Friday, January 2, 2015

Green Living Do-Able New Year's Resolutions!

Well, a new year is underway and with it new hopes, dreams and desires lie ahead.  If you are like most people, you have some resolutions brewing in your mind.  Though grand resolutions seem nobler; they often fall flat.  Make sure your dreams are in the realm of reality.  Each year you can build on the previous year and over time, you can achieve those grandeur dreams.


Brightly Green All Natural Cleaners':

Eight Do-able New Year’s Resolutions:
 1.) Plan more family time together.  This can be as simple as having at least a couple evening meals together as a family.  Block a couple entire evenings off for strictly family time too! 

 2.) Use ONLY 100% all natural, 100% sustainable green cleaners.  Use Brightly Green  All Natural Cleaners.  If you have been reluctant to pitch your chemical cleaners, make this the year for change.  You will be healthier for it! 

(Get familiar with our family of Green Cleaners, visit:  Brightly Green Home Store)

3.) Get your home organized BEFORE spring cleaning season.  This will help you to get through your spring cleaning more quickly and on to what you really want to be doing.

4.) Keep your reusable shopping bags in a place near your driver’s seat so you will see them and remember to use them!  I have bags to use but seem to forget them because they are way in the back of my vehicle.  You know the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”?  Well, it’s true! 

5.) Say “No” to bottled water.  This is an easy way to cut down landfill waste.  If you don’t think you can live without your bottled water, you can!  There are many filtered water, reusable bottles on the market.  Do a little research and choose the one you like the most. 

6.) Walk more often. Use short shopping errands as an opportunity to save gas and reduce emissions. Walk to work if possible.  Good for you and good for the environment.
7.) Line- dry more of your clothing.  This is better on your clothing and saves gas and money!  Living in a northern, Midwest state makes drying clothes outside on the line not very feasible in the winter months, so I like to use drying racks.  They are fairly inexpensive too!

8.) Plant a garden this year.  If you do this anyway, consider planting a vegetable or fruit that you have not put in your garden before.  Perhaps this is the year for a fruit tree! Plant tomatoes or herbs in a planter if you don’t have garden space!  Our family loves strawberries and I have always wanted to plant them, but haven’t gotten around to doing that.  I would like to eat strawberries that I know have not been genetically enhanced, so strawberries are going in my garden this year!

I hope these New Year’s Resolutions have sparked some new,
 green living ideas in your mind. 
If you have eco-friendly New Year’s Resolutions you would like to share,
please leave us a comment!  We would love to hear from you!

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