really matters?
You hit the bed exhausted only to wake up feeling tired the next morning and off you go doing the same routines all over again.  Something is wrong with this picture, right?

Stop chasing your tail for a moment and consider the following question…

If I had half an hour (or one whole hour) to myself each day, what would I do?
If the thought of having some personal time each day to yourself sounds like a dream you would love to see become a reality, then carefully consider this next question…

What area(s) in your day would you consider to be time-wasters?
This past year I read the book, "Simplify Your Time," by Marcia Ramsland.  I was amazed to discover a point made in the book stating that much time is wasted in the process of looking for misplaced items.

In my home I have received the title, "Finder of Misplaced Stuff."  However, looking for stuff like car keys, gloves, wallets, etc. is a BIG waste of my time!  (I guess I have too big of a heart rather than saying, "look for it yourself!") 

Statistics usually bore me, but this one caught my attention: 

                If you have clutter on your countertops and you spend five minutes a day looking
                for an item, that's 30.4 hours a year spent looking for something… you could have
                an extra three days each year to use in a more enjoyable way…

                                                                              (Simplify Your Time—by Marcia Ramsland)

Wow! Three extra days to replace time wasted looking through clutter for something; I'll take that!
If you do not struggle with losing items and having to waste time looking for things, that's great!  How are you doing with keeping your home green cleaned and tidy on a regular basis?  Do you find yourself at a day's end with a pile of dishes in the sink?  It actually takes more time to tackle a large stack of dishes than it does to clean up after every meal!

Maybe you are spending too much time on the computer reading through junk email.  Whatever "time-wasting" area you struggle with, make the commitment to do something about it!  Give "time" back to yourself in ways that are more productive and useful for you!
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--from Brightly Green—wholesome, green clean living!

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